HEADACHE: it’s all artsy business & a bad wheel-bearing

Hello, again my lovely blog-readers! I am sooo happy to record another post! This one will be short as I have to get home to finish another logo for another client.

For starters, ugh, the wheel-bearing on the car I am driving needs fixing, so that means the $$ I will make for this logo tomorrow (I am to meet with the founder of this company, another non-profit client)…most of it has to go STRAIGHT  to the car issue. I just want to do what I want with my cash and is that too hard to ask??? Apparently it is for me because something aaalways comes up when I am about to make dough. Like I have a magnet stuck to me that says: “PROBLEMS HERE. SHE GOT PAID. HIT HER UP.” Damnit. But on the other end, it is sour-sweet good because at least there is $$ when things happen. Oh well.

So, the point of this blog is that I created a contract lastnight (more like 2-3am!) for the both of us to sign and I just printed it out, too. Which with me is like eternity and a study in self-patience, as I am afraid to print stuff out without checking it for any corrections 50 bazillion times! But it printed out just fine (after sheets of wasted paper). And is ready for signing tomorrow. I am happy! So long as I don’t get home, read over it & find that I missed one letter of a word or mispelled anything. Then I will have a silent peevish meltdown and TRY to get over it…

He is also going to see the finished work tomorrow, which means I better get off this computer & hightail it home (well, sludge home carefuly on that bad wheel-bearing) so I can get crazy being creative on my laptop. Adobe CS4 and Illustrator will be my pals the rest of the day. I hope my client likes it tomorrow. Hope for me the best. Thanks!!


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