ETCH ABOUT A SKETCH: my sketches 2

Hi, all! Every now and again, I will post sketches I’ve done. Since they are my sketches and not my fine art pieces, they do not see a whole lot of light of day as they are holed up in a notebook, computer/laptop or flashdrive. These are some examples of the bare bones of my art. Some are quick sketches, others look more complete. Please enjoy! Thanks!

Unfinished drawing of toilet paper. Graphite on paper. 2011.
Unfinished drawing of toilet paper. Graphite on paper. 2011.

Technically, this is not a sketch, but an unfinished drawing  (technically it is a still life) instead. As you can see it is dated 2011. I never got back to it, but I still have it. I hope I can finish one day. This was me trying to stay fresh as far as rendering on-point line work, delicate details and textures, tones/tints; delicate shading. A study of an object and a self-test of my handling. An artist should always stay fresh in their skills.

Somebody may be looking at this & reading this while thinking: “It’s just toilet paper…so how come she can’t just finish?? That should be SO EASY!!” You would think so, but since I am not taking a simplified or minimalistic approach here, but instead I am going very detailed, then it has resulted in me seeing every subtle wrinkle in the tissue. Well, I don’t see EVERY (I am not God after all), but I do see many details. I have always been extremely detailed in my realism and naturalism (yes, they are two different styles of art) works. Because of this, my eyes can see the crisp wrinkles in the lighter parts to the smallest dents in the darker areas. And because of my penchant for near torturous detail, I take a while with my work (but I’m not as bad at timeliness as I used to be). Essentially, I have magnifying glasses for eyes. I love the beauty in details! My Mom has said: “You see EVERYthing!” So if I ever draw or paint a portrait of you, reader (I do produce many portraits), and if you have wrinkles and other areas that are not exactly smooth anymore, I will make my pencil tell the truth…….so be mindful. But since I am an artist, I can bulls*** and cover stuff up if you ask me to. Not being rude, just being honest! Artists are creatives & we can manipulate things!

Anyhow, I do hope to draw my way through all of the tiny spots of wrinkles, creases and dents in the  toilet paper to finally have a finished piece! Of course, since that particular piece of toilet paper in the drawing is long gone (from a bathroom visit-yeah, I am being gross on purpose by saying that-or from a cleaning up of oil paint, I will have to fashion the same positioning out of a new piece of paperMolding & arranging a shape out of thin, wispy toilet paper and then trying to draw it is not too easy. This is because  while near it, I have to try not to breath in & out a whole lot or make sudden movements, otherwise it will flutter this way and that. So I am essentially drawing it with a stifled respiration or calm breathing and restricted movement. Which kind of sucks. Because I kind of really like to breath and move around and all that. By the way, just to throw in some douchebag sarcasm here: be mindful that the toilet paper in the drawing was NOT used. It was clean and fresh like cotton. No worries about me being gross! I only use the CLEANEST, most pristine, most freshy-freshy toilet papers in my works, madams and gents.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefuly I will one day be writing about the finished piece in one of my growing art analyses of completed works. Meanwhile, search in Categories drop down box for “Analyzing My Own Artworks (with Images)” category to find a plethora of my studies on my own completed artworks. Thank you! Now I am going to go to SLEEP for a few hours because I have literally been up all night (must be an artist thing) messing around and working on both my blogs (the other is at Tumblr) while eating cookies & listening to Daft Punk, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Chromatics, deadmau5, Talib Kweli, M83, Martina Topley-Bird, Kris Kross (nostalgia…RIP to Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly…he will be missed) and all manner of music. I am feeling temporarily unhealthy, slightly braindead and profoundly blitzed. ‘Til later!

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