I’VE BEEN FEATURED II!: my blog has been awarded!

A few days ago, I posted about my work being featured on RAWZ (previous post), an art/design display, inspiration site. It is SUCH an awesome site, too! I have HEARTED (my girly way of saying ‘LOVED’) abduzeedo and RAWZ for sooo long

Then on August 31st, I received another pleasant surprise in my email: I had been alerted that I’d been featured in a site’s blog awards! For me, trying to gain notice and, most of all, trying to make sure my blog is useful and enjoyable and relevant, this is a BIG deal… It’s like winning a BILlion dollars! Mmmm…sort of. But it is still a very big deal because it means my blog is good and that people really do like reading/viewing it!

Hirewordpressexperts.com is, from what I understand, a company that offers SEO, custom themes for web design and more. Here is a statement I copied from their home page: ‘We deliver Professional Data Services an efficient, affordable and cost-effective online data entry with minimum hassle. We create attractive and visitor-friendly websites with quality graphics that load quickly. We offer a variety of services from basic website design to complete e-commerce stores.’
Sounds very neat and tech-y, huh?

Apparently, they also have a Blog Awards and my blog, this WordPress blog RIGHT HERE that you graciously read, has been chosen as one of their selected and worthy blogs! Let me tell you, I am very happy and humbled. Sooo… I want to thank God firstly because any amount of positive progress is through Him. I want to thank all readers, viewers and subscribers and also supporters of my blog and art endeavors. I want to definitely thank Hirewordpressexperts.com for making me one of their choices. THANK YOU!

Please check out the link to the Blog Awards site below and in my blogroll (on the sidebar). By the way, my blog is the Featured Blog, today!
I will continue to do the best I can to have an informative and entertaining blog : )

Blog Awards link: http://hirewordpressexperts.com/blog_awards/index.php?id=1873

NOTE: Good news! I have sold the 3-part (triptych) series of abstract paintings I have been working on. There are posts here and on my tumblr page (caloniedoesarttwo.tumblr.com) about the series. Each painting is titled 3 Paths, 3 Paths II and the third one (still in progress) will be 3 Paths III. The patron, a fellow Claflin University alumnus, claimed the series before they could hit my exhibit this Sat.! So, they will get to the new owner after the exhibit. I thank God for the sale & I thank the patron! Yay!!

Also, I will not be blogging for a little while as I am consumed with getting ready for my art exhibit-two days away, Sept. 8th! So I will miss blogging, but when I get the chance, I will be back on deck at WordPress and tumblr, again! Til then, please keep reading and also feel free to revisit past posts and pages! Thanks!

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