CRAP!!: getting used to blogging…

Me getting a bit tooo friendly with one of the over 9,800 pieces of art on Oasis of the Seas. This Royal Caribbean ship is a museum on waves! Most of the artwork was commissioned for the ship.

Okay, so first off, I REALLY want to extend a hello to everyone out there. To everyone who took the time to come to this blog and actually read it. I say that as if this blog isn’t and never wll be worth reading. That is FALSE. I will try my best to ensure this is one of the most entertaining and useful blogs in e-land. Here I will talk on my art, experiences with it, others’ art, observances I have made, sites I have visited. Sometimes serious, many times wacky!

Now, if some setups concerning my blog (i.e. confusing widgets, other oddly placed things) make you scratch your head, forgive me dears. I’m warming up to this build-a-blog thing, but am enjoying it while pulling my hair out. Fantastic!

This blog, as you can see, is entitled “caloniedoesart”. I like the mod uberness of all – lowercase spelled words. Uber. Caloniedoesart will be all about my highs and fails of my art. I am a visual artist. Even have a BA in it (cum laude…I should boast at least a bit seeing as how I had 5,000 nervous breakdowns to achieve graduating with honors). My subjects are usually portraits (people LOVE to look at themselves, a mirror does not suffice), conceptual art (which is art, ideas from one’s own mind), figurative & social art. I am a huge fan of men alive or rotting in their graves, mausoleums: daVinci, Ingres & modern artists such as Warhol, Chuck Close (still alive!), Qin Feng (still alive, too!) to name only a few. I am mainly a realist, but surrrealism, abstract, action art are gaining on me! My main media are: graphite (that’s art pencils & 2HB in general to you!), charcoal (messy s***, but I love it, now), oil paint (more messy s***, but glorious colors), digital photography which I love to alter using graphic design & art, which is another media I use. I love Adobe CS software so much that if it were a man I would marry it & we would have beautiful, creative pixel-ated children. I sound sick.

I was creating and selling my work out of a physical address at one point. Made me gradually learn some more about the business end of art. You know…have people’s comissioned (requested) work on time, really charge what the piece is worth (no deal-cuttin’, I gotta eat!), make people sign work contracts so that they won’t screw me over. All that stuff. I put my work online, now. It is at I will put a link on here to that. I hope to own my own studio/shop one day. That renting stuff is nasty. Huge wallet-killer. But it was nice, though.

Now that you know some things about my art, a quick bit about me. I miss Connecticut. Maple trees. Every street is named Maple, Main, or some other tree. All four seasons. The proximity to NY. A cavalcade of races, culture. *sigh* I live in the South, now. It has it’s beauty, too. The beaches are dang pretty much tropical havens & I love the people I have met. Some in particular. I have been drawing since my Ma had me put crayons, pencil, paper to use around 3 or 4 years old. So, the gift God has been so kind to share with me I have been honing all this time. I love it. It keeps me fed (on the side, til I go full time with it), keeps me sane (most times…), keeps me smart, keeps me happy & keeps me feeling like I actually may have something to offer others.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and keep coming back. And invite others. And they invite others. Until I become so famous I will end up with a book. TV. Movie. Parties every night in NY and Paris with all the moguls of art & culture……okay, no. I just hope this blog becomes so popular that it’s all some people may want to read just to cheer up & also to fall in love with art. But going to Paris wouldn’t be so bad…

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