WHERE’S WALDO (I MEAN, ME)?: i am away, but i’ll return!

Hello, my precious blogreaders (I sound so creepy…like Gollum or the guy from Silence of the Lambs)!
I hope all are well…I, on the other hand, am sad. Sad that I haven’t been blogging in a while. I have not posted for some time, now. It is like I have fallen off the face of the Earth…abandoning WordPress and all who take the time to read my writings…
I haven’t disappeared like Waldo, though. I even still share my blog on FB and Twitter (I am my PR!) so that people will kindly make a bee-line to my site. I have just STILL got to get my laptop screen fixed (you can read about it in my rage-filled post: “AWWW, HELL: my heart broke when my laptop did”). Serious! Go search my posts. It is an ACTUAL article I wrote…
I had been borrowing a laptop, but that came to an end. So, I have been down-sized to using my cell. That is how I am posting this! Thing is…as talented and high tech as my cell is, it cannot upload pics in WordPress like it can w/ some other sites. DRAT. If I could, there’d be a big fat tear or a Where’s Waldo pic to illustrate this post. I like pics w/ my posts; adds to the post.
So, I am waiting to get my HP fixed so that I can blog like a fiend, again! Bags under my eyes and all (bags under eyes are a requisite for visual artists and writers/bloggers…it’s serenely voluntary).
I just came into the wad of cash I need, so I should be blogging like a pro again, soon.
Meanwhile, please read any posts you haven’t, re-read your faves and invite other readers by SHARING or word of mouth! THANK YOU!

Also: Please have a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas! This is a time for us to reflect on what is most important. God is wonderful!
If I do not make a post on New Year’s, do have a safe and happy one! I will make sure to. I gotta try to get all post-post-modern (how many posts can we have??) and paint the town NEON red, somewhere, like a true ARTIST!!