I’M STILL AROUND: the absent artist

I miss you, WordPress. I am coming back for you.... *weep* *weep*

I miss you, WordPress and Tumblr, too. I am coming back for you….
*weep* *weep*

Hello, my precious blog readers!

I am still alive.


I have been gone from WordPress for quite a while due to a variety of circumstances. I haven’t even been blogging on Tumblr, either. Some of the reasons are good, some bad. Some solvable, some difficult. In the meantime, I hope you have been still reading the variety of posts and pages I have here. Like any reading material, blogs can be visited over and over even if the author is not currently active or adding new material. Apparently, people have still been visiting my page because I now have 66 Followers and I am grateful for that! Thank you to all my Followers and to all my visitors!!

Right now, I am having laptop issues, again. I believe the motherboard might have fritzed on me, again. The death of a computer or, at least, a comatose computer, can turn upside-down the world of someone who spends a great deal of time on a computer! Seriously! Yes, life still goes on, but the computer part of my life has been stunted. I have been using my cell phone for a variety of things, but I cannot much use it for blogging (the platform my phone uses will allow me to blog, but I can’t include images with posts and if I dare use my cell to edit existing posts that have images, the images weirdly disappear). I hope to get my laptop fixed, soon (for one thing, a really good friend of mine gifted me with a drawing tablet, thank God!!…so that baby needs to be put to use; right now it is lingering in my room in its box fresh and unspoiled) and I also need to save up for a new one laptop (I love HP; I might try a Mac-the brand that apparently every artist in the world should have). If my laptop was a living object, though, it would be saying to itself, “I like her, but she uses me to within an inch of my tech life! I am glad I do not work right now! I hope she takes a VERY LOOOONG time to fix me because I am on DV Time, right now!!”

DV Time is ‘Device Vacation Time’.

But while I have been on blogging hiatus, I have been working on art here and there, though I shame myself for slowing down on it so much. Aaargh! I need to get back to creating art. I am MAD at myself. While away from blogging, I have also been going to church (I sing on the choir as well), working, spending time with people I am close to, spending time outside enjoying nature (which I might have to withdraw from some, since Fall is already putting a chilly smack-down on us), playing video games (yes, I am a gamer girl and yes……I do rage quit, but without breaking stuff) & various other things. There is also a holiday-themed alumni art exhibit coming up at my alma mater, Claflin University. So, I am now putting myself on a mandatory mission to create 2-3 new works. I have to turn in my works for the show by Nov. 20th, which is not very far off, so I better get to drawing at psycho levels.

Well, I do hope everyone has been well and I do hope that I will be back to blogging regularly, soon! Until then, I am going to re-blog some previous posts and also please feel free to read my blog through and through! THANKS!!

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DRAWING OUTSIDE THE BOX: i’m raising funds for volunteer travel

Volunteer Poster

Can’t click on this image, but there is a link within the text below…

Hi, all! I hope all my readers and those passing through and deciding to stop and read my blog are well! I have been working on something new, but it’s not a drawing or painting, it’s raising funds to for volunteerism in Africa & I hope you can help…

I am kind of nervous about this because I have been out of the country before, but never been that far overseas. I also have tried to raise this amount of funds before. The thought of meeting and helping others near or far is a lovely thing that is most humbling; also helps one to gain deeper perspective and appreciation. I hope that I can get some assistance to do this and I would appreciate it in the highest if you would be one of those cool person’s to help me out! If you would like to donate, please click on HERE!! My page also displays details & information about this endeavor, how the funds will be put to use and a link to the site of the volunteer program I am wanting to work with (International Volunteer HQ or IVHG). If this works out, I’ll be very grateful and if it doesn’t, I will still be grateful to those who helped and at least I gave it a shot!  If it doesn’t work out, I will also use what money I do receive toward a charity focused on Africa.


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UPDATE: how to photograph how-tos

The first photo of the six.

The first photo of the six.

Hi, readers! Thank you for stopping by and feel free to navigate around this blog!

I have just completed a project for a client. Well, it’s a trial project. I had to shoot images for a wikihow-type article (or maybe the author will actually be doing an article for wikihow). This is not exactly Gordon Parks or Ansel Adams caliber work, but it is a photo project, so it is an opportunity. The how-to subject: how to make sugar goo. Sugar goo is edible stuff you can also play and craft with. It’s made with corn syrup, sugar and water. Sounds like a good way to get dizzy if you eat it. A good way to become a diabetic! Also a good way to get sticky stuff ALL over the place if kids play with it…good luck cleaning that up! But anyway, the project seemed easy enough; I got the ingredients together, took my first shot of all the ingredients together. Then…I had to cook the mixture. I was thinking it would instantly thicken after stirring for a while (taking the necessary photos as I stirred for demonstration sake). NOPE. It became more liquid with the heat. So then I figured it would thicken as it cooled, but since I needed to get a move on to edit and email the images, I put the small pot in the freezer. When I took it out a few minutes later, it was goo alright…MEGA thick! Good! I took a shot of the goo pouring from the spoon. A good goo-pouring-from-spoon-and-into-the-pot-shot.  Then I loaded the images and edited them properly.  Then I emailed them to the client, today. Six images in all.

When one shoots how-tos, as I am learning, it is very direct: shoot only parts of the process that are necessary to shoot, make sure to include images that would clearly illustrate each of the important parts  of the how-to (and only the important, stand-out parts so that you won’t have a slew of photos to edit…too many photos to select the best from would waste time). Make sure the photos are clear and that all objects are visible and easily visually decipherable so that viewers know what they are looking at. When one is finished with taking the photos, they should be cropped (don’t want too much space around the objects) and color-corrected. Wa-la!

This project reminded me of how much I am not a fan of crafts. As a fine artist, I adore everything about the wonder of fine arts. It is a very purposeful thing. I can also say that crafts is also useful in its own way. But the difference between fine arts and crafts is this: fine art is based on individual expression and even though fine arts utilizes the foundations of elements and principles, one can still use those foundations toward a unique self-expressive goal and the end result can vary as there is no real rule; crafts is based on point-by-point steps and self-expression is less pronounced, the end result is often certain and many times does not end how it is planned to end. Case in point: the art of photographing the sugar goo allowed me to photograph in no particular way so long as it helped to illustrate the how-to, but the craft of creating the sugar goo had a certain end that I had to force, by the way, with freezing it. So although crafts has its value, too, I am not a craftsperson by far. It drives me nuts!

I hope the client likes the photos! I am really enjoying this freelance thing…so many projects!

If you are interested in freelance work, check out sites like oDesk, Guru and Freelancer (these sites incl. arts/design, writing, IT and office-type jobs to name a few)! Make sure to read their terms because while some do not, other sites require a fee for upgraded accounts. And here is a freelance site that is strictly focused on vector-based graphic, web & logo projects: Mycroburst.com. I am looking into that one, too. It doesn’t hurt to have a few freelance accounts. Happy freelancing!

This is how it ended up. This is the last image out of six.

This is how it ended up. This is the last image out of six. Not as sharp an image as I was going for, but hope it will pass…

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BLOGGERS UNITED: i’ve co-authored a blog for first time!


Hi, precious blog readers!

Just wanted to report something interesting, quickly! I am happy to say I finally co-authored a blog (I opinion that every blogger should do this at least a few times to bring attention to their blog and to even attract more co-authoring opportunities)!

Here is an excerpt from a Hongkiat.com article about co-authoring: “Inviting other bloggers and writers to become co-authors is  one great way to expand one’s blog. Assuming the recruiting of writers part is being taken care of, the next big problem you could be facing is management. Managing multiple authors for a blog is never an easy task. It’s often a challenge to keep co-authors in control, getting them to write quality content on schedule, making sure they did not miss anything before hitting the publish button, etc. Also sometimes you might also want to give different authors different level of accessibility and controls, depending on their performances.”

The author of that blog had a call out to write and I made an offer. It was accepted. I was given a subject to write (based on selling photographs online). My post is featured on a very interesting site focusing on ideas for those needing creative advice and inspiration: CreativeSomething.net. And you can read my post here:  HERE. After reading my post, stick around and check out more of Tanner Christensen’s blog.

I hope that you like the post and I hope I get more opportunities to co-author!

Read more at Hongkiat.com about tips to managing co-authoring/multi-authoring HERE.

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A LITTLE MORE BUZZ FOR MY BLOG: i’m in the technorati blog directory

One quick post, today! Both of my art blogs (WordPress and my Tumblr blog) are now listed in Technorati, one of the best and most useful blog directories. See where this takes me…  : )

Blogs are like books…in fact they are like any product or service: creating them also involves building up attention and a following. NObody wants their creation to go the way of being only seen by them and a tiny circle of loyals (though still appreciated), collecting dust or being seen only by empty space! And, if you have built a following (as I have gratefuly done, so far), it doesn’t hurt to build more.

Blog directories are a great way to build a reader- and viewership traffic for your blog! Word of mouth is useful and sharing your blog and posts with various online sources (like Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc.) is even better, but blog directories can help to push all that up another notch: now, you are LISTED online! In a directory! Once you connect with a blog directory (it takes some simple steps, 1st) and are recognized and listed, each time you publish a post (tagging and categorizing each post before hitting the publish button will help immensely because people can find you better; try not to publish a post without FIRST tagging and categorizing), you will be updated in the directory and you will help your blog be searched and found by others. The more you post, you will gradually (for some, it happens quickly) increase traffic! Awesome, huh?

There are many blog directories. Some are free, some require a fee. Some just need you to list your blog, some require that you list your blog and your blog’s RSS (Rich Site Summary-“is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it”-definition from whatisrss.com; RSS is great to set up within your blog and many blogsites provide this feature, it basically alerts RSS subscribers of new postings from blogs and other sites).

Here are some sites that list top blog directories (I’m going to try a few more; the more listings the better):

So put your best foot forward with your blog and try using blog directories to help people make more footsteps to it!!

P.S. Here is my Tumblr blog: http://caloniedoesarttwo.tumblr.com

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YOU REALLY LIKE ME!: thank you to my followers & readers!

I just wanted to make an important entry here: to thank my followers (15 so far, a very good number for me!!) & my readers (10,716 hits at the time of this post)!!

That 15 people who can follow any blog their eyes cross upon, any other blog that they want…that they would take the time to read and view my blog and then decide they would not mind being aware of each time I post! Also want to thank everyone whom reads my blog during their day or night! I do hope all followers & readers gain useful art appreciation, info, inspiration and laughs from my posts…

I don’t take any of  it for granted, I consider it a blessing and I really appreciate it, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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FOREVER & A DAY: new post coming, it’s just taking for-e-vaaaaar

Hi! I’m back posting and I thank all my loyal and new readers/subscribers!

I see that I have reached over 10,000 hits and that makes me want to do a jig like this:

……..except I believe there would be more breaking than dancing in my case. I HIGHLY believe.

Right now, I am working on a post of a visit to another gallery. This one in Columbia, SC. It’s a neat article a long time coming, but it is taking a LOOONG time to finish (as in not just 1 or 2 hrs). I enjoy blogging to the moon and back, but this one is testing me. So many images to place and the uploading of images isn’t going as smoothly as I would like. So, I’m working on the blog half enjoying and half rolling my eyes with alot of that impatient breathing people do when they are annoyed…

But it will get finished hopefuly later today. But before I go back to trying to post this new article, I  have a drawing I need to get started on. I’m still trying to add new works for that Fall exhibit of mine. So the post is now  a draft I am taking a break from. Besides, I’m hungry and there are a coupla donuts waiting for me. Also, stupid people on TRUtv is a good reason to break the zombie affect that staring at a computer screen can cause…

Actual Update (6 hrs later, 8:39pm): I’m drawing at the moment. And have a slight headache. So, scratch that…IIIIII’lllll be finishing that post about City Art Gallery tomo-roooooooow…………….. don’t have enough operational brain energy for finishing it tonight.

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UPDATE: things that are being done & things that must be done soon!

Hello, precious blogreaders! I really do hope everyone is enjoying the weather (but if you live in Russia-FROZE, Alaska-FROZE or near the Sahara desert-COOKED…maaaaaaaybe ot so much)! My sympathies.

I am posting this update using my cell (hence no pics, it can upload pics to some sites, but WordPress is one it cannot do that with…dagnabbit). I guess I will get my laptop screen repaired sometime before I become 100 yrs old & can’t use a laptop anymore, anyway.

Update: I am currently working on pieces to include in my upcoming Fall exhibit. I have been charged with having 30 artworks minimum. I have tons of art already, but I won’t want to put certain pieces in the show & so I have to make up for that by creating fresh work.
Right now, I’m drawing a screaming face in profile. There will be a hint at graffiti & other elements I will throw in like an artist experiencing mental, creative hysteria. When I do artwork, I am good at that. Mental, creative hysteria. This psychosis is fun with doing artwork, but not in normal society. Haha. Wait…society is not normal. Okay. Well, I will be happy when I am done with that…anticipating the end result. I hope to post it, soon!

Also: I will post a conclusion to Drawing in Progress 2 (read 1, as well), since I have SINCE completed the drawing of the heart and its metaphorically protective cache of weaponry. I won’t want to sound braggadocio here, but it is pretty dope! I will post a final article and images.

Also: I will post more ART-CHITECTURE stories (my next one is supposed to focus on bridges) and WHAT IF THEY REALLY SAID THAT stories (where I have fun and post smart aleck-y captions under real artworks). In the meantime, please read the first posts.

Also: I am ABOVE and BEYOND glad and grateful at having received nearly 9,000 HITS!! Thanks, readers and viewers.

Also: I thank God for another way to express my love of art and writing. This is a fun & rewarding experience.

Also: This is alot of alsos! I have been playing Shadow of the Colossus (who else has played, is playing, or will play it?) and this game is beyond a game. It was released for PS2 in 2005, but it still receives talk, raves and accolades. It is an innovative game thanks to its spare moments of dialogue, its visual beauty (if you love art and games…this is for you) and its quietude (except when it is time to battle, there aren’t endless minutes of beat you across the head noise & even the battles are kinda quiet). Also compelling are the character renderings, the plot (this guy Wander with the help of his horse Agro wants to revive his love, Mono, by destroying 16 colossi…not only is each colossi’s environment a puzzle to get to the colossi, their bodies are obstacles) and the emotional value (I feel so bad for Wander & Agro-they are real troopers-but in real life they’da kicked the bucket a long time ago!…and the colossi-I do not feel as badly for them as they’re blocking my goal, but sometimes it is sad to see them fall, especially the peaceful ones).
Anyway, I yammered on so about this game. I have one more to beat. Roger Ebert said (in 2010) that video games aren’t art. He might not’ve played SotC, Ico, Okami & he has not seen this: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/

Well…those are my most recent updates. As stated, I will post the finished work I am drawing right now and I will do a final post on that 1) Drawing in Progress and more posts on 2) Art-chitecture & 3) What if They Really Said That.
Please read earlier posts under those titles and my other posts/pages as well until then! Thank you!

WHERE’S WALDO (I MEAN, ME)?: i am away, but i’ll return!

Hello, my precious blogreaders (I sound so creepy…like Gollum or the guy from Silence of the Lambs)!
I hope all are well…I, on the other hand, am sad. Sad that I haven’t been blogging in a while. I have not posted for some time, now. It is like I have fallen off the face of the Earth…abandoning WordPress and all who take the time to read my writings…
I haven’t disappeared like Waldo, though. I even still share my blog on FB and Twitter (I am my PR!) so that people will kindly make a bee-line to my site. I have just STILL got to get my laptop screen fixed (you can read about it in my rage-filled post: “AWWW, HELL: my heart broke when my laptop did”). Serious! Go search my posts. It is an ACTUAL article I wrote…
I had been borrowing a laptop, but that came to an end. So, I have been down-sized to using my cell. That is how I am posting this! Thing is…as talented and high tech as my cell is, it cannot upload pics in WordPress like it can w/ some other sites. DRAT. If I could, there’d be a big fat tear or a Where’s Waldo pic to illustrate this post. I like pics w/ my posts; adds to the post.
So, I am waiting to get my HP fixed so that I can blog like a fiend, again! Bags under my eyes and all (bags under eyes are a requisite for visual artists and writers/bloggers…it’s serenely voluntary).
I just came into the wad of cash I need, so I should be blogging like a pro again, soon.
Meanwhile, please read any posts you haven’t, re-read your faves and invite other readers by SHARING or word of mouth! THANK YOU!

Also: Please have a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas! This is a time for us to reflect on what is most important. God is wonderful!
If I do not make a post on New Year’s, do have a safe and happy one! I will make sure to. I gotta try to get all post-post-modern (how many posts can we have??) and paint the town NEON red, somewhere, like a true ARTIST!!

LONG HIATUS & GRATEFULNESS: I’m baa-aack and now over 1,000 hits!

Well, I have been gone for a while, again, but am now returned. I guess in the world of blogging (something that isn’t a 9 to 5 job or a deadlined assignment), writers are free to go on break (due to various reasons, some controlled & some not) at any given moment! But as blogging is very enjoyable for me, I always hope to get back to it, soon.

I am dealing with laptop issues, now, while I still wait to get my busted screen HP fixed. So, I have a laptop for awhile (borrowing one) and other times, I do not. I hope to get my dear HP Pavilion fixed by the next 2-3weeks, finally!!

I thought I could add blogs through my cell phone…and I can, just not able to add images to it using the cell. So I just leave off the blogging until I am using a computer.

The OTHER part of this post has to do with the hits. I am so glad to have had so many readers and even a few subscribers! I am blessed in Blogland!! So, I have now gotten 1,316 hits. In Blogland, this may be pretty small, but to me this means time for a big smile face! Like this:


My face has more humanoid details, but this is a close replication.

I want to say a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all the blog readers and visitors. You made my huge smile (and the cartoon one up there) possible!!!!

I will be back with a brand, spanking new post in some hours (not days)!