AWWW, HELL: my heart broke when my laptop did

2013 UPDATES on this event at the bottom of this article. Enjoy this plethora of sarcasm about a totally negative event that happened back in 2011!


Finally, another post! Yeah! But it’s also a sad one. Boo hoo. I will just keep it laced with humor to keep from sobbing my eyes out. Again.

In my last post (“WhatWhenWhyHow: Artwork Analysis 4”), I mentioned I would do a post on the tragedy that befell my laptop. Here goes: IT WAS THROWN ON THE FLOOR AND THE SCREEN CRACKED!!!! Thrown, you ask? Not dropped? No…thrown. In a fit of your own rage because you hated it updating again, you ask? No…I don’t mind the updates, they keep my laptop runnin well. No…it was THROWN by someone else.

DAAAAMNIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @%##**@##%&$$%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rely on my laptop to create digital art on (right now, about 2 projects are on hold because of this and the clients are trying to be patient), upload pics, create documents…play my downloaded music and HP games. *SWOON*

That guy in the pic…

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