ELECTION DAY: the best solution

A useful habit…

Hi, readers!

Just a quick post here about what EVERYBODY is talking about: the election.

To be honest, I am ready for the election to be done with. That’s not to be un-patriotic or un-civic. It’s being honest and blunt and if you were honest with yourself, you would probably admit you feel the same. I know a few people who I learned feel the same way. They are just like me: realizing the election season is important and crucial, but soooooooooooo done with hearing about it everyday, 24/7. I bet there are people who wake up with the sweats and abruptly yell, “BALLOTS!!” I bet people blank out out of nowhere and start seeing stars and red, white & blue stripes. I bet people walk around thinking about elephants and donkeys all day! Every four years Beyonce, Rihanna, Oprah, Kim K., Kanye and other media obssessions take a back-seat! JUST ELECT A PRESIDENT, ALREADY!! Yeah, it is not that easy, but that is the general case.

At 11pm or so (of course it won’t be any sooner!), we will find out and then all the citizens and media outlets can finally chill out and come down off the politico high…and go back to normal talking about Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson all day (which is just as annoying if not worse).

We have two candidates. I know which one I am leaning more toward and I like his policies and ability to get things done (though I am not in agreeance with two hot-button issues he is cool with-I choose to go with God’s Word on those & not ashamed to say that). We have people who either like or don’t like their policies or moral stances. We have people who vote and people whom aren’t voting (and not everyone who does not vote is lazy, some people do not vote because they feel some things never get done or they do not agree w/ some policies or moral/ethical platforms…those are valid reasons to not vote; don’t knock all non-voters). We are gonna have one loser…and one winner.

In the middle of such varying sides, the best you can do is pray. Pray for the right things. Pray for the country & its citizens to improve. Pray for the winner to be a President of good character and good leadership. All in all, God has the final say, anyhow.

From experience, I can say sincere prayer does bring results.

Glad I did that. Now I can go back to posting about art, which, depending on content, is usually less controversial!

Update (12:32 am, Nov. 7th): President Barack Obama has won a 2nd term. As of now: Obama-284 electoral votes, Romney-203 electoral votes. CONGRATULATIONS!

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