MEMORIAL DAY ARTISTS: the brave work of military artists

As today is Memorial Day, a day of remembering those fallen in all wars, and as this is an art blog, I decided to recognize some military artists while featuring some of their work.

“American official war artists have been part of the American military since 1917. Artists are unlike the objective camera lens which records only a single instant and no more. The war artist captures instantaneous action and conflates earlier moments of the same scene within one compelling image.  “We’re not here to do poster art or recruiting posters …. What we are sent to do is to go to the experience, see what is really there and document it-as artists.” – Sgt. Kristopher Battles, USMC.” –

WWI:  Harry Everett Townsend (1879-1941) was a war artist for the United States Army during WWI.

Infantryman. Charcoal.

WWII:  William Franklin Draper (December 24, 1912 – October 26, 2003) was lieutenant commander in the United States Navy, and an American painter.

VIETNAM:  Paul Rickert is an American artist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1947. read:

Artists capturing important and vital moments in time…a very heavy & dedicated deed. These artists have used their great talents as time capsules.Follow @SheDoesArtWow


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  1. David Hickman says:

    Sorry….”your art”. My great granfather was an Infantryman as well and fought in the Argon Forest.


    1. Ha, ha…that is okay! Again, they are actually the work of other artists whom were wartime artists during each of the battles/missions described. Maybe I will do another similar page, so please check back! Thank you and your grandfather for serving! And wow, that battle was during WWI! Very interesting history you have there! I have family in the military as well (my brother was, myriad of other family members as well…my grandfather served in WWII and we have his flag). I am very glad you liked the page, again! : )


  2. David Hickman says:

    Awesome sketches. I’ve been an Infantryman for 16 years. I appreciate you sketches.


    1. Hello, David, and thank you for the comment and glad you liked the post! And they are actually the work of other artists whom were wartime artists during each of the battles/missions described. Thank you for your service, by the way! I do not know like you do, but I realize it isn’t easy…


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