DRAWING OUTSIDE THE BOX: i’m raising funds for volunteer travel

Volunteer Poster
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Hi, all! I hope all my readers and those passing through and deciding to stop and read my blog are well! I have been working on something new, but it’s not a drawing or painting, it’s raising funds to for volunteerism in Africa & I hope you can help…

I am kind of nervous about this because I have been out of the country before, but never been that far overseas. I also have tried to raise this amount of funds before. The thought of meeting and helping others near or far is a lovely thing that is most humbling; also helps one to gain deeper perspective and appreciation. I hope that I can get some assistance to do this and I would appreciate it in the highest if you would be one of those cool person’s to help me out! If you would like to donate, please click on HERE!! My page also displays details & information about this endeavor, how the funds will be put to use and a link to the site of the volunteer program I am wanting to work with (International Volunteer HQ or IVHG). If this works out, I’ll be very grateful and if it doesn’t, I will still be grateful to those who helped and at least I gave it a shot!  If it doesn’t work out, I will also use what money I do receive toward a charity focused on Africa.


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