UPDATE: a thoughtful, insightful post about three young victims in the works

Designed by DarknessFallz
Designed by DarknessFallz

(UPDATE (7/31/2013): The parents of Trayvon Martin, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, have created a petition to have the severely flawed Stand Your Ground laws reviewed. You can sign that petition HERE! Thank you!)


Hello, everyone! 

This is an update on how I was supposed to be publishing another post about Trayvon Martin, today, and this one was to include information about two other victims of violence: Jordan Davis and Jamiel Shaw (Jordan was killed over the trivialities of “loud music” that the murderer did not like; Michael Dunn shot at him and his friends TEN times and Jamiel was shot, on his way home, by a gang-associated illegal immigrant because his backpack had the red color of the murderer’s rival gang & shooting was also racially driven). I am still going to post it within August. As blogging sometimes goes, things get in the way and you don’t get to the post. The post is going to also take a personal look at these young men as people tend to forget, due to all of the news and media, that the victims were real people.

Even though this is an art blog, I feel some things should really be addressed. I am a human before I am an artist, so I have blogged about tragedies (like Newtown, CT shooting and the Oklahoma tornadoes to name some). The violence against young black men is another topic I feel I want to & should address. I hate tragedies involving anyone (regardless of race) & I do love all races & cultures (I grew up to appreciate all races & my bloodline is like a racial remix), but these three young victims and others similar to their tragedies are part of a continuing problem: racism, obvious hatred, profiling, gun violence and (with two of the cases) misuse of the Stand Your Ground Law. I am sickened because NONE OF THESE KIDS HAD TO DIE. The flawed Stand Your Ground Law (and, despite what some may say, it was used in the Zimmerman case-CLICK HERE) allows criminals to get away with murder regardless of race (because all unjustified violence is wrong). But as a note: statistics DO say when SYG Law is used in a White on Black crime case, the suspect gets off more than Black on White crime cases using SYG Law. CLlCK HERE to read about that. Trayvon Martin was racially profiled (Zimmerman has a history of profiling Blacks in the months leading up to the murder & he even profiled a Black child, under age 10, in 2011). But profiling of any race is also wrong; it does not always add up to what is right. “Profiling” is just one of those cover-up terms and this cover-up term hides its REAL term:  “ASSUMING”. What with 1) the random violence aimed at Blacks (and that is not a “race card”, that is reality; we are used to racial violence & so we recognize the obvious signs of a racial crime, try being Black before assuming someone is playing the “race card”), 2) the looseness of Neighborhood Watch policy (“Zimmerman violated the central tenets of Neighborhood Watch by following Martin, confronting him and carrying a concealed weapon”-from the grio.com), 3) the pitiful Stand Your Ground Law that allows people to make excuses for murder and 4) the insane gun violence (these three cases, Sandy Hook Elementary, the movie theater shootings in Colorado, gun violence-ridden cities like Chicago & on and on), the United States has more issues to deal with.

Looks like the USA is becoming “the land of the free to kill whoever you feel like”.

So I will post the blog about these three young men and of course I will still create art-based posts. My intention is not to alienate readers with off-topic (non-art posts) subjects, but if you feel alienated that is a risk I willingly take to address important matters & to also vent about something that just really, well, pisses me off. I am not ashamed of that. Society (and the United States law & legal systems) should be ashamed of itself. Society needs to face negatives within this country and work past them by understanding each other as being valuable humans who should not be judged by a cover. Who should not be killed on a whim. Who should not be killed over paranoia or fantasies (in Zimmerman’s case, cop fantasies). People yammer on about love, but where is it? Do we really use it?

In the meantime, here is one other post I published that was focused on just Trayvon-CLICK HERE. And if you would like to donate to Trayvon and similar situations, please scroll the side bar on the right side to see information. Thank you.

Signing out till later! 

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No child should EVER have to wonder about this...
No child should EVER have to wonder about this…


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