UPDATE: things that are being done & things that must be done soon!

Hello, precious blogreaders! I really do hope everyone is enjoying the weather (but if you live in Russia-FROZE, Alaska-FROZE or near the Sahara desert-COOKED…maaaaaaaybe ot so much)! My sympathies.

I am posting this update using my cell (hence no pics, it can upload pics to some sites, but WordPress is one it cannot do that with…dagnabbit). I guess I will get my laptop screen repaired sometime before I become 100 yrs old & can’t use a laptop anymore, anyway.

Update: I am currently working on pieces to include in my upcoming Fall exhibit. I have been charged with having 30 artworks minimum. I have tons of art already, but I won’t want to put certain pieces in the show & so I have to make up for that by creating fresh work.
Right now, I’m drawing a screaming face in profile. There will be a hint at graffiti & other elements I will throw in like an artist experiencing mental, creative hysteria. When I do artwork, I am good at that. Mental, creative hysteria. This psychosis is fun with doing artwork, but not in normal society. Haha. Wait…society is not normal. Okay. Well, I will be happy when I am done with that…anticipating the end result. I hope to post it, soon!

Also: I will post a conclusion to Drawing in Progress 2 (read 1, as well), since I have SINCE completed the drawing of the heart and its metaphorically protective cache of weaponry. I won’t want to sound braggadocio here, but it is pretty dope! I will post a final article and images.

Also: I will post more ART-CHITECTURE stories (my next one is supposed to focus on bridges) and WHAT IF THEY REALLY SAID THAT stories (where I have fun and post smart aleck-y captions under real artworks). In the meantime, please read the first posts.

Also: I am ABOVE and BEYOND glad and grateful at having received nearly 9,000 HITS!! Thanks, readers and viewers.

Also: I thank God for another way to express my love of art and writing. This is a fun & rewarding experience.

Also: This is alot of alsos! I have been playing Shadow of the Colossus (who else has played, is playing, or will play it?) and this game is beyond a game. It was released for PS2 in 2005, but it still receives talk, raves and accolades. It is an innovative game thanks to its spare moments of dialogue, its visual beauty (if you love art and games…this is for you) and its quietude (except when it is time to battle, there aren’t endless minutes of beat you across the head noise & even the battles are kinda quiet). Also compelling are the character renderings, the plot (this guy Wander with the help of his horse Agro wants to revive his love, Mono, by destroying 16 colossi…not only is each colossi’s environment a puzzle to get to the colossi, their bodies are obstacles) and the emotional value (I feel so bad for Wander & Agro-they are real troopers-but in real life they’da kicked the bucket a long time ago!…and the colossi-I do not feel as badly for them as they’re blocking my goal, but sometimes it is sad to see them fall, especially the peaceful ones).
Anyway, I yammered on so about this game. I have one more to beat. Roger Ebert said (in 2010) that video games aren’t art. He might not’ve played SotC, Ico, Okami & he has not seen this: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/

Well…those are my most recent updates. As stated, I will post the finished work I am drawing right now and I will do a final post on that 1) Drawing in Progress and more posts on 2) Art-chitecture & 3) What if They Really Said That.
Please read earlier posts under those titles and my other posts/pages as well until then! Thank you!