THE BIG CHANCE & SMALL JITTERS III: the result (ugh), but I suck at quitting

Gotta keep going until I reach the sky. Or at least a helluva good job.

Well, as you can see here, this is the third installment of my job interview experience; about the interview I had with the public design/marketing agency. I was being interviewed for a visual arts position.

(Before you all read the rest of this, here is a disclaimer: I am not bitter. This is comic relief so that I will not be sad or punch anybody with a brick. SO, read it in good fun. I was laughing,myself.)

I did NOT get the job. I was emailed a follow-up stating along the lines of: my skills were admired, but I did not quite fit the job. If this is a true statement…….YOU SHOULDA GIVEN ME THE JOB!!

See. Even EINSTEIN agrees I should've gotten the job.

If this is not true, then that was a professional, watered-down way to state: “We like your stuff, but we found someone we like better. We found someone whom impressed the clothes off of us with their charming, hyped up designs and words and, so , when they start working for us, they will reveal just what a mistake we made becasue it was all talk just to get this job. The truth is this person has no REAL maintainable, consistent skills at all, poor work ethic &…they steal. We’re sorry, Ms. Johnson!! PLEEEAAASE work for us! We are BEGging YOU!!!!!!!”

That last part was just a fantasy, but who knows, maybe they really did hire an incompetent, over-self-hyped idiot who just wants a job, but has no passion. No all-important creative IDEAS. I am great at visual IDEAS.

I am not bitter. Just having fun with this so I won’t be feeling dejected. But that will be hard for me to be, as I always mope for a little while, then I get right back on the train and keep chugging along. I am the worst quitter in the world. I always keep trying because if I don’t, I WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Just imagine giving up without knowing that a week after you gave up, your big chance was coming. That would SUCK.

So, I will keep chugging along until I can climb that ladder to the big THIS IS WHAT I EARNED in the sky. I know part of this means moving out of state (this interview was out of state). I am perfectly fine with that. New place, new job opps, new experiences. New air.

While searching for that AWESOME career move, I think I am going to try extensive travel. Maybe do some good in the world while I am at it. I have been looking up volunteer travel opportunities. That would be another thing of interest.

Hey, I am a Sagittarius. I don’t sit still and I DON’T give up. Noone ever should……..

(Stay tuned into the caloniedoesart channel. My next post will be another art analysis on a graphic art piece entitled “GO!!GO!!GO!!!!” It involves cars and crazy arrows.)

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