ETCH ABOUT A SKETCH: my sketches 1

Hi, all! Every now and again, I will post sketches I’ve done. Since they are my sketches and not my fine art pieces, they do not see a whole lot of light of day as they are holed up in a notebook, computer/laptop or flashdrive. These are some examples of the bare bones of my art. Some are quick sketches, others look more complete. Please enjoy! Thanks!

Sketch of woman with headscarf
Sketch of woman wearing a headscarf. Charcoal, 2001.

I was in my 3rd year of college when I sketched this. As you can tell from my writing, this was done with a charcoal pencil. I think the “24” I wrote at the bottom means the page number as I was numbering my sketch book pages. At the top, you can see writing about 2 projects: 1) finding images to do with clocks (we had to draw 5 fairly large pieces, each week, using key words/a theme in order to challenge our capacity to be creative and 2) I had to soon do a report on two draughtsmen/women. I obviously had a habit of scribbling stuff all around a sketch. That’s the artist way…

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