UPDATE: new post tomorrow about my solo exhibit

Image from bobvila.com


Hello, everyone! I really hope each of you are well and enjoying your day or night!

Just dropping a quick line that tomorrow, I will be publishing a post about my solo exhibit. It is a post that is overdue! I was supposed to publish it, today, but it is taking longer than expected to finish it up. I have the body of the text done, but the images are taking a while because I have to load quite a bit.

I am actually using Windows Live Writer which actually saves some time & work (preparing a post is easier with Live Writer as far as uploading images goes and is convenient to send a post straight from your laptop to WordPress in order to publish). Images-wise, instead of working directly in WordPress which involves 1) uploading images to the Media center and 2) THEN loading those images to the actual post, working in Live Writer from my laptop involves one step: images are loaded directly from your files or the web and into the post; it is one step less than WordPress. I still love WordPress, of course, and still work directly from it, but I just love using my Live Writer to transfer posts directly to WordPress when I have finished a post & then when it’s been sent to WordPress I just add captions. I use Live Writer when a post includes a lot of images or for a quick post, sometimes (this post was done in Live Writer). If any bloggers are reading, do you use Windows Live Writer & do you find it to be helpful?

Well, look out for my new post about my exhibit, tomorrow!! In the meantime, feel free to explore my blog! Thanks!

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