GO SOLO: my first solo art exhibit

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (24)

Me standing in front of “Eternity”, mixed media on deckle paper, 2003.
Deckle is a removable wooden frame or “fence” used in manual papermaking. In a related sense, it can also mean a deckle edge which is a type of rough cut edged paper used in the book trade.-definition from Wikipedia.com

Hello, my precious readers and visitors! This post is about my first solo exhibit on September 8th, 2012, and so it is overdue, but better now than never! The exhibit lasted until October 30th. Following the body of text below, I have posted photos from the event.

I was asked to have a solo exhibit at a South Carolina art gallery my instructor from Claflin University (my alma mater in SC) and his wife own. I’m originally from Connecticut, but moved to SC at 14. My painting instructor in college was Mr. Alvin Staley and his wife is Mrs. Bretta (also an art instructor). They are both extraordinary artists. They also have a daughter, Kizzi (whom is also an art teacher), and a son, Altroy. Both of their children went to Claflin as well. I was extremely grateful to be asked. This presented another opportunity to show my art/skills and an opportunity to re-connect with people I had not seen since graduating & since I moved to FL last year (my Mom-whom I hadn’t seen since July when I moved, college mates, teachers, friends, church members). Preparing for the art exhibit was hectic only because I made it so (I waited kind of late to get material together: foam core to mount my works-foam core is basically stiff board with a foam core-and acetate-acetate is flexible, synthetic material used to protect work…it’s kind of like flexible glass without the glass part). I commend my roommate for being very helpful while I became a wreck preparing! I worked for hours, sitting on the floor, measuring & cutting & mounting & covering & taping…it looked like a Hobby Lobby or some other art supply bomb went off and left art shrapnel all over the floor; bits and scraps of foam core, acetate, tape and supplies EVERYWHERE. But I got it done, thank God! I also had reproductions made of smaller pieces and of graphic art to sell at the exhibit. Because of other concerns, I couldn’t leave for SC until the day of the show (I live in FL, now). So we left early morning for a four hour drive. On the way, we stopped to pick up my Mom (the main supporter of my artistic endeavors since forever; she introduced me to art) & to pick up more art for the show (two 30″ x 40″ pieces; the framed one had to go in the trunk…well not all the way in as it stuck out a LOT!). All seemed to be going well as we headed to the gallery and then about 15 min. before reaching the gallery…….rumble rumble rumble…….the tire went flat! It was TOO monkey, chimpanzee, donkey kong HOT for all that! Good thing I wasn’t trying to meet some dude for a date or something; too sweaty! I was all nervous from that point…just thinking about being late. I kept my cursing in my head because that wasn’t going to help matters, plus my Mom was right there! Well, we had to pull off to the side, take the art that was in the trunk out in order to get to the spare tire. Put that on & then we were off to the gallery, thank God, again! Got there real late. My Mom & my roomie helped me take in my art and then my roommate went to get the tire changed. Mr. Staley, as curator, had me hustle to help him place each piece in particular areas. I was helping to cut pre-made labels for my artworks, but I left my Mom to do that so that I could help situate the art and my reproductions. Mrs. Staley and her son did an awesome job getting the refreshment table ready. Despite the lateness and only an hour to an hour & a half to get things in place, we all got everything together and done by the time people started to come in!! Again, thanking God! It was like light speed level work!

It all paid off and the fruits of that hard work & hustling could be seen with all the people that came to see the show and enjoying the show. I was glad to see every single person! I thank everyone for taking time out of their evening to hang with me and my artwork! I caught up with people, answered questions about my art and laughed a lot. It was great and the background music (jazz & Christian) set off the show very nicely! I didn’t get to eat a whole lot (which goes totally against my very nature), but I did have some food and some Swedish meatballs…I made sure to get at those.

It was a beautiful show & I thank God for yet another opportunity!

Extra note: As part of the exhibit stipulations, I left 5 pieces to be displayed there for a year. After the exhibit finished on Oct. 30, I wanted to go and pick them up at some time, but then I received an invite from the Claflin art department for my works to be featured in a joint art exhibit of art student alumni works. So they remained in SC for that (Nov. 15-Jan. 1). I visited SC to see my Mom for Christmas, but didn’t get to pick up any of my work since the gallery owners were with their family, too, of course. I was just in SC, again, this May to participate in a friend and his mom’s Claflin alumni (Beaufort, SC branch) scholarship luncheon event (my 2nd time being asked to feature & sell art during this event). While in SC, I picked up my artworks that had been returned too the Staley’s gallery (except for the five on display for one year). Visited a dear friend of mine, went to visit with my Mom & other family and then went on down to Beaufort for the even that followed the next day (June 1). The next day at the event was awesome, too. I sold art and two were bid on (profits went toward scholarships). I will write more about that event in another post, though.

Okay, I blabbed on enough! Here are the photos from my first solo exhibit (shot very well by my friend Maurice)! ENJOY and thanks for reading/viewing!!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (80)

The entrance to the gallery with my exhibit poster.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (76)

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (16)

Visitors signing in!
This is Glover Richberg and his friend. Glover is a fellow Claflinite. He was also an art student and a DYNAMIC one, at that! Awesome artist.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (75)

My artworks are on the free-standing partitions on the floor space.
My artwork was hung on both sides of all of these partitions. The artwork on the walls are on permanent display and are Mr. & Mrs. Staley’s and their daughter Kizzi’s works.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (76)

My artworks are on the free-standing partitions on the floor space.
My artwork was hung on both sides of all of the partitions. The artwork on the walls are on permanent display and are Mr. & Mrs. Staley’s and their daughter Kizzi’s works.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (78)

The first and last pieces in my 8-piece senior visual thesis series. Except the first was hung on the right and the last was hung on the left; Mr. Staley didn’t realize the image order for these two and so it was a minor mistake. I didn’t notice until later! Oh, well! They were in the show & that’s what matters.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (77)

My reproductions were for sale. I did make a profit, too! I also had to price the originals that were on display for the exhibit. Of course those were much higher in price! The framed card is the original card signed by Pres. Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama, in 2010, in appreciation for two prints (of the Obama portrait) that I sent to them in 2009.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (46)

Top: “Watch Out, Dorothy!” Screen print on paper, 2002
(the subject is leaping over buildings wearing red shoes, hence the name “Dorothy” in the title).
Bottom: “The Angel”. Mixed media on paper, 2007 (I created this drawing for my church & a reproduction is now at my church)..

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (71)

“The Angel”. Mixed media on paper, 2007.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (50)

Left: “Hoop Self Portrait II”. Oil on canvas, 2006-2010 (the original of “Hoop Self Portrait I” was sold some years ago).
Right: “Ment-ill-ity”. Mixed media on mat board, 2003.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (60)

“My Mother”. Mixed media on paper, 2004.
My Mom really loves this portrait. Only thing is that I drew the nose too long, so I have to fix it still. Can’t have a Scottie Pippen nose!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (51)

“The Realization: Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States”. Mixed media on paper, 2009.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (52)

“St. Kitts in Neutral”. Oil on canvas, 2011.
I used a color photo that I shot while in St. Kitts. I communicated this photo into a black & white painting.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (54)

Top: “Ani.motions”. Mixed media on paper, 2012.
Bottom: “self portrait-legs and arm”. Charcoal, graphite on paper. 2010.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (55)

Top: “Baby Portrait”. Graphite on paper, 2010.
Bottom: “Birthday Portrait”. Charcoal, graphite on paper, 2012.
Both of these works were done for clients & they received the reproductions.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (56)

Top: “Japanese Woman Before Screen”. Mixed media on paper, 2007.
Bottom: “Mary J. Blige”. Charcoal, graphite on paper, 2010.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (57)

“Premature”. Screen print, 2002 (this is a screen print and much smaller version of the mixed media, 30″ x 40″ piece you will see further below in this post).
Bottom: “powpowpow…wow!” Mixed media on paper, 2008 (inspired by graffiti and urban art).

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (58)

“So Selfish”. Mixed media on mat board, 2005.
This is a statement about the ugliness & inhumanity of gun violence. As most know, now, art can also be a tool to communicate positives & negatives about society; social art.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (43)

“Survive”. Mixed media & feather on mat board,. 2004.
A statement about God’s gloried triumph through the victories & survival of three different struggles: African/African American, Jewish and indigenous (Native American) peoples.
I used my left hand to model all four hands and just did alterations to each, like enlarging fingers for example.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (44)

“Breaking Pain”. Mixed media on mat board and paper, 2003 or 2004.
Again, I used my left hand as a model for both hands. I just enlarged the fingers & other alterations.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (61)

“Race Relations”. Mixed media on deckle paper, 2006.
This is a visual statement about humans being the same and that the differences are slight. That we are all equal and valuable. The darker peoples of the world are represented (in a very general way) by the map of Africa on the left and the lighter peoples of the world are represented (also in a very general way) by the map of Europe on the right.
Again, I utilized my left hand and arm as a model.
This is the definition for deckle from Wikipedia.com-Deckle is a removable wooden frame or “fence” used in manual papermaking. In a related sense, it can also mean a deckle edge which is a type of rough cut edged paper used in the book trade.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (62)

“grimy self portrait”. Charcoal on paper, 2010.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (82)

“Premature”. Mixed media on deckle paper, 2002.
This is the first in my 8-drawing Advanced Studio (Drawing) senior thesis. My professor was Dr. Terry K. Hunter, an extraordinary artist in his own right. This thesis was based on the journey of birth, life and death (with the figures symbolizing me). All of the artworks are mixed media, were done in 2002-2003 for Advanced Studio (Drawing) & are 40″ x 30″. This piece represents the development, in a supernatural view, of a child before birth (hence the egg, sperm and the cut-out images of three of the mitotic stages. The egg is intentionally under-sized and the child reaches out for the life awaiting it (the theme of which is continued in the earth below: life).
I gave this piece to my Mother after I graduated, she really likes this one.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (79)

“Special Delivery” behind the window.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (68)

“Special Delivery”. Mixed media, red thread & steel wire on deckle paper, 2003.
This is the second in my 8-drawing Advanced Studio (Drawing) senior thesis. This thesis was based on the journey of birth, life and death (with the figures symbolizing me). All of the artworks are mixed media, were done in 2002-2003 for Advanced Studio (Drawing) & are 40″ x 30″. This piece symbolizes birth, using abstract imagery. The child is symbolic, directly, of me & indirectly symbolizes the births of every human. It shows the partial body of a mother in labor; the pain of labor conveyed by the swirling representation of blood. Representations of blood are often shown in this series because it is essential for life; this piece utilizes actual red thread which also represents the child’s lifeline. This lifeline represents God’s presence. The child appears in agony because of the uncertainty of the world she’s being born into (the globe at the left). There is a divine protection of this child, however (the upright hand surrounded by glowing white).

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (81)

“Eternity”, mixed media on deckle paper, 2003.
This is the last in my 8-drawing Advanced Studio (Drawing) senior thesis. This thesis was based on the journey of birth, life and death (with the figures symbolizing me). All of the artworks are mixed media, were done in 2002-2003 for Advanced Studio (Drawing) & are 40″ x 30″. This piece represents the spirit, which survives outside of a deceased body, and whether that spirit shall wind up in Heaven or Hell. The coffin has my initials on it. Morbid, but reality.

The following photos are of visitors standing next to the artwork they like the most. I thought it would be fun to request that of them to do!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (39)

My Mother and I with the piece she really loves. Her portrait!
My Mom has been very supportive throughout my journey with art and I thank her for it! She got me started with my love of art, actually. She also creates artworks and they are very good!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (35)

My very good friend Jessica and her husband. This is the piece she really loves.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (74)

Jessica’s niece and nephew standing next to the anti-gun violence artwork.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (63)

My friend from church, Paul, standing next to my Mom’s portrait.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (29)

Angela (the secretary of my Advanced Drawing instructor, Terry K. Hunter) and her daughter standing by “Eternity”.
Mr. Staley (one of the gallery owners & my painting professor in college) said this drawing is also his favorite piece.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (31)

This enthusiastic visitor is standing next to one of my favorites: “darkness”, charcoal and colored pencil on paper, 2007.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (33)

The portrait of my Mom gets another “Like”!
The Staley family’s artworks are on the walls in the background on permanent display. They are fantastic artists, as well.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (37)

An art-loving visitor standing by her favorite: “When It’s Hidden”, mixed media & steel wire on mat board, 2003.
The piece is at once a self portrait (I am on the left, of course; no beard!) and is a personal statement about a relationship.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (64)

Friends from church standing near their favorite piece; my self portrait.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (69)

A wonderful lady I met through an inter-church choir standing by her favorite, which is also my friend Jessica’s fave.
It’s also my Mom’s favorite out of all the 8 drawings in my visual senior thesis.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (70)

I am here explaining the premise of “When It’s Hidden” to a visitor.
It is great when people want insight to your work.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (72)

Glover Richberg and Paul discussing my drawing.
Is Glover pretending to also lift the drawing (because that wood frame does make it VERY heavy)!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (18)

My Mom and friends eating and conversing.
I spent more time with them AND the food later!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (27)

My Mom gesticulating about something!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (38)

My friends Lashon, Jessica and I cheesing it out!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (65)

Friends Glover, Jessica, Lashon and I hugging it out!
Glover had a solo exhibit, here, himself some months later. I hope he goes very far with his work because he is truly an art genius! Like if Einstein were an artist…

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (73)

Had to include this! The art of sneaks! Jessica’s niece & nephew have fresh feet…

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A MULTI-TASKING GALLERY: a day at City Art Gallery

When I lived in South Carolina (I moved to FL, this month!), I made an effort to visit this very chill and awesome gallery in Columbia, SC. I call this a multi-tasking gallery because it is 3 things rolled into one: exhibit/gallery space, a place to buy art and a place to buy art supplies. There are even 3 levels: the basement has a MEGA shipload full of art supplies, 1st floor is an exhibit area featuring  current shows and the 2nd floor is an exhibit area for local artists. Classes and discussions/events on art also take place, here. It’s a vibrant scene. Stopping here is always a treat and I hope I can visit again! Here, I have some highlights of my last visit which took place in April.

(Note: The smaller photos were taken with my cell-yes, I doubled up using that & my digital camera-hence their much lighter coloring-I did not adjust the settings, 1st.  Also, I like to credit artworks by other artists, but the labels I photographed featuring the artists’ names turned out blurry…so I hope I don’t get in trouble!!)

City Art Gallery in Columbia, SC (this photo is from kathycaseyart.net)

  • This is the front of the building, but the way into the lot makes it look like it is the side. and it is in the same area as restaurants, other art venues and interesting little shops. On this visit, I forgot that there is free parking in their lot and, instead, parked in an area you gotta pay to park. Once I had my duh moment, I re-parked in this lot. Saved me some quarters because I stayed longer!

This is the 1st floor of the gallery. There is a wide space for exhibit space and classes, discussions.

  • As the caption states, this is one view of the 2nd floor. It’s a gorgeous scene and I love the strings of lights, classy piano, gritty brick walls and the natural wood floor and other wood touches. It is about as artful as the actual works featured. This particular floor houses current exhibitons. the exhibit that was up during this period included neat, quirky photography. I strolled around them for quite a while!

Another view. I want a piano! (As mentioned above, this and some others were taken with my mobile, hence the size.)

  • I wonder if I would have played the piano would I have gotten kicked out?……………………………?

A series of photographs depicting night scenes! Makes me want to go out! Lights! Bars! Night time! *sigh*

  • I love the vast perspective in these images and the coloring.

Really?? This was too fun! Photography depicting people sleeping in various places and spaces.

Feel sleepy looking at these people sleeping, aren’t ya?

A triptych of a skyscape. I stared at this for quite some time…

This is really neat, the freeing imagery and the arrange,ment work well together.

This is another room off the 2nd floor space. I felt this was a ragingly perfect photo opp! Reminds me off the Three Graces…


Made it to the 2nd floor gallery space which featuresmany local artists. This series of lowcountry scenes are peaceful and light!

A piece by famed artist & SC native Tarleton Blackwell depicts Uncle Sam in the midst of social concern. Read more about Blackwell in the link at the end of this post!

  • When I was in college, Tarleton Blackwell was one of the names our professors mentioned and I took my 1st trip to City Art with my a college art class. I fell in love with the place that day and I saw Blackwell’s work for the first time that day, as well. His work speaks very much on society, racism and politics. His work goads you into thinking and introspection…and into remembering reality.

I really took to the bold industrial paintings of this artist, Joseph Byrne. The details and colors are vivid! Read more about Byrne in the link at the end of this post!

Another dynamic piece by Byrne…

A cavalcade of very unique works by different artists…

  • I trolled this section for quite a long time taking in so much and taking alot of photos!!


Like the Great Wall of Charcoal Stuff! *drooooooool*

  • I made it to the basement. I intentionally saved that for last! City Art has more art supply goodies than you can throw a brick at!….I know, that makes no sense. I didn’t know what else to say!! When I was here on that visit, I bought a drawing pad, a compressed sanguine (reddish clay color) charcoal stick, a black charcoal stick and a couple other things. But I think HALF that store would be dry if I coulda gotten all the things I REALLY wanted! But I was glad for what I did get because I needed them!

Paintbrushes and other painting supplies. What I would like to do is position my arm on every shelf in this ENTIRE basement and run my arm down them, knocking every supply in sight down in one fell sweep…right into a HUGE bag. That is what I would like to do.

Canvas. *weep*

And that is IT!! I had a lovely visit and soaked it all into my mind, but I’m glad the post is done. PHEW!! I had to deal with some glitches, but it’s completed. I really hope you enjoyed reading and viewing the photos and there are links below for more info on City Art, Tarleton Blackwell and Joe Byrne!

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HAUTE COUTURE DEATH & QUIRKY PICASSOS: a day at (MOCA) The Museum of Contemporary Art-Jacksonville

My trip to Jacksonville, Florida’s The Museum of Contemporary Art late July 2011 was my first museum trip in a while, admittedly, and so was a welcome and warm reminder of the fascination that museums & their priceless (well, priceless AND price-y to be honest…I can’t afford a Picasso, but I’d LOVE to) hold for visitors. Here, I have some highlights of that visit.

(MOCA) The Museum of Contemporary Art-Jacksonville

  • This is the front of the facility. It is a handsome piece of modern art, itself reflecting the contemporary (or from our time) works inside. As we walked up to the building, I felt this was my best & only time for a good shot of the exterior, as my boyfriend was in the beginning stages of being eye-rollingly annoyed with my disease: photo-itis. Seems like no matter what your main interest is in (painting, drawing, graphics), an artist will ALWAYS suffer from this illness…

The atrium featuring the works of Melanie Pullen. My boyfriend checkin it all out…

When we made it inside, the second thing we took notice of (the first thing was the welcome desk where I picked up brochures like a brochure thief) was the star of the museum show: “Project Atrium: Melanie Pullen”, featuring many pieces from he “High Fashion Crime Scenes” series.  Appropriately placed in an atrium, these massive and impressive (the impressiveness heightened by the scale of the space it occupies) photographs are, I read, inspired by vintage Los Angeles crime photos. Creeeeepyyyy…I like! Pullen adds a dash of further interest by having had the models be their dead best in fashionable shoes and clothing. I am going to make sure I meet my end in a pair of Christian Louboutins.

What is also awesome about these photographs is the bare simplicity of them. No frills. Just straight-forward photography, but with a staging Vermeer would probably be proud of: the off-centered focusing, angled shots. Just very cool. The coloring & lighting in each is masterful & admirable. If you do not mind the “dead”-ness of it, very hip exhibit.

A closer look.

Another on a landing’s wall.

These photos, I believe, aren’t glorifying crime scenes, but the visuals of the photos inspired the artist to produce unique visuals of her own. Art is a capturer.

The Melanie Pullen exhibit runs from July 16 to November 6th, 2011.

The installation at home in the UNF Gallery.

A closer look at the same area.

  • I know what you’re thinking staring at the two images above. “Those outfits are toooo cute.” No, okay, you are reeeaaally thinking, “What the hell is that? Doll-icide?” This may be an odd installation (an installation being artwork created using the space it occupies), but it kind of drew my senses in as I pondered it. What, besides the obvious (dolls) was it? WHY was it?

First of, the exhibit is titled “What a Doll: The Human Object as Toy”, art by Christina West. It is in the UNF Gallery of the museum. As installations’ purpose is to occupy its space, I gingerly walked through it, taking care NOT to accidentally move anything with a misplaced step, and wondered at what I was looking at. The dolls, themselves, are charmingly modeled (with grimacing faces) and positioned in various, isolated or piled-on ways. I liked the exhibit for being fresh & modern. My boyfriend just thought it was weird & didn’t stay long, but I, being an artist, really sought to figure all this out. I knew it had to be psychologically-based and when I read the exhibit statement on the wall, I saw I’d gotten that part right.  From what I remember reading, the dolls are subtly displaying thoughts and feelings we all have, but that others do not see/know. Everyone is only but so exposed, the rest of us is a mystery.

The Christina West exhibit runs from May 19th to August 28th, 2011.

“America Whistles”. Lithograph. 1976. Edward Ruscha.

If you are an artist or even not one, you may have heard of the pop artist Edward Ruscha (pronounced roo-shay & born 1937-still livin’). I heard of him and that is why when I saw this piece, as part of a text as art exhibit around the corner from West’s doll installation, I pretended to faint. I wanted to faint, but I wasn’t going to, really. So I figured pretending was just as well. EDWARD RUSCHA!! Wow! And for this to be a piece from 1976, it very much fots the super modern, minimalistic approach art is taking, right now. What appears to be little specks on the paper are actually colored song notes.

“My Garden”. Lead intaglio. 1971. Louise Nevelson.

I’ve admired Louise Nevelson (1900-1988) since learnin of her in my early college years. Her deeply geometric and complex abstract sculptures, usually of wood, entranced my mind! How could such simple shapes become mazes of wonder?? Above is ot one of her magnificent wood pieces, but a magnificent piece all the same. So happy I happened upon this one & the intricate embossments worked into it.

At this point, my incessant stopping/picture-taking made my boyfriend disappear to look at other things. Oh, well! I caught up, later.

Imaginary Portrait. Lithograph on paper. 1969. Pablo Picasso.

  • Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)…what else is there to say besides that enigmatic, hypnotic name? These works are apart of the museum’s “Pablo Picasso: The Imaginary Portrait Series”. The museum has a great showing of them, but these aren’t NEARLY all the works in that series.

When I saw the space with his work, it was akin to anticipating meeting a rockstar! Picasso, along with many other artists, is to artists what Oprah is to alot of women-an idol. To view, in front of your face, the result of the colors he chose and the way he wielded his tools…WOW!! *sigh*

Me oggling the Picassos.

More pleasantly off-guard works in the series.

I really enjoyed these quirky, cubist pieces. Art is an escape!

A close-up of a piece with a date in his hand!!

Apparently, Picasso created this humongous series in just 1969. Look at that, above!! His very own writing! I know I sound wacky, but that is apart of the territory…besides this IS Picasso!!

“Phenomena Alchemist”. Acrylic on canvas. 1983. Paul Jenkins.

  • This was another cool work I happened upon. I thought it was oil, it’s so rich and vibrant, but it’s acrylic!

Paul Jenkins (1923-still alive, ya’ll) is an American abstract expressionist whom I might have to become a fan of right now

“Heaven is Worth it All (5004)”. Enamel on paper. 1985. Reverend Howard Finster.

  • This is yet another great exhibit in this impressive museum. “Stranger in Paradise: The Works of Reverend Howard Finster”. At first glance (literally), I thought I was partaking in some fantastical artworks with creatures of myth, then on closer inspection I realized I was looking at the complete opposite – religious works. And boy, is it sublime! Or, rather in this case, divine! Well, both. There was bluegrass music playing to accompany the exhibit and also a television playing his appearance on an episode of Johnny Carson!

He called (past tense, yes, as he passed in 2001) himself a “Man of Visions”, visually setting down his prophecies. And he did! Not only objectively (buildings, figures, etc.), but also in the text-filled with divine inspiration-lacing the work. It makes you listen. Whether you understand or agree with all of these words or not, it reminds you that God should be reverenced.

Detail of “The Crowded World (Ten Thousandth Piece) (10000)”. 1989. Reverend Howard Finster.

Detail of the same piece as above.

The Reverend Howard Finster exhibit runs from April 22nd to August 28th, 2011.

Before leaving the museum, the security guard that had been very quietly monitoring everyone and was conveniently on every floor I went to calmly walked over to me and informed me that visitors were not allowed to take photos of the work. Something my boyfriend hinted at before we progressed into the museum, but I denied his warning for my stronger need to capture & also convinced it would be no big deal! So I stopped…conveniently so, since the exhibit I have ended this article with were the LAST photos I’d taken, anyway, so I was not mad. Plus, he was just doing his job. Plus he was polite. Some museums allow photography, but I suppose alot don’t, thanks to more smarmy people whom infringe and “steal” images. The bad makin’ it bad for the good. One of those things. As you can see, no stealing, here. I look forward to crediting all work while sharing it.

I very much hope you enjoyed this post. Why not enjoy it even more by visiting this first class museum? You will definitely not regret it.

Just don’t bother bringing in a camera…unless you wanna be the hunted…

The Museum: http://www.mocajacksonville.org/

Melanie Pullen, Official Site: http://melaniepullen.com/

Christina West, Official Site: http://cwestsculpture.com/

Reverend Howard Finster, Official Site: http://www.finster.com/

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