I’VE BEEN FEATURED!: my works have been selected for display on RAWZ

“don’t even ask…II”, Graphic art, 2011 This is one of the works featured on RAWZ.

I am really happy because, in the hard-to-get-noticed world of art, my work has been featured on a site called RAWZ. Any artist knows that any amount or form of recognition is VERY valuable and VERY  appreciated. And in a world big on reblogging and sharing, this is great for exposure. Things travel fast on the web!

For those whom are not familiar with RAWZ, it is a site connected to abduzeedo.com, which is a fantastic art and design site I found many moons ago and I even have a link to it here on my tumblr. RAWZ offers people the opportunity to post their art. So my art is alongside the awesome works of other artists! Below is a RAWZ slogan:

“Share what inspires you or what you have done. We will select the best images for the Daily Inspiration on Abduzeedo.”

Thank you people at RAWZ for selecting my work!

Here are the image links:

“don’t even ask…II” on RAWZ

“i spit up colors and prettythings” on RAWZ

“burst” on RAWZ

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