WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 3

Hello, precious readers! Going to be a bit before I post a few subjects I have been needing & wanting to post for a while, but until then…a re-blog of one of my works.


Another in a series of analyses on my art.

Feel free to comment with questions you may still have.

“burst”, 2007

WHAT: One of my favorite works! Well…it’s not a dude, so it is obviously a woman! A young woman in profile, noone in particular. Not a bad-looking lady, huh? And I’m not even into girls and I can say that!! Only beef for me…

WHY: I have a great affinity for rendering faces, especially profiles and quarter views-that’s when one side of the face is fully visible while the other side is partially visible. And I felt I could do something very interesting with a profile by including something extra…so I threw in the radiating (love that word…it’s so………radiant) lines, hence the title. Like a burst of light, if you can use your imagination & translate charcoal lines into glorious rays of light. Then you have a good head on your shoulders! But…

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