BLACK BIZNESS: contract tweaking & truth speaking

Is it a coincidence that I happen to be listening to “Black Girl Pain” (by Talib Kweli, featuring Jean Grae) while starting this post?

Coincidence because I can relate to the song as far as race and some other things. Because at my meeting today, with the non-profit founder about the logo I designed for him, we talked about how Blacks need to continue to pursue being go-getters. Get ours. Because we were sitting there, two African-Americans, trying to get ours. He at a more advanced stage, me just starting out.

That is what the meeting became, over a home-y buffet lunch after viewing and discussing the logo, after tweaking the contract. It morphed into him (we’ll call him Mr. M.) talking about he is twice retired & that the non-profit, while a way for him to seriously want to give back to children through music, is something he does not want to do for too long and that he wants to pass it on to someone whom cares about the project. Passing it to someone whom wants to see it grow.

So this morphed into talking about African-Americans needing to try and support themselves more, as far as entrepreneurial ship. And we do. Owning a business is an important step, a BIG step for anybody. Kinda scary, too, but manageable. However, it is still quite a unique step for African-Americans. More and more of us are doing it. Starting out small reaching for the stars and then it transforms into grabbing the whole galaxy if we have faith and progress in it.

My mother is opening a restaurant. I am glad because it’s something she has wanted to do for a long time. We both, once, had a shop from where she consulted as an interior decorator & she let me work from there, creating & selling my art. And now I am still doing my art on the side…how I get along may be small compared to some huge, international artist. I have my art page – VERY EXTREMELY SHAMELESS GO LOOK PLUG. Contact me if you want to purchase or just have a question. Contact info is within my Intro or Bio portion. Thanks! I also have my word of mouths, my Twitter plugs & a page (which is taking a colossal amount of time to build as the damn artist in me decided to expressively BUILD my site instead of effortlessly using one of the templates, but it should be worth it when done…). I have WordPress! I have all these blessedly useful things to help garner myself notice and am not a huge gallery owner…yet, but I’m happy still because I’m free to practice my art toward the goal of owning my studio/shop one day.

I’m happy for an entrepreneur spirit that’s growing. I’m happy my attachment to art did not die out after I walked across the stage for my degree.

But, to end, I have to fix a few things with that logo (which is actually me finishing something another artist (shoutout to Antoinette!) began. Yeah, it will delay the other half of my pay and yeah I have to sort of wrack my head to get it right, but I am happy that I CAN.

And now I am listening to “Teardrop” (that “House” opening theme tune I found out is a real track!) by Massive Attack as I finish this. But there’re no tears here. I love art!! It’s my sanity amongst insane s***!

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