MUSIC-PHILE: I Love to Listen

Art and music go hand-in-hand (or brain-in-brain??? since art & music are a logical/creative thing…oh well), since music is an art in of itself. I have shared tracks here before (via good ole, addictive Youtube): “Angel” by Massive Attack and “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys in earlier posts. Music does have a place here on my blog, seeing as how much of the time when I am working on art, I am accompanied by a slew of tracks spilling from my laptop or some other music source. It helps to genereate creative juices!!

Today, I share another track that just makes me feel GREAT when I here it, with its dark, groovy (SUCH an old word, I know) bass and bass guitar, space-y, glittery sounds and cool lyrics. “Mr. Rager” by Kid Cudi. Pronounced kuh-dee. I used to say koo-dee…..til I learned better. Lame me. LISTEN AND ENJOY!!

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