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From time to time I will pretend I am back in my college art dept. being critiqued & lovingly cursed at so that I may explain my own work under that crazy, intentionally run together title above. Some have told me & I have read that an artist should not share the enigmatic secrets behind their work. That the viewer should use their own mind. I can sort of see this point. Sometimes things can be more appealing with unanswered questions, but I just have fun explaining!

And no…nobody used “enigmatic” on me when they talked to me, but I am a fool for scholarly words. It makes me feel tremendous and astounding (two scholarly ways to say AWESOME!)

Feel free to comment with any questions you may still have.

“The Realization: President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States”

“The Realization: President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States”
“The Realization: President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States”

WHAT: Duh! And more duh! And not to be rude, but DUH! It’s President Barack Obama! Smooth. Swagger. Calm. Intelligent. Bin Laden-catcher. And a dope ping-ponger.

WHY: I created this piece due to elation (scholar-talk for “excitement”) when he hit the White House. Not just for the fact he is the first African-American Prez, but also because he is relatable in positive ways ( aka “not a jerk”) & is also so intelligent that ya gotta be proud to be an American…as he IS. That last one was for all the Trumps reading. I also created this piece on the suggestion of my pastor, whom admires him. I had in mind to draw him, but not seriously until my pastor mentioned it. The work also displays Psalm 27 (“Wait on the Lord…”)  & a portion of MLK Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Both inspirational resources.

WHEN: Early 2009; I did this drawing shortly after the election.

HOW: With my superlatively (scholar for “enormously”) creative mind. No, seriously, I created this with the usual focus I have with art & the extra EXTREME focus I tend to have with a piece I am really having fun with. I used charcoal & colored pencil (which makes it a mixed media work) on paper. Instead of completing the figure in full, I sorta staggered the image out with smudges (I love some flair) begat from my own fingertips!

Note: The Obamas know what the whorl patterns of my fingertips look like (if they bother to peer THAT closely) since they now have two reproductions. No bragging, here, I just like to mention it! I mailed them the art and early 2010, I received a thank you card from the Obamas! God is really good at doing things like that. At making far-fetched become reality. Or “certainty”. Which is a simple way to also say “reality”.

Extra Note: In 2009, I also sent two prints of this drawing to The White House. I did not think a whole lot on whether I’d get a response back or not (I like to think positive, but I also do not get too far ahead of myself; reality sinks in). A year later (2010), my mother told me I had a letter from The White House… I was like, in silent and calm shock. Sure enough, it was from the president! A thank you card from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama; signed! It was neat that, a year later, they even remembered to reply to me! I really thank God (Yahweh) for the opportunity given me and I thank my mother & my pastor for encouraging me to go ahead and do the drawing in the first place. I had wanted to do the drawing, but it only remained a thought until they pushed me to go ahead and do it! Motivation is not a bad thing at all!

Sorry that it is blurry, but this is the card with the envelope. I have both framed, now!
Sorry that it is blurry, but this is the card with the envelope. I have both framed, now!
This is a closer view of the thank you card.
This is a closer & clearer view of the thank you card.

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    In recognition of President Barack Obama’s 51st birthday, today, I am reblogging this post of my drawing of him. I drew the portrait in January of 2009 and sent two prints to the First Family. About a year later, I received a signed (by him & the First Lady) thank you card. I am still very humbled & that they took the time to remember to send me a thank you a year later speaks alot of them. They could just as well not have done anything, but they were kind. God is awesome!
    So, HBD to the POTUS! Hope you are havin’ a good one : )


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