WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 4

i spit up colors and prettythings. Graphic art. 2010.

Another in a series of analyses on my art. It’s been a while, but I’m baaaa-aaack!

Feel free to comment with questions you may still have.

i spit up colors and prettythings

WHAT: Isn’t it easy to see??? This is my mind HIGH on art. My mind puked all over my laptop screen (which I am bemoaning, by the way…that tragedy is explained in my next article). But no (I started a sentence with “but”…bad girl). This is a work actually inspired by action art amongst things…or what some may call “splatter” or “splash” art. Here’s a definition of action painting for all yous (hey, I’m a New Englander, yous is ya’ll up there…I still say “caw-fee”):

(noun) – Action Painting emphasizes the process of making art, often through a variety of techniques that include dripping, dabbing, smearing, and even flinging paint on to the surface of the canvas. These energetic techniques depend on broad gestures directed by the artist’s sense of control interacting with chance or random occurrences. For this reason, Action Painting is also referred to as Gestural Abstraction. The artists and the various techniques are associated with the movement Abstract Expressionism and The New York School of the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s (for example, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline).
The term “action painting” was invented by the critic Harold Rosenberg and appeared for the first time in his article “American Action Painters” (ArtNews, December 1952).
In France, action painting and Abstract Expressionism are called Tachisme (Tachism).Pronunciation: ack·shun payn·ting – from about.com

That is a definition for action painting, but I feel this can apply to any media, including graphic art. The difference is, instead of using my body and hand to fling pots of paint around convulsively and psychotically, I hid that seemingly demented behavior behind flinging pots of pixels using my finger & touchpad…ha.

WHY: As I mentioned above, my inspiration was action art, hence the title above (yes, it really IS called “i spit up colors and prettythings”- an artistic “throwing up” of sorts), but my initial muses were pieces of eclectic, ultra modern, visually far out art I saw while on vacay on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. There are over 9,800 awesome artworks on that titanic (bad choice of words, I know, but prayerfuly meaningless) ship, most of which were comissioned especially for Oasis. So, in between boogie boarding, island stops, near 24 hour belly-stuffing, seeing dudes in kilts & drinking shots, I viewed the wonders of post-post modern art! Love the simplicity, but at once fresh in your face-ness of this type of art. Thanks, muses!…….and BoozeMan (our dinner drink waiter), thank you, too.

WHEN: I created this last year. 2010. THE year for graphic action art. No, not really. But (I did it, again!) it was my year for it ( I did two others in a series) and I will do it this year, too!

HOW: I used my digital art drug of choice – Adobe CS4. I won’t divulge a WHOLE lot, but I will say I was like a kid in a techno candy store! Virtual splashings everywhere! All it takes is selecting brush types and stroking the hell out of my keypad!

Thank you for reading my NEW POST! I am soooooooo glad I created a new one because I have been away from darling WordPress and my precious blog readers far too long! Life is good! Be sure to take a look at my next article about my abused laptop. It is crushing. Still crying on the inside. Hard.

view more art at: http://paintingsilove.com/artist/caloniejohnson THANKS!

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