BUSY-NESS AND BUSINESS CARDS: finally back with a new post!

Hello, peoples (I added that ‘s’ on purpose; bad grammar is fun but only when it is humorously on purpose, in any other case bad grammar is sad).

I am back with a new post after 50,000 years. Well, not that long of course, but long enough! As any blogger will tell you, the absence is due to a combination of things. My combination is: being busy, being not-feeling-like-posting, being a work-a-holic, being more not-feeling-like-posting. In any case, my blog would cross my mind from time-to-time because I DID very much miss posting. I knew I would get back to it eventually. I have also been creating new works (currently I am working on 3 new works simultaneously). One of my projects has been business cards. I have been getting into doing media/marketing materials for people, again (I also have an account with Upwork, the freelance site formerly known as ODesk; through that I also get projects). I also designed my own business cards. So that is what this post is about: business cards! If you need a business card, do let me know!


This is the front of my new and actual business card. Various digital design & editing apps. 2017. The info on the card is my actual info. I have to get Adobe CS, so until then, other editing programs do come in handy). 2017. I designed the card & then uploaded the design to Vistaprint. The cards were delivered to me not long after that and they look great! Thanks Vistaprint!


This is the back of my business card. I really can do all of that! I once created a mural for a client that involved the wall being along a tall, spiraling staircase. At certain points (where the mural was the highest on the wall), I had to stand on a ladder on some of the steps. I concentrated very much on not tipping & falling downstairs.


Mock card design for an Italian restaurant. Various design & editing apps. 2017. Due to it being a MOCK business card the only real info on the card are the street & city names; the rest of the info (street number, contact & social network URLS) do not exist! So do not try to find the business because you will not ever find it! You will be wandering aimlessy trying to find the place & you will be pissed off at me even though I said it does not exist! I told you so!


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION ONE)


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION TWO has light filter effects on the upper left.)


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION THREE has contact and social media icons by the links.)


Mock card design for a real estate agency (front). Various design & editing apps. 2017.


Mock card design for a real estate agency (back). Various design & editing apps. 2017.


Mock card design for a pastry cafe. Various design & editing apps. 2017.

Those are my designs so far; just a lot of experimentation with aesthetic features ranging from minimal to slightly embellished. Hope you enjoyed looking at them. Again, if you are in need of media material, feel free to let me know! Thank you! More posts coming soon!

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SEE ME ON ETSY!: i’ve returned to my etsy shop

Hi, all! If you are reaading this, thank you for visiting my page, again! 

I have so many art posts to publish, but right now I am taking it easy. I will post more in-depth articles, soon! Today, I am posting about my return to my Etsy shop. I’ve re-opened it. This time, I hope to get much more traffic and also buyers of course! I will be adding new works for sale from time to time. These pieces will look fantastic on a wall in your home or in your office. They will look fantastic over a fireplace, as doubles on each side of a French door or hanging anywhere. If you buy a piece, make sure you purchase a frame that is not going to overpower the artowrk itself. You want the art to shine!

How do you like the title of this post, by the way? I couldn;t think of anything else, so I came up with that. Unfortunately my title ideas are not as dynamic as my artistic ideas! 

I hope you will visit my shop! You can visit by CLICKING HERE and also there is a link at the top of this blog page. Thank you!

Above is the screenshot of my Etsy shop as of today. I will be adding more works periodically.

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FACE TIME: new drawing alert!

Hi, readers & viewers! I am trying to post as regularly as I can and as my schedule will allow for. I am also doing other art-focused things like contacting art consultants as I search for representation, going to update my RedBubble account (have not used that in a long while) & re-open my Etsy shop online. I also recently FINALLY got on the “Insta-bus”…I now have an Instagram account! So now, at the bottom of my posts, there will be an Instagram link along with my usual Twitter link (I have so many social accounts, now…becoming some sort of social media guru here). I have included my other links (Coroflot, Etsy, ShopVida & Tumblr) at the top of this WordPress blog. No matter what happens, I do not want to put down art. I stick with it! It is an important part of my life that I love and it is one of the things I do to have joy and to shake off some stress.

Lately, I have been creating new works. I want to experiment, add new work to my portfolio and use these works (along with past works) to market myself more. This post shows one of the new works detailing a face (hence the title of this post). It is a drawing (graphite and pen, so far) on paper. I have a big, fat drawing pad (amongst other drawing pads) to fill and so I am going to make the most of it! I was working on this more last night. I still have to add more features & detailing; also do something to the background. An idea for a background is one of an artist’s terrors. It is also one of those points where artist block tends to happen, too. You want to do something that does not overpower the main focus of the work, but you also want it to work WITH the main focus…you also want it to NOT look terrible. I finally mustered up in my mind what I can do with the background. Some sort of weird (because in art, weird can be good) linear (line) work with a great dash of polygon forms (polygonal design is the “Popular Kid” of the art world, now). Some color will be nice, too. I can’t wait to see my ideas spill from my brain and onto this paper. Fun!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fairly swift post and I hope you will check me out on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, RedBubble, Etsy and the other 1 billion accounts I have (lol…not really THAT many, but it feels like it)!! Thank you!! 

No title, yet, of course! This shows a couple of the tools I am using! I see I also wrinkled my drawing. Wrinkled, bent paper drives me NUTS! The drawing itself will still finish out great, though!

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INSTA-BUS: i hopped on the instagram bus

I finally started posting stuff on Instagram (since last week)! I’ve had an account for a while, but I never took time to post anything. I’ve so many social accounts that I just wasn’t feeling like posting to Instagram. Well, I decided to finally go ahead and be active with that account. I posted this today. It’s a drawing In working on! 

If you think you can guess who I’m drawing, post a reply! Here’s another hint: the subject’s adventures have FINALLY been scripted for a long awaited film! Gamers, rejoice!

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Time to Create Another Commissioned Piece: Google+ post

Just a quick update on a new work I’ve been commissioned to do. I’ve been gone from WordPress for awhile. Have been busy and also dealing with a profound tragedy involving a loved one (which I may explain more about soon when my emotions can deal with sharing here). I am grateful to God for making it through another year (I also had a birthday this month, too). It was a rough year at times, but there were positive moments, too. I hope everyone is well and that everyone will have a wonderful, joyful Christmas (Jesus is the reason always) and a happy, safe New Year. 

Click here to read my Google+ post: https://plus.google.com/108080298492543433374/posts/VBX2mMf1FLv

Below is a cool, clever drawing I found online. Thought it appropriate to illustrate this short post.

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