THE BONE’S OUT OF THE CLOSET: finished this drawing, finally!

'O, Mortality Mine'.Graphite on paper. 2012-2013.
‘O, Mortality Mine’.
Graphite on paper. 2012-2013.

“O, Mortality Mine”. Graphite on paper. 2012-2013.

This work is about the mortality of human life. I completed it on Mar. 19 after stalling on it for so long. The skull obviously is symbolic of the mortality we now have (one day, a better time will come though…no more dying, no more pain). The feathers are fragile and soft; they contrast with the hardness of the skull. I used actual feather and my hand to model the feathers and the hand holding the skull. I also used a real skull…………..FAKED you so HARD! ————->#ObnoxiousAlert  No, I did not use a real skull. I am too paranoid & too much of a germ-a-phobe for that.

I will write an in-depth post on this drawing in another “Analyzing my Own Artworks (with Images)” piece, later. It will feature close-up/detail images. Meanwhile, please do enjoy viewing this and also you can search under the category: “Analyzing my Own Artworks (with Images)” to read others I have written on my art! THANKS!

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