MOVIN ON UP II: i’ve reached 20 followers & 50 likes!!

The last time I typed up an article like this (Movin On Up: i’ve reached 10 followers!!), I had, well as stated in the title, reached 10 followers. That was a big accomplishment for me! Any amount of followers is a big deal because people taking time to keep up with things you write is very cool! So, this time, my WordPress alerts have informed me that I’ve reached 20 Followers and 50 Likes on my posts! That is also very awesome and I want to THANK everyone whom supports my blog!! You guys are GREAT! (P.S. This is my 50th post!)

Right now, I also am beginning to list my blogs (this one and the one on tumblr) on blog directory sites so as to gain more traffic. The more the merrier because I do not write just for me to read it and to enjoy this great thing called writing, I also write-or type, rather-foremost for readers to enjoy and hopefuly be inspired. So I am hoping my blogs will spread and dominate the world and segue that into universal domination!!!! Okay, not all that, but it’s a nice thought.

Meanwhile, I am also struggling to do the 3rd abstract painting within the 3-part series or triptych I am working on. You can read my progress so far in these 3 posts: Hmmm…What Will This Be?: new art, Hmmm…What Will This Be? 2: after a faulty start, i have figured it out & WhatWhenWhyHow: Artwork Analysis 5 (a 2nd look). I have finished the 1st and 2nd, but until I can work the 3rd into the continuity I want, I don’t want to post a final story on this project. The third one kept looking unworthy to go with the other 2. The designs and compositions I come up with for it always looked hideous and do not continue the Asian-inspired theme I am going for. Instead, just a bunch of ugly, ill-executed strokes that resemble art a kindergartner would chuck rocks at while laughing saying, “I can do better than that!” (And I would not doubt it considering how ugly the 1st tries have been.)  Someone already purchased the series, too (thank God, how cool!…although I will also miss them because I love these paintings; artists get very attached to their work), so now I really need to hurry and finish. Plus, I do not want two great-looking pieces plus one fugly piece hanging on someone’s wall. That is just odd. I have to re-start the 3rd on an entirely new canvas because the other is so textured with re-starts and I do not have gesso available to cover that up, right now.

Well, I hope to do a post on the finished series and a post on my September solo exhibit this week or so. I will when I get the time to (that is going to be a lengthy one to write…bracing myself). ’til then, please keep reading and thank you!

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