WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 16

Hey, everyone. I am hoping you are well, safe and enjoying some art or something cultural, lately. Right now as I type, it is April 5th, Wednesday (so when I actually PUBLISH this post it will be Thursday because I want to post it early, right now it is too late on Wednesday; I do not like posting too late). It’s been a while since I’ve done an artwork analysis. Right now it is also raining pretty heavily (and lightning!) which is nice because it seems to make things more relaxing & calm. Great way to get myself in the mood to work on a post! Also, as I type, have my Google Play set to the Santigold station; listening to eclectic stuff from Santigold, M.I.A., La Roux, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Little Dragon, Grimes, etc. I listen to all sorts of music across musical genres. Helps to feed my creativity! Currently, I am also working on a few new drawings (the progress of which was the subject of my last blog post). I was drawing before I stopped to write this post. I hope that you will enjoy the following artwork analysis! 


“Escaparse (Escape)”, mixed media on paper, 2016.

WHAT: As you can see, this is a woman’s head floating in profile with feathers seemingly growing from her head & face. There are also colored abstract shapes radiating from the side of her face. What if you saw someone with feathers growing out of their head? Would that freak you out? Or would you be silently amazed and still slightly uncomfortable? The closest we can actually get to having feathers coming out of our heads is to wear them in our hair.  ………..I did that in college. Yep. I wanted to express myself and I wanted to connect to the indigenous (Native American) lineage I have, so I placed feathers in my hair. My beloved Grandmother (my Mom’s mother) talked some about her Native lineage. She has passed away, but to look at her you would think she was full-blooded Native American. She was part Afro-American and part Native American (maybe other types of lineage, too).  When I look back at my feathers in hair days, I think, “What was I even doing? Oh, well.”

WHY: This drawing visually expresses the need and want of freedom (hence the title of it; “escaparse” is Spanish for “escape”). The feathers represent the freedom birds have through their ability of flight. People love to be able to take flight and go places, even without the use of feathers/wings. I love to travel when I can. Near or far. I hope to travel more! Travel takes you out of your comfort place and expands your geographical and sensitivity walls. Travel gives you opportunity to see, hear, feel and just simply experience new things. Meet new people. Appreciate the blessing of people & the blessing of this world even more. So the “why” for this drawing comes from an internal love of travel and the desire to be kind of a wanderer. Priorities and money issues get in the way, so often people do not travel as often as they’d like to. If I could, I would be that constant traveler who is often away from home. I’d go with companions at first, but then after a while, I’d probably be that type to be brave and start doing it on my own around the world. I would also not mind being a travel photographer. So if there is anybody in the industry reading this: hire me, please! I take great photographs, too! I thank God for the places I have been able to go, however. Different states I’ve visited. Also during cruises with Princess and with Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, I’ve visited a few gorgeous islands (St. Lucia and Barbados are favorites) & also Mexico. I will always remember those times. I will also always remember that during my first cruise in 2009 (on the Ruby Princess), I was strolling happily around the ships levels and I stopped to listen to a lady playing the piano so beautifully. I got out my camera to record, though, because the bizarre thing is she was playing the theme from “Titanic”!! On a ship! I was like, “What?? No waaaay!” I wonder if she did that to be funny or if it was an irony she did not catch. Lol. It was creepily hilarious. I will ALSO never forget that when we returned from the cruise, a few hours later we went to see the world disaster film “2012” that just came out. To see a movie scene of a sinking ship RIGHT after ending a cruise trip is indeed many insane levels of ironic and highly unforgettable…………

WHEN: I produced this drawing last year! This is my shortest explanation in this post. Lol.

HOW: I produced this with a post-modern art frame of mind; utilizing realism blended with abstract elements. The material I used is paper, of course, worked over with graphite (pencil) for the laying out and the groundwork detailing, charcoal (black and white) and colored pencil. I do not often do a sketch (which I call the “bones” of a piece of art) first and then lay over that with the final workings, instead I most often just go straight into the fleshing out. I also used a real feather to model the grouping of feathers from. I love the beauty and technical, structural genius of feathers. As is said, God is the Original Artist. Indeed! I am fascinated by His works (which include our own bodies) everyday. Intelligent Design from Supremely Intelligent God. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post and there will certainly be more coming; I have ideas for so many! Util then, please visit often; even re-reading posts! Thank you!

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WHATWHYWHENHOW: Artwork Analysis 3

“burst”. Charcoal on paper. 2007.

Another in a series of analyses on my art.

Feel free to comment with questions you may still have.

“burst”, 2007

WHAT: One of my favorite works! Well…it’s not a dude, so it is obviously a woman! A young woman in profile, noone in particular. Not a bad-looking lady, huh? And I’m not even into girls and I can say that!! Only beef for me…

WHY: I have a great affinity for rendering faces, especially profiles and quarter views-that’s when one side of the face is fully visible while the other side is partially visible. And I felt I could do something very interesting with a profile by including something extra…so I threw in the radiating (love that word…it’s so………radiant) lines, hence the title. Like a burst of light, if you can use your imagination & translate charcoal lines into glorious rays of light. Then you have a good head on your shoulders! But this would be called “representation”-using those lines to represent rays of light.

WHEN: I created this in the year of the pig or boar-2007. What a lovely animal………

HOW: I meditated over this piece. I knew I wanted it to become one of the most delightful and visually harmonious artworks I’d ever done. I caressed my charcoal pencils and spoke to them in a light whisper, telling them what work must commence and to guide me. HELL NO! I didn’t do all that…that would be weird. I had to break in so that you readers will not think I am psycho and send me to a Jonas Brothers WITH Justin Bieber concert as punishment. How I REALLY created this piece was, yes, with charcoal and with great technical care. Tonal work and tricks fascinate me & that is what I utilized, here. Darkened tones alongside tints produce very dramatic effects! Chiaroscuro is like a delicacy that artists use. Yum.

Chiaroscuro (English pronunciation: /kiˌɑrəˈskjʊər/, Italian: [kjarosˈkuːro] “light-dark”) in art is characterized by strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. It is also a technical term used by artists and art historians for using contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modelling three-dimensional objects such as the human body. (wikipedia.com)

The last visual I added were the rays. Meat before potatos is my method; major areas before the minor parts, the main before the filler, Anthony Bourdain before I watch that Andrew Zimmern guy (gaaaaack…he eats alot of cojones).

That was, as usual, alot of fun to explain! Hope you had fun reading. Come back for another analysis installment in a few days! In the meantime, read any of my other posts and also the pages, here. THANKS!

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