BUSY-NESS AND BUSINESS CARDS: finally back with a new post!

Hello, peoples (I added that ‘s’ on purpose; bad grammar is fun but only when it is humorously on purpose, in any other case bad grammar is sad).

I am back with a new post after 50,000 years. Well, not that long of course, but long enough! As any blogger will tell you, the absence is due to a combination of things. My combination is: being busy, being not-feeling-like-posting, being a work-a-holic, being more not-feeling-like-posting. In any case, my blog would cross my mind from time-to-time because I DID very much miss posting. I knew I would get back to it eventually. I have also been creating new works (currently I am working on 3 new works simultaneously). One of my projects has been business cards. I have been getting into doing media/marketing materials for people, again (I also have an account with Upwork, the freelance site formerly known as ODesk; through that I also get projects). I also designed my own business cards. So that is what this post is about: business cards! If you need a business card, do let me know!


This is the front of my new and actual business card. Various digital design & editing apps. 2017. The info on the card is my actual info. I have to get Adobe CS, so until then, other editing programs do come in handy). 2017. I designed the card & then uploaded the design to Vistaprint. The cards were delivered to me not long after that and they look great! Thanks Vistaprint!


This is the back of my business card. I really can do all of that! I once created a mural for a client that involved the wall being along a tall, spiraling staircase. At certain points (where the mural was the highest on the wall), I had to stand on a ladder on some of the steps. I concentrated very much on not tipping & falling downstairs.


Mock card design for an Italian restaurant. Various design & editing apps. 2017. Due to it being a MOCK business card the only real info on the card are the street & city names; the rest of the info (street number, contact & social network URLS) do not exist! So do not try to find the business because you will not ever find it! You will be wandering aimlessy trying to find the place & you will be pissed off at me even though I said it does not exist! I told you so!


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION ONE)


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION TWO has light filter effects on the upper left.)


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION THREE has contact and social media icons by the links.)


Mock card design for a real estate agency (front). Various design & editing apps. 2017.


Mock card design for a real estate agency (back). Various design & editing apps. 2017.


Mock card design for a pastry cafe. Various design & editing apps. 2017.

Those are my designs so far; just a lot of experimentation with aesthetic features ranging from minimal to slightly embellished. Hope you enjoyed looking at them. Again, if you are in need of media material, feel free to let me know! Thank you! More posts coming soon!

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WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 16

Hey, everyone. I am hoping you are well, safe and enjoying some art or something cultural, lately. Right now as I type, it is April 5th, Wednesday (so when I actually PUBLISH this post it will be Thursday because I want to post it early, right now it is too late on Wednesday; I do not like posting too late). It’s been a while since I’ve done an artwork analysis. Right now it is also raining pretty heavily (and lightning!) which is nice because it seems to make things more relaxing & calm. Great way to get myself in the mood to work on a post! Also, as I type, have my Google Play set to the Santigold station; listening to eclectic stuff from Santigold, M.I.A., La Roux, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Little Dragon, Grimes, etc. I listen to all sorts of music across musical genres. Helps to feed my creativity! Currently, I am also working on a few new drawings (the progress of which was the subject of my last blog post). I was drawing before I stopped to write this post. I hope that you will enjoy the following artwork analysis! 


“Escaparse (Escape)”, mixed media on paper, 2016.

WHAT: As you can see, this is a woman’s head floating in profile with feathers seemingly growing from her head & face. There are also colored abstract shapes radiating from the side of her face. What if you saw someone with feathers growing out of their head? Would that freak you out? Or would you be silently amazed and still slightly uncomfortable? The closest we can actually get to having feathers coming out of our heads is to wear them in our hair.  ………..I did that in college. Yep. I wanted to express myself and I wanted to connect to the indigenous (Native American) lineage I have, so I placed feathers in my hair. My beloved Grandmother (my Mom’s mother) talked some about her Native lineage. She has passed away, but to look at her you would think she was full-blooded Native American. She was part Afro-American and part Native American (maybe other types of lineage, too).  When I look back at my feathers in hair days, I think, “What was I even doing? Oh, well.”

WHY: This drawing visually expresses the need and want of freedom (hence the title of it; “escaparse” is Spanish for “escape”). The feathers represent the freedom birds have through their ability of flight. People love to be able to take flight and go places, even without the use of feathers/wings. I love to travel when I can. Near or far. I hope to travel more! Travel takes you out of your comfort place and expands your geographical and sensitivity walls. Travel gives you opportunity to see, hear, feel and just simply experience new things. Meet new people. Appreciate the blessing of people & the blessing of this world even more. So the “why” for this drawing comes from an internal love of travel and the desire to be kind of a wanderer. Priorities and money issues get in the way, so often people do not travel as often as they’d like to. If I could, I would be that constant traveler who is often away from home. I’d go with companions at first, but then after a while, I’d probably be that type to be brave and start doing it on my own around the world. I would also not mind being a travel photographer. So if there is anybody in the industry reading this: hire me, please! I take great photographs, too! I thank God for the places I have been able to go, however. Different states I’ve visited. Also during cruises with Princess and with Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, I’ve visited a few gorgeous islands (St. Lucia and Barbados are favorites) & also Mexico. I will always remember those times. I will also always remember that during my first cruise in 2009 (on the Ruby Princess), I was strolling happily around the ships levels and I stopped to listen to a lady playing the piano so beautifully. I got out my camera to record, though, because the bizarre thing is she was playing the theme from “Titanic”!! On a ship! I was like, “What?? No waaaay!” I wonder if she did that to be funny or if it was an irony she did not catch. Lol. It was creepily hilarious. I will ALSO never forget that when we returned from the cruise, a few hours later we went to see the world disaster film “2012” that just came out. To see a movie scene of a sinking ship RIGHT after ending a cruise trip is indeed many insane levels of ironic and highly unforgettable…………

WHEN: I produced this drawing last year! This is my shortest explanation in this post. Lol.

HOW: I produced this with a post-modern art frame of mind; utilizing realism blended with abstract elements. The material I used is paper, of course, worked over with graphite (pencil) for the laying out and the groundwork detailing, charcoal (black and white) and colored pencil. I do not often do a sketch (which I call the “bones” of a piece of art) first and then lay over that with the final workings, instead I most often just go straight into the fleshing out. I also used a real feather to model the grouping of feathers from. I love the beauty and technical, structural genius of feathers. As is said, God is the Original Artist. Indeed! I am fascinated by His works (which include our own bodies) everyday. Intelligent Design from Supremely Intelligent God. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post and there will certainly be more coming; I have ideas for so many! Util then, please visit often; even re-reading posts! Thank you!

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SEE ME ON ETSY!: i’ve returned to my etsy shop

Hi, all! If you are reaading this, thank you for visiting my page, again! 

I have so many art posts to publish, but right now I am taking it easy. I will post more in-depth articles, soon! Today, I am posting about my return to my Etsy shop. I’ve re-opened it. This time, I hope to get much more traffic and also buyers of course! I will be adding new works for sale from time to time. These pieces will look fantastic on a wall in your home or in your office. They will look fantastic over a fireplace, as doubles on each side of a French door or hanging anywhere. If you buy a piece, make sure you purchase a frame that is not going to overpower the artowrk itself. You want the art to shine!

How do you like the title of this post, by the way? I couldn;t think of anything else, so I came up with that. Unfortunately my title ideas are not as dynamic as my artistic ideas! 

I hope you will visit my shop! You can visit by CLICKING HERE and also there is a link at the top of this blog page. Thank you!

Above is the screenshot of my Etsy shop as of today. I will be adding more works periodically.

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INSTA-BUS: i hopped on the instagram bus

I finally started posting stuff on Instagram (since last week)! I’ve had an account for a while, but I never took time to post anything. I’ve so many social accounts that I just wasn’t feeling like posting to Instagram. Well, I decided to finally go ahead and be active with that account. I posted this today. It’s a drawing In working on! 

If you think you can guess who I’m drawing, post a reply! Here’s another hint: the subject’s adventures have FINALLY been scripted for a long awaited film! Gamers, rejoice!

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Time to Create Another Commissioned Piece: Google+ post

Just a quick update on a new work I’ve been commissioned to do. I’ve been gone from WordPress for awhile. Have been busy and also dealing with a profound tragedy involving a loved one (which I may explain more about soon when my emotions can deal with sharing here). I am grateful to God for making it through another year (I also had a birthday this month, too). It was a rough year at times, but there were positive moments, too. I hope everyone is well and that everyone will have a wonderful, joyful Christmas (Jesus is the reason always) and a happy, safe New Year. 

Click here to read my Google+ post: https://plus.google.com/108080298492543433374/posts/VBX2mMf1FLv

Below is a cool, clever drawing I found online. Thought it appropriate to illustrate this short post.

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I’M STILL AROUND: the absent artist

I miss you, WordPress. I am coming back for you.... *weep* *weep*

I miss you, WordPress and Tumblr, too. I am coming back for you….
*weep* *weep*

Hello, my precious blog readers!

I am still alive.


I have been gone from WordPress for quite a while due to a variety of circumstances. I haven’t even been blogging on Tumblr, either. Some of the reasons are good, some bad. Some solvable, some difficult. In the meantime, I hope you have been still reading the variety of posts and pages I have here. Like any reading material, blogs can be visited over and over even if the author is not currently active or adding new material. Apparently, people have still been visiting my page because I now have 66 Followers and I am grateful for that! Thank you to all my Followers and to all my visitors!!

Right now, I am having laptop issues, again. I believe the motherboard might have fritzed on me, again. The death of a computer or, at least, a comatose computer, can turn upside-down the world of someone who spends a great deal of time on a computer! Seriously! Yes, life still goes on, but the computer part of my life has been stunted. I have been using my cell phone for a variety of things, but I cannot much use it for blogging (the platform my phone uses will allow me to blog, but I can’t include images with posts and if I dare use my cell to edit existing posts that have images, the images weirdly disappear). I hope to get my laptop fixed, soon (for one thing, a really good friend of mine gifted me with a drawing tablet, thank God!!…so that baby needs to be put to use; right now it is lingering in my room in its box fresh and unspoiled) and I also need to save up for a new one laptop (I love HP; I might try a Mac-the brand that apparently every artist in the world should have). If my laptop was a living object, though, it would be saying to itself, “I like her, but she uses me to within an inch of my tech life! I am glad I do not work right now! I hope she takes a VERY LOOOONG time to fix me because I am on DV Time, right now!!”

DV Time is ‘Device Vacation Time’.

But while I have been on blogging hiatus, I have been working on art here and there, though I shame myself for slowing down on it so much. Aaargh! I need to get back to creating art. I am MAD at myself. While away from blogging, I have also been going to church (I sing on the choir as well), working, spending time with people I am close to, spending time outside enjoying nature (which I might have to withdraw from some, since Fall is already putting a chilly smack-down on us), playing video games (yes, I am a gamer girl and yes……I do rage quit, but without breaking stuff) & various other things. There is also a holiday-themed alumni art exhibit coming up at my alma mater, Claflin University. So, I am now putting myself on a mandatory mission to create 2-3 new works. I have to turn in my works for the show by Nov. 20th, which is not very far off, so I better get to drawing at psycho levels.

Well, I do hope everyone has been well and I do hope that I will be back to blogging regularly, soon! Until then, I am going to re-blog some previous posts and also please feel free to read my blog through and through! THANKS!!

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UPDATE: where’s waldo…i mean, calonie?

"don't even ask...II" Graphic art. 2010. One of my favorite graphic works. It was featured on RAWZ (a sit of abduzeedo.com). Here is the link to that feature:

“don’t even ask…II”
Graphic art. 2011.
Yes, “don’t even ask…II” is the title. This is the second of a diptych (two-part piece) I created. I posted about both pieces HERE. One of my favorite graphic works. It was featured on RAWZ (a sit of abduzeedo.com). Here is the link to that feature: RAWZ. And here is my post about the feature: HERE.

Hello, my wonderful and precious blog readers/viewers! How are you?

As for how I am, I am like a phantom! Popping up out of nowhere on my blogs (my other blog is at –> Tumblr). I guess it seemed as though I quit blogging (NOPE) or that I died (NOPE, THANK GOD!)… I am still very much into blogging and very much alive (not to make fun of death, but really…people wonder about that if someone has been away from their page/site/wall, etc. for a long time!!).  I had stopped posting for a time because I just ran into some issues while living in Florida (loooooooooooong story), then moved back to South Carolina (I always tell people I am moving down the line: Connecticut, SC, FL…I guess Caribbean is next), then extended my blogging hiatus while sorting some things out back in SC. I had not even drawn or painted in a while (but I was still photographing). Just two months ago, I returned to getting back into my art-creating. I feel better about that. When artists get lazy, we run emotional guilt-trips on ourselves.

In a few hours, I hope to publish my first REAL post (maybe I will also even do a page) since, like, November! WOW. I’ve only been re-blogging older posts and posting updates.  I owe so many posts because I have some new stuff to show and some new thoughts to share!

Thank you for reading my blog while I was away, thank you for favoriting and Liking my posts while I was away and thanks to my Followers for putting up with my in and out-ness! I have 64 Followers as of now and I appreciate your support. For those I have not followed back, yet, I will check out your blogs and commence to getting back to Following people.

Okay, now you know I have not quit blogging and that I am thankfully still alive (although if I had passed away, I would probably be making a lot more money for my art…hey, nobody ever said being an artist is ordinary and making buttloads of money off your art when you are dead is definitely not ordinary).

Posting soon!!  : )

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GO SOLO: my first solo art exhibit

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (24)

Me standing in front of “Eternity”, mixed media on deckle paper, 2003.
Deckle is a removable wooden frame or “fence” used in manual papermaking. In a related sense, it can also mean a deckle edge which is a type of rough cut edged paper used in the book trade.-definition from Wikipedia.com

Hello, my precious readers and visitors! This post is about my first solo exhibit on September 8th, 2012, and so it is overdue, but better now than never! The exhibit lasted until October 30th. Following the body of text below, I have posted photos from the event.

I was asked to have a solo exhibit at a South Carolina art gallery my instructor from Claflin University (my alma mater in SC) and his wife own. I’m originally from Connecticut, but moved to SC at 14. My painting instructor in college was Mr. Alvin Staley and his wife is Mrs. Bretta (also an art instructor). They are both extraordinary artists. They also have a daughter, Kizzi (whom is also an art teacher), and a son, Altroy. Both of their children went to Claflin as well. I was extremely grateful to be asked. This presented another opportunity to show my art/skills and an opportunity to re-connect with people I had not seen since graduating & since I moved to FL last year (my Mom-whom I hadn’t seen since July when I moved, college mates, teachers, friends, church members). Preparing for the art exhibit was hectic only because I made it so (I waited kind of late to get material together: foam core to mount my works-foam core is basically stiff board with a foam core-and acetate-acetate is flexible, synthetic material used to protect work…it’s kind of like flexible glass without the glass part). I commend my roommate for being very helpful while I became a wreck preparing! I worked for hours, sitting on the floor, measuring & cutting & mounting & covering & taping…it looked like a Hobby Lobby or some other art supply bomb went off and left art shrapnel all over the floor; bits and scraps of foam core, acetate, tape and supplies EVERYWHERE. But I got it done, thank God! I also had reproductions made of smaller pieces and of graphic art to sell at the exhibit. Because of other concerns, I couldn’t leave for SC until the day of the show (I live in FL, now). So we left early morning for a four hour drive. On the way, we stopped to pick up my Mom (the main supporter of my artistic endeavors since forever; she introduced me to art) & to pick up more art for the show (two 30″ x 40″ pieces; the framed one had to go in the trunk…well not all the way in as it stuck out a LOT!). All seemed to be going well as we headed to the gallery and then about 15 min. before reaching the gallery…….rumble rumble rumble…….the tire went flat! It was TOO monkey, chimpanzee, donkey kong HOT for all that! Good thing I wasn’t trying to meet some dude for a date or something; too sweaty! I was all nervous from that point…just thinking about being late. I kept my cursing in my head because that wasn’t going to help matters, plus my Mom was right there! Well, we had to pull off to the side, take the art that was in the trunk out in order to get to the spare tire. Put that on & then we were off to the gallery, thank God, again! Got there real late. My Mom & my roomie helped me take in my art and then my roommate went to get the tire changed. Mr. Staley, as curator, had me hustle to help him place each piece in particular areas. I was helping to cut pre-made labels for my artworks, but I left my Mom to do that so that I could help situate the art and my reproductions. Mrs. Staley and her son did an awesome job getting the refreshment table ready. Despite the lateness and only an hour to an hour & a half to get things in place, we all got everything together and done by the time people started to come in!! Again, thanking God! It was like light speed level work!

It all paid off and the fruits of that hard work & hustling could be seen with all the people that came to see the show and enjoying the show. I was glad to see every single person! I thank everyone for taking time out of their evening to hang with me and my artwork! I caught up with people, answered questions about my art and laughed a lot. It was great and the background music (jazz & Christian) set off the show very nicely! I didn’t get to eat a whole lot (which goes totally against my very nature), but I did have some food and some Swedish meatballs…I made sure to get at those.

It was a beautiful show & I thank God for yet another opportunity!

Extra note: As part of the exhibit stipulations, I left 5 pieces to be displayed there for a year. After the exhibit finished on Oct. 30, I wanted to go and pick them up at some time, but then I received an invite from the Claflin art department for my works to be featured in a joint art exhibit of art student alumni works. So they remained in SC for that (Nov. 15-Jan. 1). I visited SC to see my Mom for Christmas, but didn’t get to pick up any of my work since the gallery owners were with their family, too, of course. I was just in SC, again, this May to participate in a friend and his mom’s Claflin alumni (Beaufort, SC branch) scholarship luncheon event (my 2nd time being asked to feature & sell art during this event). While in SC, I picked up my artworks that had been returned too the Staley’s gallery (except for the five on display for one year). Visited a dear friend of mine, went to visit with my Mom & other family and then went on down to Beaufort for the even that followed the next day (June 1). The next day at the event was awesome, too. I sold art and two were bid on (profits went toward scholarships). I will write more about that event in another post, though.

Okay, I blabbed on enough! Here are the photos from my first solo exhibit (shot very well by my friend Maurice)! ENJOY and thanks for reading/viewing!!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (80)

The entrance to the gallery with my exhibit poster.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (76)

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (16)

Visitors signing in!
This is Glover Richberg and his friend. Glover is a fellow Claflinite. He was also an art student and a DYNAMIC one, at that! Awesome artist.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (75)

My artworks are on the free-standing partitions on the floor space.
My artwork was hung on both sides of all of these partitions. The artwork on the walls are on permanent display and are Mr. & Mrs. Staley’s and their daughter Kizzi’s works.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (76)

My artworks are on the free-standing partitions on the floor space.
My artwork was hung on both sides of all of the partitions. The artwork on the walls are on permanent display and are Mr. & Mrs. Staley’s and their daughter Kizzi’s works.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (78)

The first and last pieces in my 8-piece senior visual thesis series. Except the first was hung on the right and the last was hung on the left; Mr. Staley didn’t realize the image order for these two and so it was a minor mistake. I didn’t notice until later! Oh, well! They were in the show & that’s what matters.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (77)

My reproductions were for sale. I did make a profit, too! I also had to price the originals that were on display for the exhibit. Of course those were much higher in price! The framed card is the original card signed by Pres. Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama, in 2010, in appreciation for two prints (of the Obama portrait) that I sent to them in 2009.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (46)

Top: “Watch Out, Dorothy!” Screen print on paper, 2002
(the subject is leaping over buildings wearing red shoes, hence the name “Dorothy” in the title).
Bottom: “The Angel”. Mixed media on paper, 2007 (I created this drawing for my church & a reproduction is now at my church)..

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (71)

“The Angel”. Mixed media on paper, 2007.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (50)

Left: “Hoop Self Portrait II”. Oil on canvas, 2006-2010 (the original of “Hoop Self Portrait I” was sold some years ago).
Right: “Ment-ill-ity”. Mixed media on mat board, 2003.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (60)

“My Mother”. Mixed media on paper, 2004.
My Mom really loves this portrait. Only thing is that I drew the nose too long, so I have to fix it still. Can’t have a Scottie Pippen nose!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (51)

“The Realization: Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States”. Mixed media on paper, 2009.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (52)

“St. Kitts in Neutral”. Oil on canvas, 2011.
I used a color photo that I shot while in St. Kitts. I communicated this photo into a black & white painting.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (54)

Top: “Ani.motions”. Mixed media on paper, 2012.
Bottom: “self portrait-legs and arm”. Charcoal, graphite on paper. 2010.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (55)

Top: “Baby Portrait”. Graphite on paper, 2010.
Bottom: “Birthday Portrait”. Charcoal, graphite on paper, 2012.
Both of these works were done for clients & they received the reproductions.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (56)

Top: “Japanese Woman Before Screen”. Mixed media on paper, 2007.
Bottom: “Mary J. Blige”. Charcoal, graphite on paper, 2010.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (57)

“Premature”. Screen print, 2002 (this is a screen print and much smaller version of the mixed media, 30″ x 40″ piece you will see further below in this post).
Bottom: “powpowpow…wow!” Mixed media on paper, 2008 (inspired by graffiti and urban art).

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (58)

“So Selfish”. Mixed media on mat board, 2005.
This is a statement about the ugliness & inhumanity of gun violence. As most know, now, art can also be a tool to communicate positives & negatives about society; social art.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (43)

“Survive”. Mixed media & feather on mat board,. 2004.
A statement about God’s gloried triumph through the victories & survival of three different struggles: African/African American, Jewish and indigenous (Native American) peoples.
I used my left hand to model all four hands and just did alterations to each, like enlarging fingers for example.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (44)

“Breaking Pain”. Mixed media on mat board and paper, 2003 or 2004.
Again, I used my left hand as a model for both hands. I just enlarged the fingers & other alterations.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (61)

“Race Relations”. Mixed media on deckle paper, 2006.
This is a visual statement about humans being the same and that the differences are slight. That we are all equal and valuable. The darker peoples of the world are represented (in a very general way) by the map of Africa on the left and the lighter peoples of the world are represented (also in a very general way) by the map of Europe on the right.
Again, I utilized my left hand and arm as a model.
This is the definition for deckle from Wikipedia.com-Deckle is a removable wooden frame or “fence” used in manual papermaking. In a related sense, it can also mean a deckle edge which is a type of rough cut edged paper used in the book trade.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (62)

“grimy self portrait”. Charcoal on paper, 2010.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (82)

“Premature”. Mixed media on deckle paper, 2002.
This is the first in my 8-drawing Advanced Studio (Drawing) senior thesis. My professor was Dr. Terry K. Hunter, an extraordinary artist in his own right. This thesis was based on the journey of birth, life and death (with the figures symbolizing me). All of the artworks are mixed media, were done in 2002-2003 for Advanced Studio (Drawing) & are 40″ x 30″. This piece represents the development, in a supernatural view, of a child before birth (hence the egg, sperm and the cut-out images of three of the mitotic stages. The egg is intentionally under-sized and the child reaches out for the life awaiting it (the theme of which is continued in the earth below: life).
I gave this piece to my Mother after I graduated, she really likes this one.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (79)

“Special Delivery” behind the window.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (68)

“Special Delivery”. Mixed media, red thread & steel wire on deckle paper, 2003.
This is the second in my 8-drawing Advanced Studio (Drawing) senior thesis. This thesis was based on the journey of birth, life and death (with the figures symbolizing me). All of the artworks are mixed media, were done in 2002-2003 for Advanced Studio (Drawing) & are 40″ x 30″. This piece symbolizes birth, using abstract imagery. The child is symbolic, directly, of me & indirectly symbolizes the births of every human. It shows the partial body of a mother in labor; the pain of labor conveyed by the swirling representation of blood. Representations of blood are often shown in this series because it is essential for life; this piece utilizes actual red thread which also represents the child’s lifeline. This lifeline represents God’s presence. The child appears in agony because of the uncertainty of the world she’s being born into (the globe at the left). There is a divine protection of this child, however (the upright hand surrounded by glowing white).

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (81)

“Eternity”, mixed media on deckle paper, 2003.
This is the last in my 8-drawing Advanced Studio (Drawing) senior thesis. This thesis was based on the journey of birth, life and death (with the figures symbolizing me). All of the artworks are mixed media, were done in 2002-2003 for Advanced Studio (Drawing) & are 40″ x 30″. This piece represents the spirit, which survives outside of a deceased body, and whether that spirit shall wind up in Heaven or Hell. The coffin has my initials on it. Morbid, but reality.

The following photos are of visitors standing next to the artwork they like the most. I thought it would be fun to request that of them to do!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (39)

My Mother and I with the piece she really loves. Her portrait!
My Mom has been very supportive throughout my journey with art and I thank her for it! She got me started with my love of art, actually. She also creates artworks and they are very good!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (35)

My very good friend Jessica and her husband. This is the piece she really loves.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (74)

Jessica’s niece and nephew standing next to the anti-gun violence artwork.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (63)

My friend from church, Paul, standing next to my Mom’s portrait.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (29)

Angela (the secretary of my Advanced Drawing instructor, Terry K. Hunter) and her daughter standing by “Eternity”.
Mr. Staley (one of the gallery owners & my painting professor in college) said this drawing is also his favorite piece.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (31)

This enthusiastic visitor is standing next to one of my favorites: “darkness”, charcoal and colored pencil on paper, 2007.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (33)

The portrait of my Mom gets another “Like”!
The Staley family’s artworks are on the walls in the background on permanent display. They are fantastic artists, as well.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (37)

An art-loving visitor standing by her favorite: “When It’s Hidden”, mixed media & steel wire on mat board, 2003.
The piece is at once a self portrait (I am on the left, of course; no beard!) and is a personal statement about a relationship.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (64)

Friends from church standing near their favorite piece; my self portrait.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (69)

A wonderful lady I met through an inter-church choir standing by her favorite, which is also my friend Jessica’s fave.
It’s also my Mom’s favorite out of all the 8 drawings in my visual senior thesis.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (70)

I am here explaining the premise of “When It’s Hidden” to a visitor.
It is great when people want insight to your work.

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (72)

Glover Richberg and Paul discussing my drawing.
Is Glover pretending to also lift the drawing (because that wood frame does make it VERY heavy)!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (18)

My Mom and friends eating and conversing.
I spent more time with them AND the food later!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (27)

My Mom gesticulating about something!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (38)

My friends Lashon, Jessica and I cheesing it out!

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (65)

Friends Glover, Jessica, Lashon and I hugging it out!
Glover had a solo exhibit, here, himself some months later. I hope he goes very far with his work because he is truly an art genius! Like if Einstein were an artist…

Solo Art Exhibit 9-8-2012 (73)

Had to include this! The art of sneaks! Jessica’s niece & nephew have fresh feet…

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A TRULY MERRY CHRISTMAS: images of beautiful nativity art (ever-present hope in chaotic times)

The Angel. Mixed media on paper. 2008. One of my drawings, which I did for my home church.

The Angel. Mixed media on paper. 2008. One of my drawings, which I did for my home church.

The Mystical Nativity. Oil on canvas. By Sandro Boticelli. 1500.

The Mystical Nativity. Oil on canvas. By Sandro Boticelli. 1500.

Adoration of the Shepherds. By Agnolo Bronzino. 1535-1540.

Adoration of the Shepherds. By Agnolo Bronzino. 1535-1540.


This post features Nativity Scene art (like the two that I posted above), whether from fine artists or craft artists. Nativity Scenes are some of the most popular and well known holiday art/pieces in existance. They visually tell of Christmas and of one’s faith/belief. Below, I have featured 12 gorgeous images. As far as I can tell from reading the Bible for years, the only people whom were present after the birth of Jesus were shepherds and then after they left to spread the word of his birth, 3 magi (0r wise men) came to honor and worship him. But many nativity scenes also feature a cavalcade of characters. They are always wonderful to look at and study with the interested eye…

In such times as these (violence all around the world and other devastations), we all need a powerful presence to watch over our obvious vulnerability. Just imagine how much more devastating life could be without God? Oh, He is here. When evil is defeated (from big to small circumstances), it is also called reaping what one sows; that means God does avenge the innocent. Jesus is our line to God. I guess I am being all religi-fied (I know, not a real word) and some reaing this may say why am I posting all of this. It’s because of how crazy the world is right now, that tends to make you draw closer to a Higher Power-God (I even read that many people in Newtown, CT became closer to God or renewed their faith in Him; they know He is the greatest source of comfort & love after such an evil event; an event that happened because evil took control of a weak guy’s mind). And some may say why am I being so biased here about One God. There is One God. And that is Jehovah. The cavalcade of god’s in this world is confusing and not truth. I may risk alienating some dear readers, but if you are going to stand for something, you may as well risk it all the way. Besides, people’s opinions cannot save my soul. People cannot even save themselves…

Some thoughts before the images: Many people (like me) consider this a time to celebrate, with respect & gratefulness, the birth of Jesus. None of us know exactly when the Savior was born, but we acknowledge him for his divine birth and his divinely purposeful presence. God, his Father, pre-destined where he when he would be born, where he would be born and to whom he would be born to. He pre-destined that Jesus, through his perfection, atone for our sins with his death (God pre-destined what Jesus was to do, but it is many-not all-Romans and Jews whom performed the actions that led to his death and that killed him; God did not kill his very own son). God loves us, His creations, so dearly that He gave His son, but He also loves His son so dearly that now Jesus lives forever, never to worry about pain or sorrow again. As long as we accept God Jesus and the Word, also admitting we are sinners, & we repent (ask forgivance & sincerely work on getting rid of sin), we also have a chance to live forever one day. God is giving humankind a chance to be saved, that is on reason why the ‘end’ has not come, yet (the Mayans seem to always be wrong &  just as wrong are the doomsday-sayers whom do things like flee to mountains or hole up in underground dwellings surrounded by a food supply that would make Wal-Mart and Costco jealous).

Christmas is also a time people come together to be with family and friends and to enjoy the light-hearted holiday spirit and get bellies the size of a small hut. Also, many others celebrate Christmas in the stores! I didn’t mind growing up not focusing on the gifts part because we got stuff year round, anyway. Learning & talking about Jesus during Christmas has always been a comfort to me & many. In fact, lastnight I attended a Christmas Eve service at church. Today, I’m visiting my Mom (but I prepared this writing yesterday and then easily posted it today, since I’ll be too busy today to write a holiday post). Another thing to note: Christmas is ‘Christ’ and ‘mass’ (from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass). But some people say/write the abbreviation Xmas (which would be explained as such: …The “-mas” part is from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass, while the “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, translated as “Christ”. There is a common misconception that the word Xmas stems from a secular attempt to remove the religious tradition from Christmas by taking the “Christ” out of “Christmas”.) So, in light of that, a non-believer saying Xmas to take ‘Christ’ out of Christmas is actually saying ‘Christ’, anyway!! A non-believer celebrating a religious-based holiday is self-defeatest of their unbelief. I wonder if they have ever thought on that? If you ae going to celebrate Christmas, may as well go all the way and consider that someone did die for you from deep love for you…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

Okay, here are more images!:

Nativity Scene 1

Nativity Scene

Adoration of the Shepherds. Oil on wood. By Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.1534-1540.

Adoration of the Shepherds. Oil on wood. By Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.1534-1540.

Nativity Scene4

Nativity Scene 5_olive wood

Nativity Scene. Fresco. By Giotto Di Bondone. 1310.

Nativity Scene. Fresco. By Giotto Di Bondone. 1310.

Nativity Scene 7

A somewhat modern take on the Nativity scene.

A somewhat modern take on the Nativity scene.

Nativity at Night. Oil on oak. By Geertgen tot Sint Jans from a composition by Hugo van der Goes. 1490.

Nativity at Night. Oil on oak. By Geertgen tot Sint Jans from a composition by Hugo van der Goes. 1490.

nativity Scene. Pulpit relief from the Pisa Baptistry. By Nicola Pisano. 1260.

nativity Scene. Pulpit relief from the Pisa Baptistry. By Nicola Pisano. 1260.


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