WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 2

Another in a series of analysis on my art.

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“jigjag”. Digital art. 2010.

“jigjag, 2010”

WHAT: A peculiar piece with a peculiar name. I bet a lot of you looking are wondering one of two things: “What the hell is that??” or “What the hell is that…it looks like an alien mountain range from an aerial perspective.” Well, the second statement is closer because though that is not exactly what it is, it is weird like an alien mountain range and it is…just weird. But I like weird. Sometimes, in these analyses that I write, I won’t fully explain stuff. Just give hints because it still is entertaining for you all to just guess! As I worked on this, which is graphic art, I felt it resembled a mountain range from above, too…but more like a fantasy one from one of those Tolkien stories (I.e. “Lord of the Rings” books). It is what it is…and it’s weird. Nice weird.

WHY: Why did I do this? No, I am asking YOU why I did this because it is hard to say. Maybe you can enlighten me. I guess I did this, really, to experiment in my digital lab of curiosities. I always like to progress and see what else I can do, which is more than drawings, paintings in a realistic or natural vein. I can do other things, too. So I told myself, “Let’s go crazy & do something different, even if it there is no visual logic to it!” As long as it made at least some sense visually, as far as color theory (those colors are there for a reason) and other elements. In art, design elements are the basic building blocks of art, by the way. Color, illusion of space, illusion of motion, line, value, shape/volume & texture. There are design principles, too, which is the more technical side to creating art, but get into that later…don’t feel like thinking toooo much right now.

WHEN: I produced this piece in 2010.

HOW: From within my digital lab of curiosity, remember?? Okay. Technically I did this using graphic magic conjured from my pixel and resolution wands in tandem. Okay. I see you are not buying that, either. I do have a digital lab, though. It is my laptop and it is also in my hard drive. That ever so useful Adobe CS (Creative Suite) software. The digital CRACK for devotees. It is that addictive. Adobe CS (I have CS4, but CS5 version, with even more wacky & addictive applications, is out now) is a premier collection of software: Illustrator, Photoshop (yep, and it goes waaaaaay beyond airbrushing celebrities, lemme tell you), InDesign, DreamWeaver (for web-work), Flash and A LOT more. I am getting faint-ish thinking about it! Drawing will forever be number one in my heart and practice, but Adobe’s some tasty candy on the side…

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