I’VE RETURNED FROM HIDING: back to blogging!

Hello, everyone!! I’m back with a brand new post after having to take a break for a while.

I took a pretty long break because of the following: preparing for my 1st solo art exhibit last month, being exhausted from that, some personal concerns, creating and finishing art projects, just simply needing a break! All the while, I missed blogging here and on Tumblr (yes, I am on Tumblr: find me at caloniedoesarttwo on Tumblr), but there just wasn’t the time or the energy. Blogging rquires a LOAD of time, energy and patience. During my break, in between doing all of those things I mentioned, all I desired to do was: eat, sleep, troll internet & watch tv (namely TRUTv, BRAVO-incl. ‘Gallery Girls’, alotta stuff on Netflix incl. ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ & Japanese horrors, Bar Rescue-I’m obsessed, The Travel Channel-LOVE ‘Man vs Food’ & Anthony Bourdain…HATE Andrew Zimmern’s show; he is toooo gross!! Only he eats animal brains and balls with a straight face & TALKS about it!! Infuriating!!!!). And I still have to make a trip from FL back to SC this month to pick up my art from the gallery, drop 3 off at my alma mater, Claflin University, for an art dept. alumni show in Nov. & return home the same day. So this month presents some new activity, which is great because it’s productive! But I probably won’t take a huge hiatus this time from blogging.

But I’m back with a new blog profile pic…

What?? I like to smell paint and graphite and charcoal. So?… SUE ME!!

…and a SLEW of new post and page ideas!! I wrote down a ton of ideas that I need to be blogging about: a new Art-chi-tecture page (remember that, besides the main feature that are the posts, there are also pages to read), a post about my beach and tropical photography, more art analyses posts, a page on bridges and ALOT more!! So, I have NO shortage of things coming up. This blog is going to be chock full of stuff…it might EXPLODE! Yeah, that was corny, but I had to go there…

Tomorrow, first things first: I am going to be writing up a post on my 1st experience using profuse profanity toward a piece of artwork that was just not DOING it for me (yes, even though artists seem all carefree & earthy, we get P-I-issed, too) and tomorrow I will do a page on advice for artists.

ALSO LATER: My 1st solo art exhibit (Sept. 8th) at a SC gallery was a SUCCESS, thanks to God and all whom helped me get it together and attended. I will be doing a write-up on that, later. That’s gonna take me about 2-3 days to do because of what I want to say and all the pics involved. So, I will be hitting the ‘Save Draft’ button almost as much as that nasty Ike Turner hit dear Tina! Here is one pic from the show below:

Sept. 8, 2012. This is obviously me cheesing in front of one of my artworks. The work is a 30″x40″ mixed media titled “Eternity”, 2003. This was the final in an 8 piece thesis I created during my senior year in college. It nearly made me flip out (the pressure of graduating, you know, but it was well worth it. It upped my skill level for one thing…)!

Well, until next post…have a great night! THANK YOU!

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