I’M STILL AROUND: the absent artist

I miss you, WordPress. I am coming back for you.... *weep* *weep*

I miss you, WordPress and Tumblr, too. I am coming back for you….
*weep* *weep*

Hello, my precious blog readers!

I am still alive.


I have been gone from WordPress for quite a while due to a variety of circumstances. I haven’t even been blogging on Tumblr, either. Some of the reasons are good, some bad. Some solvable, some difficult. In the meantime, I hope you have been still reading the variety of posts and pages I have here. Like any reading material, blogs can be visited over and over even if the author is not currently active or adding new material. Apparently, people have still been visiting my page because I now have 66 Followers and I am grateful for that! Thank you to all my Followers and to all my visitors!!

Right now, I am having laptop issues, again. I believe the motherboard might have fritzed on me, again. The death of a computer or, at least, a comatose computer, can turn upside-down the world of someone who spends a great deal of time on a computer! Seriously! Yes, life still goes on, but the computer part of my life has been stunted. I have been using my cell phone for a variety of things, but I cannot much use it for blogging (the platform my phone uses will allow me to blog, but I can’t include images with posts and if I dare use my cell to edit existing posts that have images, the images weirdly disappear). I hope to get my laptop fixed, soon (for one thing, a really good friend of mine gifted me with a drawing tablet, thank God!!…so that baby needs to be put to use; right now it is lingering in my room in its box fresh and unspoiled) and I also need to save up for a new one laptop (I love HP; I might try a Mac-the brand that apparently every artist in the world should have). If my laptop was a living object, though, it would be saying to itself, “I like her, but she uses me to within an inch of my tech life! I am glad I do not work right now! I hope she takes a VERY LOOOONG time to fix me because I am on DV Time, right now!!”

DV Time is ‘Device Vacation Time’.

But while I have been on blogging hiatus, I have been working on art here and there, though I shame myself for slowing down on it so much. Aaargh! I need to get back to creating art. I am MAD at myself. While away from blogging, I have also been going to church (I sing on the choir as well), working, spending time with people I am close to, spending time outside enjoying nature (which I might have to withdraw from some, since Fall is already putting a chilly smack-down on us), playing video games (yes, I am a gamer girl and yes……I do rage quit, but without breaking stuff) & various other things. There is also a holiday-themed alumni art exhibit coming up at my alma mater, Claflin University. So, I am now putting myself on a mandatory mission to create 2-3 new works. I have to turn in my works for the show by Nov. 20th, which is not very far off, so I better get to drawing at psycho levels.

Well, I do hope everyone has been well and I do hope that I will be back to blogging regularly, soon! Until then, I am going to re-blog some previous posts and also please feel free to read my blog through and through! THANKS!!

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UPDATE: where’s waldo…i mean, calonie?

"don't even ask...II" Graphic art. 2010. One of my favorite graphic works. It was featured on RAWZ (a sit of abduzeedo.com). Here is the link to that feature:

“don’t even ask…II”
Graphic art. 2011.
Yes, “don’t even ask…II” is the title. This is the second of a diptych (two-part piece) I created. I posted about both pieces HERE. One of my favorite graphic works. It was featured on RAWZ (a sit of abduzeedo.com). Here is the link to that feature: RAWZ. And here is my post about the feature: HERE.

Hello, my wonderful and precious blog readers/viewers! How are you?

As for how I am, I am like a phantom! Popping up out of nowhere on my blogs (my other blog is at –> Tumblr). I guess it seemed as though I quit blogging (NOPE) or that I died (NOPE, THANK GOD!)… I am still very much into blogging and very much alive (not to make fun of death, but really…people wonder about that if someone has been away from their page/site/wall, etc. for a long time!!).  I had stopped posting for a time because I just ran into some issues while living in Florida (loooooooooooong story), then moved back to South Carolina (I always tell people I am moving down the line: Connecticut, SC, FL…I guess Caribbean is next), then extended my blogging hiatus while sorting some things out back in SC. I had not even drawn or painted in a while (but I was still photographing). Just two months ago, I returned to getting back into my art-creating. I feel better about that. When artists get lazy, we run emotional guilt-trips on ourselves.

In a few hours, I hope to publish my first REAL post (maybe I will also even do a page) since, like, November! WOW. I’ve only been re-blogging older posts and posting updates.  I owe so many posts because I have some new stuff to show and some new thoughts to share!

Thank you for reading my blog while I was away, thank you for favoriting and Liking my posts while I was away and thanks to my Followers for putting up with my in and out-ness! I have 64 Followers as of now and I appreciate your support. For those I have not followed back, yet, I will check out your blogs and commence to getting back to Following people.

Okay, now you know I have not quit blogging and that I am thankfully still alive (although if I had passed away, I would probably be making a lot more money for my art…hey, nobody ever said being an artist is ordinary and making buttloads of money off your art when you are dead is definitely not ordinary).

Posting soon!!  : )

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UPDATE: the extracurricular life

Hi, all! I hope all my readers and those passing through and deciding to stop and read my blog are well!

This month, so far, has been one of those months where it is kind of hard to squeeze in blogging thanks to doing other things (extracurricular stuff…apart from my blogging here!) and just being kinda tired and blogging requires MUCH in the way of staying awake. Bloggers are firstly human. But there are still so many things I know I need to be blogging about, so much so that I keep a list on laptop to order what blogs need to be done and when. I am kind of taking a break right now, but every now and again I will post something that does not require a lot of writing and some art polls, but will still keep you entertained and informed. The informed part has been catching, lately, as I have been getting responses from people letting me know my article helped them and that is AWESOME! I like being helpful! Here are the two I’m referring to: HERE and  HERE.

As I have said, I have been doing somewhat extracurricular things away from my blogging. I’ve been tired, generally (not sure if that is so much an extracurricular, but since it is not blogging then maybe), I have started co-blogging creative posts (do not worry, I like doing that as well, but I am NOT leaving my blogs), I have been getting involved in community, I have a friend whom is having a baby boy today (!); I cannot wait to see him! A life entering the world. Wow…another grand example of God in action! I have gotten my sorely missed HP laptop back in commission and in fact I am typing this post on it! It is the 1st post/page I have typed on it since June 2011! I’d been borrowing a very helpful friend’s nice computers (he has 2) since then up until now. You can read about what happened to mine & updates from last couple weeks HERE. I brought it home yesterday and was SO happy (I think I thanked God and the repair guys a BUNCH of times)!! I mean I spent a nice fat dime on this laptop and it is an awesome device; plus I do my graphic work on it and store art and other stuff on it, so I need it!! I had to hack into my own laptop to reset my password; however, because I could NOT remember my password! 6 hours later (about 4am or so), I finally found free (yes, free!) reset software that was not so limited as the other ones I tried and had no success with (free stuff like that are often understandably limited in what they will help you accomplish; you have to buy full software). I had to rearrange my system’s boot order (be very mindful & read any directions before screwing around in your BIOS menu, your boot order and such, you could really mess something up and have MORE problems; if you rearrange it, remember its original order and after fixing issue make sure to arrange it as it was originally) and then I reset my password. Ta-da! I put in new password and my desktop came up upon my newly replaced glossy screen….it was euphoria……………………………… Well, enough of that. I will return to blogging more relevant, art subjects soon. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I know this is an art blog, but sometimes things happen to make you step away from the purpose for a while. There are more pressing issues all over the USA and all over the world. Namely the Boston Marathon bombing that happened on April 15th and the fertilizer plant blast that happened in West, Texas on April 17th.

The bombing in Boston was caused by selfish cruelty; the mind of a weak person allowing evil to stir up the brain. And to add spite to injury, the fool set the bombs to go off at the end of a great, happy day. This person went against God’s Will for us to love each other. But evil did not win and is a big loser because the person or even persons who did this will reap sooner or later. God avenges the innocent. Evil failed because the spirits of those who perished live on. Evil failed because there are survivors and people rallied together to pray, assist, aid, support, comfort and love…acts of God. Acts of love and endurance. Boston is clearly strong! The explosion in Texas was one of those things that no one caused and no one saw coming. It is part of life in this chaotic world: things just happen, sadly so. People perished in this, too, but they are not really gone. Only the body. Please find comfort in this truth. God values life so much, that even our bodies contain a part that leaves the body to live on in a spiritual way. His grace sustained so many in this terrible event, too, and again people came together showing how we should treat each other in even good times.  Texas is known for hardy people, they will endure!

Love, faith and hope. Amen…

God made me and will can me

I will return to post art writings, soon! Please keep visiting my blog. Thank you and smile at somebody today, and any day for that matter. They may need it!   : )



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DISAPPEARING ACT: i haven’t left, just taking a break

I have done this before while creating art. I should try this during my art/blog hiatus. I’m STILL trying to beat the last colossus in Shadow of the Colossus. I HATE that guy!

Hi, blog world and blog readers! I hope everyone is enjoying their last 8-EIGHT-days of Summer! I know, right? Sad. Go ahead and cry, sniffle. I know I am. On the inside. I will miss you Summer!! Let’s all try to enjoy this one week and one day of bliss…

As for me, I am enjoying the Summer—> I live in a new state (I’m now a part of the multi-state club: born/raised in CT, lived in SC, moved to FL!), I am selling art, I have another art exhibit coming up (a joint exhibit with fellow art dept. alumni from my alma mater) and just finished my 1st solo exhibit last Saturday ( I will definitely post images of that!)

The art exhibit I just had is the main reason for my hiatus from blogging. I just simply need to take a break. It was alot to prepare for (and what made it more taxing was the fact I didn’t get paid until the DAY BEFORE the show, which I am not blaming anyone for, but I ended up crunching for time to buy stuff and prepare everything…so I was awake from 11am Friday morning until 12am Sunday morning, two hours after the exhibit ended…which means I was hitting zombie mode & about to eat people). Also, I’d been blogging so much for a while. I just need to chill for a bit.

Art supplies are EXPENSIVE (you can make the $$, but they are still expensive), which is why I had to wait until I had the dough to go nearly broke buying stuff to prepare my exhibit. I’m more shallow-pocketed, but it was worth it. And I have INCONCEIVABLE amounts of foam core left-over…

I will be back blogging, soon, because there are a PROFUSE amount of subjects I need to post on that are waiting for posting! And……I want to start another blog with WordPress. Something entirely different from art. Blogging is so much fun and so rewarding, satisfying in many ways! I love it! Until then, I hope that you will continue to read and re-visit posts and pages, here! Thank you!

Feel free to visit my art page: http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/caloniejohnson

and tumblr: http://caloniedoesarttwo.tumblr.com   Thanks!

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WHERE’S WALDO (I MEAN, ME)?: i am away, but i’ll return!

Hello, my precious blogreaders (I sound so creepy…like Gollum or the guy from Silence of the Lambs)!
I hope all are well…I, on the other hand, am sad. Sad that I haven’t been blogging in a while. I have not posted for some time, now. It is like I have fallen off the face of the Earth…abandoning WordPress and all who take the time to read my writings…
I haven’t disappeared like Waldo, though. I even still share my blog on FB and Twitter (I am my PR!) so that people will kindly make a bee-line to my site. I have just STILL got to get my laptop screen fixed (you can read about it in my rage-filled post: “AWWW, HELL: my heart broke when my laptop did”). Serious! Go search my posts. It is an ACTUAL article I wrote…
I had been borrowing a laptop, but that came to an end. So, I have been down-sized to using my cell. That is how I am posting this! Thing is…as talented and high tech as my cell is, it cannot upload pics in WordPress like it can w/ some other sites. DRAT. If I could, there’d be a big fat tear or a Where’s Waldo pic to illustrate this post. I like pics w/ my posts; adds to the post.
So, I am waiting to get my HP fixed so that I can blog like a fiend, again! Bags under my eyes and all (bags under eyes are a requisite for visual artists and writers/bloggers…it’s serenely voluntary).
I just came into the wad of cash I need, so I should be blogging like a pro again, soon.
Meanwhile, please read any posts you haven’t, re-read your faves and invite other readers by SHARING or word of mouth! THANK YOU!

Also: Please have a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas! This is a time for us to reflect on what is most important. God is wonderful!
If I do not make a post on New Year’s, do have a safe and happy one! I will make sure to. I gotta try to get all post-post-modern (how many posts can we have??) and paint the town NEON red, somewhere, like a true ARTIST!!

LONG HIATUS & GRATEFULNESS: I’m baa-aack and now over 1,000 hits!

Well, I have been gone for a while, again, but am now returned. I guess in the world of blogging (something that isn’t a 9 to 5 job or a deadlined assignment), writers are free to go on break (due to various reasons, some controlled & some not) at any given moment! But as blogging is very enjoyable for me, I always hope to get back to it, soon.

I am dealing with laptop issues, now, while I still wait to get my busted screen HP fixed. So, I have a laptop for awhile (borrowing one) and other times, I do not. I hope to get my dear HP Pavilion fixed by the next 2-3weeks, finally!!

I thought I could add blogs through my cell phone…and I can, just not able to add images to it using the cell. So I just leave off the blogging until I am using a computer.

The OTHER part of this post has to do with the hits. I am so glad to have had so many readers and even a few subscribers! I am blessed in Blogland!! So, I have now gotten 1,316 hits. In Blogland, this may be pretty small, but to me this means time for a big smile face! Like this:


My face has more humanoid details, but this is a close replication.

I want to say a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all the blog readers and visitors. You made my huge smile (and the cartoon one up there) possible!!!!

I will be back with a brand, spanking new post in some hours (not days)!

INVOLUNTARY HIATUS: I miss my blog & blog readers!

Hello, my precious blog readers! I am hoping all are well and still reading blogs and still waiting on me to add more!

Yep, I have been absent for a time..I have been traveling and workin, but I will be back! BACK TO DO MORE BLOGS! I just haven’t had the time, which is aggravating because blooging is a relaxing, exuberant treat for me!

But til the next post and page, keep looking out for me! Thanks!!

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