DISAPPEARING ACT: i haven’t left, just taking a break

I have done this before while creating art. I should try this during my art/blog hiatus. I’m STILL trying to beat the last colossus in Shadow of the Colossus. I HATE that guy!

Hi, blog world and blog readers! I hope everyone is enjoying their last 8-EIGHT-days of Summer! I know, right? Sad. Go ahead and cry, sniffle. I know I am. On the inside. I will miss you Summer!! Let’s all try to enjoy this one week and one day of bliss…

As for me, I am enjoying the Summer—> I live in a new state (I’m now a part of the multi-state club: born/raised in CT, lived in SC, moved to FL!), I am selling art, I have another art exhibit coming up (a joint exhibit with fellow art dept. alumni from my alma mater) and just finished my 1st solo exhibit last Saturday ( I will definitely post images of that!)

The art exhibit I just had is the main reason for my hiatus from blogging. I just simply need to take a break. It was alot to prepare for (and what made it more taxing was the fact I didn’t get paid until the DAY BEFORE the show, which I am not blaming anyone for, but I ended up crunching for time to buy stuff and prepare everything…so I was awake from 11am Friday morning until 12am Sunday morning, two hours after the exhibit ended…which means I was hitting zombie mode & about to eat people). Also, I’d been blogging so much for a while. I just need to chill for a bit.

Art supplies are EXPENSIVE (you can make the $$, but they are still expensive), which is why I had to wait until I had the dough to go nearly broke buying stuff to prepare my exhibit. I’m more shallow-pocketed, but it was worth it. And I have INCONCEIVABLE amounts of foam core left-over…

I will be back blogging, soon, because there are a PROFUSE amount of subjects I need to post on that are waiting for posting! And……I want to start another blog with WordPress. Something entirely different from art. Blogging is so much fun and so rewarding, satisfying in many ways! I love it! Until then, I hope that you will continue to read and re-visit posts and pages, here! Thank you!

Feel free to visit my art page: http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/caloniejohnson

and tumblr: http://caloniedoesarttwo.tumblr.com   Thanks!

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