I LIKE TO LOOK: aesthetically pleasing products & objects! part 1

Who doesn’t like to look?

If I am at least roundabouts right, in the past 5 to 10 years, products & objects that we see and use everyday have become not just objects to see and use, but have morphed into pieces of near museum art! Creativity is being injected into NEAR EVERYTHING! This is not a bad thing. It never hurts for something to look good…

Part of this happening is to attract us to buy stuff, as human beings are like cats to shiny stuff – helpless and noodle limp in the face of pretty things. The other reason for this surge of product/object artistry, I reason, is because art is such an appealing thing it is hard not to infuse stuff with it.

Below, I have compiled a list of stuff that have been getting made over with art looks, with web links. Hey, while getting all big, Gollum-eyed staring at these precious pretties, you may want to buy!

  • MOBILE PHONESI, myself, have a phone that is fun to just look at…great for talk/text & now like holding candy all day

“The O2 Ice was actually the phone that was the inspiration to this article. It’s a small stylish 3G phone that has the usual built-in MP3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera, bluetooth etc. It’ll be out in September in the UK for around $200. O2 Ice [gadgetcandy.com
More cells: http://gadgets.fosfor.se/the-top-10-most-beautiful-cellphones/

  • CD/ALBUM COVERS – a piece of art purchased with some cool music or if the music is crap, at least you have some nice art to look at
One of my fave CDs…for the music and the nasty (in a GOOD way) cover art. Linkin Park’s “Reanimation”.

More cd/album covers: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/08/03/35-beautiful-music-album-covers/

  • PENCIL SHARPENERSwhat?!? what?!? *drool*
“The Swing Blade pencil sharpener, though not the fastest way to sharpen your pencil, is ideal for soft-leaded and color pencils. Its poetic movement and precise sharpening was inspired by an old pencil sharpener passed down from a designers’ great-great-grandfather.” – designmilk.com

More on designmilk.com: http://design-milk.com/swing-blade-pencil-sharpener/

  • SHOES – walking in them looks wretched (foot suicide), but gazing at them is more forgiving…
Alexander McQueen booties, 2010. WOOOOWWWW I would wear them once then put them in a bulletproof display case. Not really…but just a thought.

More shoes: http://www.polyvore.com/most_beautiful_shoes_in_whole/collection?id=595217

  • FURNITUREbet’ not get coffee stains and popcorn on these beauties…
What the heck?? Is it decor or is there a toilet in there since I don’t see a toilet in the room…whatever it is, it’s ultra interesting.

More furniture: http://www.asportstime.com/celebrities-stuff/most-beautiful-furniture-designs-of-2011.php

Hope that was an enjoyable list and I will be on the lookout for MORE stuff to visually tantalize…and possibly burn a hole in your pocket. At least it’ll be pretty!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Calonie,
    Thank you for subscribing to my blog it means very much to me. Btw, in regards to the topic above, I have just updated my blog with a brief review&lots of pics on HOTEL 1961. It’s a second-to-none artistic hotel in Siem Reap using recycled products as details as well as using world-known events of the 60’s as their inspirations. It’s just out-of-this world. Cheers! Rannie.


    1. Happy to have subscribed & I will read up on that. I love to travel and love reading about it! Keep up the wonderful work! Cheers! : )


  2. Hi Calonie,

    I love your post. I agree with you that art is appealing it’s hard not to infuse stuffs with it. I’m not an artists but I always love art, and see it in many things and in many perspectives coz I believe art is open-minded, something special I can’t describe with exact words not even put it in the box of words; it’s everywhere. Cheers.


    1. Thank you for your comment! Whether an artist or not, we all can be in awe of how creative some products are. The human capacity to create is awesome! And art is special, as you said (aaawww, nice thing to say!). Cheers back!


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