HAPPY NEW YEAR’S 2013!!: still pressing (and art blogging) on

OOOooo...lighting effects.
OOOooo…lighting effects.

I wanted to be sure to post this to all of my followers, subscribers, anyone taking the time to read or to come across my blog & to the world: HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!! Technically, it is 7:35 pm in Florida, but I wanted to post this to acknowledge the new year. By the time many of you read it, it will (God-willing) be a new year! 2013!

This will be a quick post, as I have to get going to get ready to go out! Will try my best to avoid ‘New Year’s Crazies’ out there. You be careful, too. If something starts to not feel right, just get out of there or go home! Wanna go into the new year safe and breathing!!

This has been quite a year, personally and nationally. I’ve had a lot of personal highs and a few lows. I’ve had a lot of artistic successes and a few artistic disappointments. The world has experienced many great moments and many excruciating moments. But all in all, we are still here and making it. Still kicking, still going. A Higher Power can be the only explaination for this. People aren’t always at your side and we do not always a favor to even ourselves, but yet we still make it-there’s a divine explaination for that. I give credit to God for pulling me through. He means well. He has my best interest in His Mind even when I do not see it as such. My decisions get me messed up, sometimes, but His decisions give me peace and calm when I follow them. And for those not going into the New Year with us (those passed on), God has their spirits. Spirits do not die. The righteous and the innocent wait for a day when all evil will be destroyed. They wait for a day to inhabit new bodies and to live forever. That day will come. Only reason it hasn’t is that God is giving humanity further chance to believe in Him & Jesus, to be saved and to have clean hearts; otherwise He could have done away with the way of things a long time ago. My point is, in a spiritual way, the deceased (in body) go into the New Year with us, too. Never believe that death is the end. It’s a step before something better.

Well, gonna wrap this up! I am grateful to God for life and being able to be an artist and to write this blog! I thank you all for visiting and reading my blog! Keep reading, please! Next year I will have more posts on art (I haven’t in a while; I’ve been posting on a couple off-art topics).

Let me get up and get myself together. I hope to see technicolor fireworks at the waterfront. I hope I dance (I’m not toooo shabby, guys)! There’s parties downtown! I miiight get tipsy. I hope I do NOT see anybody throw up. I hope a stranger doesn’t decide he wants to kiss me just because he is feeling ‘New Year’s Awesome’. I hope I do NOT see people who should NOT have left the house dressed like thaaaatWell, you guys enjoy the festivities and the first hours of the New Year. Be safe!!!!


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