BUSY-NESS AND BUSINESS CARDS: finally back with a new post!

Hello, peoples (I added that ‘s’ on purpose; bad grammar is fun but only when it is humorously on purpose, in any other case bad grammar is sad).

I am back with a new post after 50,000 years. Well, not that long of course, but long enough! As any blogger will tell you, the absence is due to a combination of things. My combination is: being busy, being not-feeling-like-posting, being a work-a-holic, being more not-feeling-like-posting. In any case, my blog would cross my mind from time-to-time because I DID very much miss posting. I knew I would get back to it eventually. I have also been creating new works (currently I am working on 3 new works simultaneously). One of my projects has been business cards. I have been getting into doing media/marketing materials for people, again (I also have an account with Upwork, the freelance site formerly known as ODesk; through that I also get projects). I also designed my own business cards. So that is what this post is about: business cards! If you need a business card, do let me know!


This is the front of my new and actual business card. Various digital design & editing apps. 2017. The info on the card is my actual info. I have to get Adobe CS, so until then, other editing programs do come in handy). 2017. I designed the card & then uploaded the design to Vistaprint. The cards were delivered to me not long after that and they look great! Thanks Vistaprint!


This is the back of my business card. I really can do all of that! I once created a mural for a client that involved the wall being along a tall, spiraling staircase. At certain points (where the mural was the highest on the wall), I had to stand on a ladder on some of the steps. I concentrated very much on not tipping & falling downstairs.


Mock card design for an Italian restaurant. Various design & editing apps. 2017. Due to it being a MOCK business card the only real info on the card are the street & city names; the rest of the info (street number, contact & social network URLS) do not exist! So do not try to find the business because you will not ever find it! You will be wandering aimlessy trying to find the place & you will be pissed off at me even though I said it does not exist! I told you so!


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION ONE)


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION TWO has light filter effects on the upper left.)


Mock card design for an architecture firm. Various design & editing apps. 2017. (VERSION THREE has contact and social media icons by the links.)


Mock card design for a real estate agency (front). Various design & editing apps. 2017.


Mock card design for a real estate agency (back). Various design & editing apps. 2017.


Mock card design for a pastry cafe. Various design & editing apps. 2017.

Those are my designs so far; just a lot of experimentation with aesthetic features ranging from minimal to slightly embellished. Hope you enjoyed looking at them. Again, if you are in need of media material, feel free to let me know! Thank you! More posts coming soon!

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​New announcement here: I have gotten involved with a site called shopvida.com. If you haven’t heard of this unique site here is an explanation. Shopvida.com is a new, online clothing retail company that connects with artists! Yes, listen closer, my fellow artists and those who support the arts. The company provides the products and production and artists have their artwork as the designs on the products! Each artist sells the items via a personal Collections page. The products range through tops, scarves, pocket squares and bags for example. Artists collaborating with clothing producers online may not be a new idea, but Shopvida has a truly refreshing & global way with their shop approach (when you visit their site, you will read & see, through their lovely videos, that they work with people globally; for instance they have production set up in different locations (India and Florida for example). Another important fact that makes Shopvida refreshing is that they provide literacy programs for their makers/production workers! Helping others is always a great thing and enriching! When you support Shopvida and its designers, you pretty much also support workers being provided with these programs.

Positive opportunities are always great and I definitely thank God for an outlet to share my art through a positive site & to also supplement my income. I first became aware of Shopvida through another artist friend (Andre Levine; and you can visit his blog, by that name, on WordPress) who recently set up shop on Shopvida. I use the accomplishments of other’s to motivate myself. I proceeded to set up my shop and have initially used designs that I feel are at once commercial & exciting artistically. I will add more designs as time progresses and as I see how well the shop is doing.

Currently there are two designs on my shop/collection page that are taken from my original artwork. The 1st is an abstract black & red oil painting called “3 Paths”. It is part of a triptych (3-part series) and each piece features shapes that have 3 broad strokes in them; hence the “3 Paths” titling. I posted a piece about the series here on my blog (post titled:“WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 11”). I sold the series some years ago. The series is inspired from the work of Chinese artist Qin Feng. The 2nd artwork I used for my shop pieces is graphic/digital art called “fancydirtythings”. It is action art in digital form. I named it that title because it has elaborate elements (“fancy”), but it has an edgy look, too (“dirty”). So, these two artworks are the first designs on my current shop items. My items right now are two tops, a scarf, a shawl, a pocket square and a satchel. As an enthusiastic artist, I love to explore what I can do with my art and so seeing it on wearable items is exciting! If you would like YOUR art on wearable items, create an account (it’s free) & start uploading!

I hope you will support me in my new endeavor! Please view, browse, feel free to do some happy shopping & share with others! You can click HERE or on the caption below (under image of my page) to go directly to my collection page!! Thank you!!

My collection page. Click HERE to go directly to my page! 

3 Paths, oil on canvas, 2010. This is one of the artworks featured in my designs.

fancydirtythings, digital art, 2010. This is the other artwork that is being used in my designs. The title referes to the fancy elements and the edgy (dirty) elements in it. I was trying to be all creative with the title!

Thank you for reading! 

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THE BIG CHANCE & SMALL JITTERS II: my job interview result…thus far…

What I have DEFINITELY been doing…

Well, everyone, my interview at the design agency has come and gone and I am counting on Godly intervention!

It rained the day (two days past, already) that I went, but that did not dampen (poetically-charged pun intended) my determination. I HAD to get this job! I was 10 minutes early which is ideal…to be early. The night before, I actually had a nightmare that I was late for the interview. What the heck!?! One of those “ironcally bad-timing” things. Like the time my boyfriend and I JUST came off a cruise and the very next day we saw the movie “2012”…you know, the one with the sinking CRUISE SHIP scene? Or like, on the SAME cruise, this woman was actually playing, on the piano,  the theme from “Titanic”???

Ironically bad timing.

But the “ironically bad timing” nightmare had no effect as, like I said, I was beyond on time. I half waltzed (my confident side)/half slow-walked (my trying to stay calm side) my way into the building and smiled at the receptionist like an old buddy. Hey! I’m friendly and wanted to make sure to convey that to anybody there! I sat and waited for awhile, watching, on a flat panel tv, a neat video demo of the company’s purpose. Then, it was time…

Unlike the Titanic, the interview didn’t hit a virtual iceberg and sink. It actually was a positive interview and moved along smoothly. I tried to listen and speak as naturally and confident as possible. She, the owner, explained the business and position, then asked to be shown printed samples of my graphic work. I explained each piece and a bit about my process. She asked me some questions of myself and I asked a list of questions I had. It wasn’t a loooong, long-winded list. It was reasonable. So I wouldn’t come off as a psycho-paranoid-crossing every “T” interrogator.

Really, everything went well, until the middle of it when my throat caught an itch…. Now, I am getting over a cold that never quite formed (as in no runny nose, nasty poppin’-ilk-cough or lazy a**ness wooziness to go along with my scratchy throat). This semi-cold has been fading away in aggravatingly gradual stages. Earlier, in the week, I sounded like an extremely scratchy-voiced Jewish mom who lives in New York and yells at the kids all day. That fell off and I sounded like a scratched, everyfewseconds skipping CD…every few syllables or word skipping as I tried to speak. Ugh. The day of the interview, I sounded a bit better, but still with the scratchy throat. No matter HOW much Cold Buster spray, cough drops or whatever I took all week! Bleepin’ bleep bleepity BLEEP!!

So, the middle of the interview, I get a BAD BAD itch in my throat. I felt it and even as I tried to keep my composure before this professional, interviewingmeforagreatjob lady, on the inside my mind was screaming, “NOOOOO!” and cursing profusely and “Why now?” I am convinced, and I’m serious, that Satan was trying to mess up my chance. He likes to screw stuff up. Anyway, I ran to the bathroom after excusing myself with as much calmness as a choking – up person can. I coughed in that restroom like I was on my deathbed.

Anyway, the remainder of the interview was just swell. Satan lost…again. More points for the Lord! I was told to email some of my illustration/drawing works and told I would be informed in a couple weeks. Until that decision, I feel like the image below, right now…

Hopefuly, this will be replaced with a big fat smiley face!

…but not in a disheartened way. Nervous, but NOT disheartened. I am just continually praying for the best. God brought me to this point and I pray He bring me the rest of the way to a decision (her decision) that I have been waiting on from someone for a long time, now.

All I want is to utilize my skills full-blown (not just on the side).

All I want is more experience.

All I want is to be psyched about going to work!

All I want is to make a better living.

All I want is a chance.

(psssst…If you are in the design business, if you have a company or you’re an individual and you need design work, a logo for ex., contact me: calonie.ct@gmail.com!)

My artwork: http://paintingsilove.com/artist/caloniejohnson

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