In recognition of President Barack Obama’s 51st birthday, today, I am reblogging this post of my drawing of him. I drew the portrait in January of 2009 and sent two prints to the First Family. About a year later, I received a signed (by him & the First Lady) thank you card. I am still very humbled & that they took the time to remember to send me a thank you a year later speaks alot of them. They could just as well not have done anything, but they were kind. God is awesome!
So, HBD to the POTUS! Hope you are havin’ a good one : )


From time to time I will pretend I am back in my college art dept. being critiqued & lovingly cursed at so that I may explain my own work under that crazy, intentionally run together title above. Some have told me & I have read that an artist should not share the enigmatic secrets behind their work. That the viewer should use their own mind. I can sort of see this point. Sometimes things can be more appealing with unanswered questions, but I just have fun explaining!

And no…nobody used “enigmatic” on me when they talked to me, but I am a fool for scholarly words. It makes me feel tremendous and astounding (two scholarly ways to say AWESOME!)

Feel free to comment with any questions you may still have.

“The Realization: President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States”

WHAT: Duh! And more duh! And not…

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  1. petermonaco says:

    I can see why they took the time to respond; your portrayal is lovely. Very nice work!


    1. Thank you, I appreciate that! : )


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