FILED TO DEATH: getting ready for my art exhibit

If I don’t take a break, I am about to be like this dude, except for the calculator on the table and all the papers. He looks like he works numbers. Since I’m no mathematician, that’s lookin’ nightmarish.

The title is true to my experience, right now, as I am getting works ready for my exhibit in roughly two weeks (which feels really great!). Part of the preparation involves emailing files of my images so that labels can be made & to have some of those images in a booklet or pamphlet.

That said, it is ALOT of files and definitely ending up to be more than the 30 pieces minimum. I think I am at 50 to 50+ images, right now, that I have uploaded. And since I have to come up with pricing for each image, I have not sent the two emails, only saved them. I hope to get it all done tomorrow. Right now, I need a break…

I’m all filed out at the moment.

I am about to go out to the mall and the library because artists have to take a breather, too…

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  1. andrelevine says:

    Well, well, well! You are in the driver’s seat and you are ready for what is next for your art career. You worked your butt off for this to happen and it will be worth it. This art exhibit with all the pieces of art that you have will showcase what your mission and motivation in art really is. Proud of you and know that God is watching you as you proceed!


    1. Wow, Andre! REALLY appreciate the enthsiasm! Just hope it goes off without a hitch and that viewers will see my personal stlye coming through every work. Thank you!


      1. andrelevine says:

        Well, we all must support each other morally in the art world. I see things that must people do not at times. I think that you will surprise yourself. Take care!


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