A LITTLE MORE BUZZ FOR MY BLOG: i’m in the technorati blog directory

One quick post, today! Both of my art blogs (WordPress and my Tumblr blog) are now listed in Technorati, one of the best and most useful blog directories. See where this takes me…  : )

Blogs are like books…in fact they are like any product or service: creating them also involves building up attention and a following. NObody wants their creation to go the way of being only seen by them and a tiny circle of loyals (though still appreciated), collecting dust or being seen only by empty space! And, if you have built a following (as I have gratefuly done, so far), it doesn’t hurt to build more.

Blog directories are a great way to build a reader- and viewership traffic for your blog! Word of mouth is useful and sharing your blog and posts with various online sources (like Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc.) is even better, but blog directories can help to push all that up another notch: now, you are LISTED online! In a directory! Once you connect with a blog directory (it takes some simple steps, 1st) and are recognized and listed, each time you publish a post (tagging and categorizing each post before hitting the publish button will help immensely because people can find you better; try not to publish a post without FIRST tagging and categorizing), you will be updated in the directory and you will help your blog be searched and found by others. The more you post, you will gradually (for some, it happens quickly) increase traffic! Awesome, huh?

There are many blog directories. Some are free, some require a fee. Some just need you to list your blog, some require that you list your blog and your blog’s RSS (Rich Site Summary-“is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it”-definition from whatisrss.com; RSS is great to set up within your blog and many blogsites provide this feature, it basically alerts RSS subscribers of new postings from blogs and other sites).

Here are some sites that list top blog directories (I’m going to try a few more; the more listings the better):

So put your best foot forward with your blog and try using blog directories to help people make more footsteps to it!!

P.S. Here is my Tumblr blog: http://caloniedoesarttwo.tumblr.com

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