UPDATE: it’s Vincent van Gogh’s Birthday today!

Self Portrait. Vincent van Gogh.Oil on canvas, Summer 1887.
Self Portrait. Vincent van Gogh.
Oil on canvas, Summer 1887.

Hello, readers!

I wanted to post this page earlier today, but I was actually trying to finish up ANOTHER post that I need to publish tomorrow. Turns out this page on Vincent requires so many images and it is so late already that I have decided to finish & publish the Vincent page no later than Monday. I just got tired and decided to call it a night so that I can enjoy the rest of the night. Even doing this short page became a headache because an image wouldn’t load to the template and then the computer glitched up. Yep, time to stop. DONE. I really love to blog, but with all the other things going on, blogging is something I have to try to squeeze in, lately. I used to have more time. Plus, I am still sharing a laptop (the busted screen on mine was FINALLY fixed…you can read about what started my problem—>  HERE). PLUS, sometimes I do not feel like posting (I am human 1st, artist 2nd, blogger 3rd). PLUUUS, I take sooo long to work on a post, so that uses up a lot of time (I need to condense my posts/pages better). All of those reasons cause me to be backed up on posts and pages (I have a LOT of ideas I want to publish still). I love blogging because it is a way to express, share and interact (so I will never stop liking it), but sometimes it can feel more like a job than an enjoyment when I create my own pressure. I have to fix that…

It was Vincent Willem van Gogh’s 159th birthday today-March 30th! How awesome is that? His work was under-viewed and under-appreciated in his short lifetime, but people are ga-ga for his gorgeous pieces, now! He produced a load of work, too; it’s almost inconceivable the amount of work he created! Again, I will publish an actual tribute to this vibrant and controversial artist no later than the coming Monday. HAPPY 159th BIRTHDAY, VINCENT!!

Bedroom at Arles. Vincent van Gogh.Oil on canvas, 1888.
Bedroom at Arles. Vincent van Gogh.
Oil on canvas, 1888.

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