HMMMM…WHAT WILL THIS BE? 2: after a faulty start, i have figured it out

In the post “HMMMM…WHAT WILL THIS BE?:  new art”, I posted the image below. I was trying to figure out what it should be. I thought I had it all figured out when I began drawing preliminary running figures (coincidentally while it is Olympics season, right now) and then started painting the figures. My plan was to finish painting the figures (3 in different running poses) and then paint in a cool graffiti effect on there. But as I was painting one figure, I messed up!! I ended up overpainting one leg and all of a sudden it looked ugly. And then that affected the entire work for me: it went from ugly to worse—>a plain ole a stupid idea. That is true artist fashion: you go from, “This looks great, I’m inspired to keep at it!” to, “This sucks. I hate it.” Inner artist rage musters. From motivated to demotivated with one mistake. Blah. So…

…I have replaced that with this (below)! Actually, I painted a whole new board yellow because I painted the one above a black-ish green. But then I missed the yellow and rather then wait for the black-ish green board to dry, I painted a new board yellow and have now come up with the image below. The solid grounds of the canvases inpired me to finish where I left off two years ago: completing a triptych (3 relating pieces working together as one) inspired by (not copied from, mind you) the abstract artist Qin Feng. So this is the 2nd piece. I am not too crazy about it, yet. What do YOU think? Feel free to post comments on your thoughts! I, personally,, think I need to refine it and make it more substantial. It seems too weak, somehow and not at all looking like it relates very much to the 1st one, which is much more bold. But as I said, it is the 2nd part in a 3 part series. That means the first one…

…looks like this (look below)! I ended up liking this 1st one more than I thought I would! I am more of a realism, naturalism, classcal ar, daVinci, Ingres type person, but I have been appreciating the simple and dynamic beauty of abstract art more and more, lately! I want the other two I produce to be worthy of being displayed alongside this piece. I will write a “WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis” on this piece within the next couple days. It’s only fitting, now!

3 Paths. Oil on canvas. 2010.

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