MANGA MANIA: manga may take over my drawing pad from time to time!

animehappy preliminary  (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy

“mangahappy” (pending title), graphite on paper, 2013.

MANGA!!!!   漫画 !

I sound just as hyper as manga characters usually appear, huh? You can probably picture vocal lines coming out of my mouth or stars exploding from my head as I say that, huh?! Now I really DO sound hyper…

There are actually a variety of stylistic approaches to manga and the word “manga” refers to comics and cartoons (as an extra note: while manga is printed, anime is the Japanese version of animation). Now the story of how this drawing came about below:

I’ve tried my hand at manga and elements from manga before (I will feature images of those soon, along with this one, in another post about my foray into manga), but a couple nights ago I developed a renewed spark for creating it. I was reading an art book about the art of Persona 3 FES (if you are a gamer or into anime, you know what Persona is). The art is extraordinary and the costuming the artists create are daring and full of the creativity and imagination I love! So, with this refreshed inspiration, I started drawing at 12 or 1am into 5am…I had so much fun with this and, of course, it still isn’t finished. I have to finish her face, hair, create a background and may add some color. This is also a partial image, it is not the full-length image.

This is a happy gal and I wanted to further that by drawing clouds on her top or blouse (aren’t those two words confusing?…top or blouse…meh). You can see one a little bit of one of the puffy clouds. In Chinese culture, clouds represent happiness. I also realized the clouds also relate to the wings I drew spanning from her top…..or blouse. And interesting fact: “mangaka (漫画家) is the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist and mangaka refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese.” (from

Update: I started adding color!

What do you think of this, so far? I will post the final image when I am done! 

I finally did finish the drawing in 2014 and just published a post about it on November 3, 2016. You can read it HERE!!!! Thanks!!

  • A little bit about manga from CLICK
  • And some more manga art: CLICK

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CORRECTION: Moore, Oklahoma death toll


Hello, readers.

Yesterday, I posted an article of encouragement and various ways to help the people of Moore, Oklahoma. You can read it here: CLICK.

The issue at hand in this Correction post is that, in the post, I mistakenly listed the death toll as being 91. I, of course, was way off. My apologies for this error. I was looking for the correct number in my online research. Some sorces said 24 (that is what I was going to post), other sources said 51 and even 91. I figured 91 was correct because it seemed, then, that the death toll had risen. But that is so far from the actual count. Any death toll, even 1 person, is a sad number so 24 is still just as heart-wrenching as 91. I have corrected that count in my post from yesterday.

That being said, 24 people (10 of them were children) are deceased. That number is as of the most recent count. Prayerfuly that number will not rise. The bodies have gone on, but we all have a spirit. Spirits do not die.

Families remember Oklahoma tornado victims; incl. a list of the victims: CLICK

  • It will obviously take people time and a lot of patience to get through this aftermath, but there is light at the end of any tunnel. Here are two awesome articles of this truth:

A child is born in the midst of a hospital falling apart: CLICK

A family’s positivity despite the tornado: CLICK

Final Note:

I always feel it is important to talk of God and positives in times like this to hopefuly help people gain a calming perspective. This perspective isn’t just mine, it’s truth. Thank God for resilience. Nobody is going to forget what happened and it will obviously take time to pick up the pieces and gain some semblance of normalcy back, but being negative and sad constantly will do nothing but crumble you and you end up defeating yourself. God didn’t cause this. It’s a natural disaster in an obviously chaotic world, but God uses this situation to strengthen people and concrete their resolve. The people of Oklahoma are so very strong. These people are so very strong to smile and work through this as best they can. Happiness never goes out of style and the tornado did not take that. I hope those effected all the best! Amen!

THE LORD LEADETH ME TO A COOL NEW JOB: and it’s in my field of study!!

GE x500; a gift from a friend a couple years back. I've two digital camera, but this is my my main one and it's almost for me what that blanket is for Linus. I HEART it!

GE x500; a gift from a friend a couple years back.
I’ve two digital camera, but this is my my main one and it’s almost for me what that blanket is for Linus. I HEART it!

A new year can often mean new beginnings that you didn’t see coming, but had hope for; my hope was fulfilled Jan. 3rd….


Thank God most definitely! After months of searching (yes, in this economy, weeks become months), I have been sent what I need (a job) and what I want (a job doing something in my field of study-in this case digital photography)! I know this will be awesome on my resume. My title is an e-commerce lister. That’ll look and sound good on a resume, too. I explain more about my position below; keep readin’! I mean, I am so happy to have gotten this opportunity after sooooooo long, I wish I could put star stickers around this job on my resume, but I would NEVER be taken seriously by any future employer, so I guess that is not realistically possible.  : (

Here is a run-down of what happened toward being hired: One day, I went to a job center that I’m registered with, as I built an occassional habit of doing, to write down a slew of jobs off their helpful board. I also went there to get advice on re-doing my resume. One of the receptionists there, Laurie, gave me great instructions on re-doing the resume and she also told me about some positions that their company was hiring in (they are a job center connected with that company). She felt my experience with computers, administrative assistance and my Adobe Creative Suite knowledge would work well with a few of the jobs. So, I went home feeling more confident & renewed (if you have ever spent a LOT of time job-hunting, it can have darkly depressing moments). I redid my resume and I also applied for the e-commerce lister and e-commerce scanner jobs the receptionist told me about. I didn’t know how many people might apply, so I wasn’t going to wait even a day later. (By the way, e-commerce, as you may know, is electronic commerce: it is the buying and selling of product or service over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks). Maybe about two or three days later, I received a phone call from the company about an interview. I was psyched just by that! It was as if “interview” really means “you got the job”!

So, the next day (Jan. 3rd), I prayed, also asking God to go with me and to help me to say the right things (if you pray and if you are connected to God, you know about prayer; I often pray about things & about doors opening for me career-wise) & went to the interview. At the interview with the e-commerce dept. head, Amy, I was just myself and natural. Everything she asked me concerning my skills I answered with belief in myself. And I also kept constant eye contact (a mark of sincerity). She noted many things I related on my resume with pen and seemed enthused with me and about their fairly new e-commerce department. She also perked up more when I talked to her about my enthusiasm for digital photography, saying it would work well in this field as products are shot and posted online in their online store. After the interview, she said she’d follow up with me on Monday via phone and that she still had two more interviews, but that she really felt I fit the position. I smiled beams of sunshine inside myself when she said that! She showed me around the facility and introduced me to some of the staff in the e-commerce department, telling the dept. supervisor that I was “friendly” and other positive things… *sunshine!*

When I got home, I still felt confident and just resigned my spirit to wait until Monday. I made any jitters hit the bricks (being nervous doesn’t help). I was positive. Instead of waiting until Monday, a few hours later I got a call from Amy. After the greetings, she said something along the lines of: “Would you like the job?” I said: “Hell friggin YEAH I want the job! I want to cartwheel into your office right NOW!!” LIE. I didn’t say that, but I felt that way. What I REALLY said was: “Yes, I do!” And then a slew of ‘thank yous’ spilled forth like suns, smiles and hearts exploding out of my mouth like a manga character or something. My roommate smiled because now I can help MUCH MUCH better, lol). I smiled so widely at my roommate, I think I may have verged on this:

The good news matches this awesomeness...

The good news matches this awesomeness…

Amy even said, “I just wanted to make sure noone else gets you.” Now, I am one of the most humble persons one can meet, but that there made me feel pretty dang good…

I am the 2nd spot. One more person will be hired to work with me and one other person in that position (3 people). I will be starting Monday as an e-commerce lister. I explained e-commerce above (though most people know what it means, anyway). I will be one of the person’s behind the listings and descriptions of merchandise on my company’s online store and I will also be photographing the merchandise…right down my alley, yeah!! I won’t be using my GE x500 camera (shown in the 1st image above), but I will be using their Nikon, also a fine camera. I will also be using the fabled Mac computer (I haven’t used a Mac since college). If you are an artist and you are found out to not have a Mac as an artist, people look at you like you just morphed into a villainous purple and green monster before their very eyes! “You don’t use a Mac??!! Get thee back with your error!! Gaaaasp!!” Yes, Macs are like computer gold in the media world. Amy even said that with my art degree, I can add an artistic bent to the photographs. Even when I was being shown around the photographing/staging area, my brain generated images of the cool perspectives I can give a skirt on a mannequin or an electronic device or a pair of shoes. If you love photographing things and have a creative slant on it, you know how exciting that would be! A photographer can find artistic value in a beat up garbage can on a lone, grimy, bare street by using the right angles and filter…and it will become the classiest, most sophisticated garbage can on a grimy street that you EVER laid your eyes on! But I digress. I remember telling my new boss how excited I was. Goofy, yeah, but TOTALLY sincere…

Speaking of sincere, I sincerely thank God. VERY MUCH. Like THIS WIDE___________________________________________________________________________________________. Well MUCH more than that, I just do not have enough space for all that line. It would go on forever. Just imagine an infinite length…that is how grateful I am! With all of the challenges, red tape, closed doors and hard-heartedness in this world, it’s easy to be refused and; therefore easy to get discouraged. I got discouraged plenty of times. Many times, discouraged enough to wanna smack up every HR department that is in existance. I’m a believer, but I’m also human. But though I was discouraged, I managed to pick myself back up with the strength, endurance and the resolve God enables us with and managed to pick myself up with the prayers and advice of others (incl. good ole Mom!). I kept going.

A journey worth taking in any situation.

A journey worth taking in any situation.

I kept going in large part because I know God knew I needed a job, so of course it would come. I also have long realized what the image below states:

Logic and wisdom.

Logic and wisdom.

God doesn’t do things when WE want Him to, but when HE knows we are ready for it. That is how caring and careful He is…He isn’t going to let us have something at the wrong time, He isn’t going to be so quick to bless us if we do not even believe He can. He also is not going to give us something He KNOWS we cannot handle so that we can hurt ourselves or fail (for ex: like sending someone a car when they are a bad driver; He won’t send that car because He knows you’ll KILL your crazy self…you’ll get it after you’ve improved), He isn’t going to give us something if we didn’t do anything or enough to earn it. He also isn’t going to give us something if we do not pray properly (go into prayer w/ respect, go into it believing, ask for forgiveness of sins-go into it pure of mind/heart, praise Him-He deserves it, be honest, ask that it please be done in His will-it’s not up to us if it happens, end with the prayer ”through Jesus’ name”-Jesus is the messenger). IF IT’S FOR YOU, YOU WILL RECEIVE! IT’S REALLY HARD AT TIMES, BUT BE PATIENT!

I thanked God even when I got the call for the interview; I was soooo psyched!! He is always present; we can’t do it alone! So, thank you God , Jesus, Holy Spirit & Heavenly family and thank you my encouragers!

I went to the job center and told Laurie that I got the job she told me about, I thanked her a mazillion times! I know mazillion is not a word, but it is now! Hahaha!! #obnoxious

Well, I’m out with this post. Into work Monday. Looking forward! Now, when I whip out a camera & take tons of photos around people, the people won’t look at me and roll their eyes with infinite, annoyed agony…it’ll be my JOB to be a photo freak, now!

(PS…My blog was featured on a blog awards list, for a second time, last month. I will do a short post on that, soon!)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR’S 2013!!: still pressing (and art blogging) on effects.

OOOooo…lighting effects.

I wanted to be sure to post this to all of my followers, subscribers, anyone taking the time to read or to come across my blog & to the world: HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!! Technically, it is 7:35 pm in Florida, but I wanted to post this to acknowledge the new year. By the time many of you read it, it will (God-willing) be a new year! 2013!

This will be a quick post, as I have to get going to get ready to go out! Will try my best to avoid ‘New Year’s Crazies’ out there. You be careful, too. If something starts to not feel right, just get out of there or go home! Wanna go into the new year safe and breathing!!

This has been quite a year, personally and nationally. I’ve had a lot of personal highs and a few lows. I’ve had a lot of artistic successes and a few artistic disappointments. The world has experienced many great moments and many excruciating moments. But all in all, we are still here and making it. Still kicking, still going. A Higher Power can be the only explaination for this. People aren’t always at your side and we do not always a favor to even ourselves, but yet we still make it-there’s a divine explaination for that. I give credit to God for pulling me through. He means well. He has my best interest in His Mind even when I do not see it as such. My decisions get me messed up, sometimes, but His decisions give me peace and calm when I follow them. And for those not going into the New Year with us (those passed on), God has their spirits. Spirits do not die. The righteous and the innocent wait for a day when all evil will be destroyed. They wait for a day to inhabit new bodies and to live forever. That day will come. Only reason it hasn’t is that God is giving humanity further chance to believe in Him & Jesus, to be saved and to have clean hearts; otherwise He could have done away with the way of things a long time ago. My point is, in a spiritual way, the deceased (in body) go into the New Year with us, too. Never believe that death is the end. It’s a step before something better.

Well, gonna wrap this up! I am grateful to God for life and being able to be an artist and to write this blog! I thank you all for visiting and reading my blog! Keep reading, please! Next year I will have more posts on art (I haven’t in a while; I’ve been posting on a couple off-art topics).

Let me get up and get myself together. I hope to see technicolor fireworks at the waterfront. I hope I dance (I’m not toooo shabby, guys)! There’s parties downtown! I miiight get tipsy. I hope I do NOT see anybody throw up. I hope a stranger doesn’t decide he wants to kiss me just because he is feeling ‘New Year’s Awesome’. I hope I do NOT see people who should NOT have left the house dressed like thaaaatWell, you guys enjoy the festivities and the first hours of the New Year. Be safe!!!!



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MOVIN ON UP II: i’ve reached 20 followers & 50 likes!!

The last time I typed up an article like this (Movin On Up: i’ve reached 10 followers!!), I had, well as stated in the title, reached 10 followers. That was a big accomplishment for me! Any amount of followers is a big deal because people taking time to keep up with things you write is very cool! So, this time, my WordPress alerts have informed me that I’ve reached 20 Followers and 50 Likes on my posts! That is also very awesome and I want to THANK everyone whom supports my blog!! You guys are GREAT! (P.S. This is my 50th post!)

Right now, I also am beginning to list my blogs (this one and the one on tumblr) on blog directory sites so as to gain more traffic. The more the merrier because I do not write just for me to read it and to enjoy this great thing called writing, I also write-or type, rather-foremost for readers to enjoy and hopefuly be inspired. So I am hoping my blogs will spread and dominate the world and segue that into universal domination!!!! Okay, not all that, but it’s a nice thought.

Meanwhile, I am also struggling to do the 3rd abstract painting within the 3-part series or triptych I am working on. You can read my progress so far in these 3 posts: Hmmm…What Will This Be?: new art, Hmmm…What Will This Be? 2: after a faulty start, i have figured it out & WhatWhenWhyHow: Artwork Analysis 5 (a 2nd look). I have finished the 1st and 2nd, but until I can work the 3rd into the continuity I want, I don’t want to post a final story on this project. The third one kept looking unworthy to go with the other 2. The designs and compositions I come up with for it always looked hideous and do not continue the Asian-inspired theme I am going for. Instead, just a bunch of ugly, ill-executed strokes that resemble art a kindergartner would chuck rocks at while laughing saying, “I can do better than that!” (And I would not doubt it considering how ugly the 1st tries have been.)  Someone already purchased the series, too (thank God, how cool!…although I will also miss them because I love these paintings; artists get very attached to their work), so now I really need to hurry and finish. Plus, I do not want two great-looking pieces plus one fugly piece hanging on someone’s wall. That is just odd. I have to re-start the 3rd on an entirely new canvas because the other is so textured with re-starts and I do not have gesso available to cover that up, right now.

Well, I hope to do a post on the finished series and a post on my September solo exhibit this week or so. I will when I get the time to (that is going to be a lengthy one to write…bracing myself). ’til then, please keep reading and thank you!

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I’VE BEEN FEATURED II!: my blog has been awarded!

A few days ago, I posted about my work being featured on RAWZ (previous post), an art/design display, inspiration site. It is SUCH an awesome site, too! I have HEARTED (my girly way of saying ‘LOVED’) abduzeedo and RAWZ for sooo long

Then on August 31st, I received another pleasant surprise in my email: I had been alerted that I’d been featured in a site’s blog awards! For me, trying to gain notice and, most of all, trying to make sure my blog is useful and enjoyable and relevant, this is a BIG deal… It’s like winning a BILlion dollars! Mmmm…sort of. But it is still a very big deal because it means my blog is good and that people really do like reading/viewing it! is, from what I understand, a company that offers SEO, custom themes for web design and more. Here is a statement I copied from their home page: ‘We deliver Professional Data Services an efficient, affordable and cost-effective online data entry with minimum hassle. We create attractive and visitor-friendly websites with quality graphics that load quickly. We offer a variety of services from basic website design to complete e-commerce stores.’
Sounds very neat and tech-y, huh?

Apparently, they also have a Blog Awards and my blog, this WordPress blog RIGHT HERE that you graciously read, has been chosen as one of their selected and worthy blogs! Let me tell you, I am very happy and humbled. Sooo… I want to thank God firstly because any amount of positive progress is through Him. I want to thank all readers, viewers and subscribers and also supporters of my blog and art endeavors. I want to definitely thank for making me one of their choices. THANK YOU!

Please check out the link to the Blog Awards site below and in my blogroll (on the sidebar). By the way, my blog is the Featured Blog, today!
I will continue to do the best I can to have an informative and entertaining blog : )

Blog Awards link:

NOTE: Good news! I have sold the 3-part (triptych) series of abstract paintings I have been working on. There are posts here and on my tumblr page ( about the series. Each painting is titled 3 Paths, 3 Paths II and the third one (still in progress) will be 3 Paths III. The patron, a fellow Claflin University alumnus, claimed the series before they could hit my exhibit this Sat.! So, they will get to the new owner after the exhibit. I thank God for the sale & I thank the patron! Yay!!

Also, I will not be blogging for a little while as I am consumed with getting ready for my art exhibit-two days away, Sept. 8th! So I will miss blogging, but when I get the chance, I will be back on deck at WordPress and tumblr, again! Til then, please keep reading and also feel free to revisit past posts and pages! Thanks!

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YOU REALLY LIKE ME!: thank you to my followers & readers!

I just wanted to make an important entry here: to thank my followers (15 so far, a very good number for me!!) & my readers (10,716 hits at the time of this post)!!

That 15 people who can follow any blog their eyes cross upon, any other blog that they want…that they would take the time to read and view my blog and then decide they would not mind being aware of each time I post! Also want to thank everyone whom reads my blog during their day or night! I do hope all followers & readers gain useful art appreciation, info, inspiration and laughs from my posts…

I don’t take any of  it for granted, I consider it a blessing and I really appreciate it, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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MOVIN ON UP: i’ve reached 10 followers!!

Thank you, thank you (just imagine me bowing on a stage as flowers are thrown at me and picking them up as I look bashful and truly humble…now replace said flowers with art supplies being thrown at me-much better and FREE!)!!
Really, I am very happy and humbled that I’ve attained 10 people who don’t mind reading and viewing my posts. You took time out of your day to decide to follow me! Thank you, again! : )
Now I am going to go do some cartwheels and roll around in the grass with joy! Just kidding. My apartment’s rooms do not allow for that (breaking stuff…breaking myself……) and it just rained, so…………I’ll just stick to smiling alot.

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LONG HIATUS & GRATEFULNESS: I’m baa-aack and now over 1,000 hits!

Well, I have been gone for a while, again, but am now returned. I guess in the world of blogging (something that isn’t a 9 to 5 job or a deadlined assignment), writers are free to go on break (due to various reasons, some controlled & some not) at any given moment! But as blogging is very enjoyable for me, I always hope to get back to it, soon.

I am dealing with laptop issues, now, while I still wait to get my busted screen HP fixed. So, I have a laptop for awhile (borrowing one) and other times, I do not. I hope to get my dear HP Pavilion fixed by the next 2-3weeks, finally!!

I thought I could add blogs through my cell phone…and I can, just not able to add images to it using the cell. So I just leave off the blogging until I am using a computer.

The OTHER part of this post has to do with the hits. I am so glad to have had so many readers and even a few subscribers! I am blessed in Blogland!! So, I have now gotten 1,316 hits. In Blogland, this may be pretty small, but to me this means time for a big smile face! Like this:


My face has more humanoid details, but this is a close replication.

I want to say a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all the blog readers and visitors. You made my huge smile (and the cartoon one up there) possible!!!!

I will be back with a brand, spanking new post in some hours (not days)!