BREAKDANCING TIME!!: i reached 400 hits!

Okay, okay, so it isn’t the usual landmark 500 (500 is the BIG ‘UN!), but 400 ain’t shabby, neither!

Thanks to all the readers who helped me to receive 4oo hits!! Really! I realize, as a fairly new blogger, that garnering attention toward a blog is not the EASIEST thing to do. It’s prett’ damn hard! So, when it gets enough attention, we bloggers get stoopid happy that people visited and read what falls out of our brains.

So, thank you, again…in celebration, I decided to post a song…a song that has not a whole lot to do with celebrating and parties, but it always puts me in a good mood when I hear it, makes me wanna party and maybe it will do the same for you, too. Plus, it says something about wanting to be an “everlasting light” to someone in it and that’s a happy thought, just like the 400 hits! That’s the name of the song, too. (I listened to this album while working on a new oil paint work, recently. I will post those pics and vids, eventually.)

The Black Keys are AWWWESOOOME! Old-souled, dirty, hip rockers. I heard of them before, but didn’t give much notice. This was before I became so immersed in rock music as I have been for a few years, now. So this is my celebration music!

So, please keep reading, invite others and help me to reach another 100!! THANKS!

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