I LIKE TO LOOK: aesthetically pleasing vehicles

SR Auto Group’s Project Black Mist Ferrari 458 Italia. The Canadian-based tuner added new elements to this car, incl. Novitec Rosso parts.
Wow!! I would build a bullet-proof garage for this.

In the spirit of aesthetically pleasing objects (and that I have only written one ‘I Like to Look’ page and need to do more), I feel one about vehicles is long overdue!

Vehicles (cars, trucks, suvs and more) are artwork on wheels. There are constant strides in visual innovation! I have been on a staring-at-cars binge online, lately. I worked at a dealership for close to two years and it built in me an appreciation of cars: their variety, their mechanical & technical dynamics and, of course as an artist, their aesthetic or visual attributes! WOW! And I wasn’t too big on muscle and sport cars because of their diminutive size, but I always liked their looks; but since I have been appreciating vehicles more and since I have gotten to drive a friend’s Mustang GT plenty of times (just even to hear the engine rumble…sigh), I can see myself possibly buying one of them one day (when I can afford it)!

Automobiles like these are often the type that if someone asked you to borrow it for a drive you’d be real wary. I mean, you’d only trust God & Jesus (& a big maybe on mom or dad)! If someone wanted to borrow it, you’d do one of two things: 1) You’d shout: “YOU MUST BE TRIPPIN’!” and then promptly shout, “NOPE!” OR 2) You would let them, but you HAVE to go along AND they cannot go above 45 mph (50 if you want to be generous).

There are all sorts of vehicles, but here I will focus on visually out-of-this world cars or, for the really slang-minded, stupid dope cars, homie. Check it:

2013 Dodge Dart.
I am partial to this make. My 1st two cars were Dodges. This Dart looks real sharp and I see why it’s called ‘dart’. Even my pal with the Mustang says he really likes Dodge Dart and that it’s ‘pretty hot’!
2013 Buick Encore.
Even the family friendly SUVs are getting increasingly enviable! I’m going to take that guy out of his seat, throw him out and drive off with that! Might get arrested, but at least I’ll be arrested in style!
Mustang Shelby Cobra.
Can’t go wrong with a Mustang! Nope!
Lamborghini Aventador.
Matte black at that! A nice take on this already brazenly hot car.
Bugatti Veyron.
I have an affinity for the luxurious, classy look of Bugattis! If I could afford one, I’d take the deep-pocket plunge!
2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo.
Gorgeous. This looks like something for James Bond when he gets married and has kids.
A venomous no-name! What IS this??
Judging from the insignia on the grill of the black car, I think these are Porsches! You are set if you can have a SET of hot cars…
2012 BMW I8 Concept.
Look at the lines. Look at the black, neon blue-lined door and suave detailing. STUPID AWESOME!! I think this would be a car in TRON if they drove cars…
Another no-name I would put in an over-protective garage. This car is on fire, like GHOST PEPPER FIRE!
Mercedes Benz SL.
Tip-top class.

The next three photos are extra on the ART!!

2014 Porsche Macan.
Concept drawing is just as fantastic as the concept for the suv, itself!
Lamborghini Gallardo.
This was done by a group called VOD Cars. The medium is Sharpies (yes, Sharpies) on vinyl overlay! If you are gonna draw on your car, you should do it something like this…
(photo: Jason Thorgalsen)
Close-up of the wickedness…
(photo: Jason Thorgalsen)
2012 Porsche Panamera Hybrid.
I saw two Panamera’s get repo’d on those reality repo shows. With a car this fine, most people would try to hold on to it! But those payments must be KILLER!!
2012 Bentley Continental GT.
This is so ultra smooth & silky, just want to drink it like milk-shake… That didn’t make sense, but I was going for a metaphor!
2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.
Not a fan of Victoria Beckham, but it’s interesting to mention that she (now a fashion designer) signed on as design consultant for this vehicle. Gotta say she did a good job working with the team…
Lamborghini Aventador.
Had to post another LA!! Gleaming, deep red. Like the sweet cherry on top of a very satisfied life!

And I wanted to end it this way…Wouldn’t it be awesome to come home to this e’rday (look down there)?!?:

If I came home to this everyday, I would go into a grateful faint and have to be slapped awake each time. I would faint, be slapped awake by somebody, get on my knees & thank God, go back to fainting and start all over again!

Well, guys, that is it! I will definitely do another post; however, on this subject. Vehicles are definitely an artform that will NEVER lose their appeal!!

One last money shot.

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  1. Alton says:

    The first car is a Lamborghini
    Those 2 cars are FERRARIS
    The other one is a Nissan GT-R


    1. Thank you for that information, Alton! Hope you enjoyed the post!


  2. Hi, this weekend is good for me, because this time i am reading this great informative post
    here at my house.


    1. Why, thank you for that comment! I am very glad you enjoy it and that it is useful. I may do another auto post in the future! : )


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