I’VE BEEN FEATURED!: my works have been selected for display on RAWZ

"Jacksonville Landing at an Angle". Manipulated photo, 2013.

“Jacksonville Landing at an Angle”. Manipulated photo, 2013.

I am really happy because, in the hard-to-get-noticed world of art, my work has been featured on a site called RAWZ, again! Click HERE for my first post about a RAWZ feature. Any artist knows that any amount or form of recognition is VERY valuable and VERY  appreciated. And in a world big on re-blogging and sharing, this is great for exposure. Things travel fast on the web! I will continue to submit work into RAWZ and check out other artists on their site: it’s AWESOME and INSPIRING!

For those whom are not familiar with RAWZ, it is a site connected to abduzeedo.com, which is a fantastic art and design site I found many moons ago and I even have a link to it here on my tumblr. RAWZ offers people the opportunity to post their art. So my art is alongside the awesome works of other artists!

Below is a RAWZ slogan:

“Share what inspires you or what you have done. We will select the best images for the Daily Inspiration on Abduzeedo.” Thank you people at RAWZ for selecting my work!

Here is the page link:

“Jacksonville Landing at an Angle” on RAWZ 

Also, here is the post I wrote about my work on this photo that I actually shot in 2011 (but re-worked in 2013): CLICK

And please make sure to read my recent post about my first solo art exhibit HERE! Thanks!!

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REFRESHED ART: before and after

Jacksonville Landing_before




Jacksonville Landing at an Angle. Altered photography/graphic design. 2013.

Jacksonville, FL. This is a scenic spot and great for photographing; I take my camera with me often. The photograph is one I shot,  from Main Street Bridge, with a GE digital camera in 2011. The alterations were done in Photoshop CS6. This is called a tilt-shift effect.

This photo set begins a new category I will be posting on my blog: before and after. I am so glad I was able to finally get my laptop screen fixed because now I can get back to doing graphic pieces (for clients and for my portfolio/for practice). The person whose laptop I was borrowing for nearly two years? The person didn’t want me to download Adobe CS onto their laptop because the program is so huge. That is why it is great to have your OWN stuff! Anyway, there is a WHOLE cavalcade of dynamic things to do with Adobe Creative Suite (CS) that I don’t think someone (not even the most gifted professional on earth) could master EVERYTHING one could do with it. We are talkin’ loads of tools and elements that can be experimented with in a variety of ways. If you tried to do the math on all of the approaches that one can take with every Adobe CS program (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, LightRoom and more that I am have not even mentioned), that would be some exhausting math and your brain would probably explode… So don’t try it. The calculations that is. Don’t try that unless you want a brain with destroyed neurons. But go ahead and try Adobe CS. It will never get useless, old or boring.

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