THE HELPFUL ARTIST: art resources, part 1


Here, I have compiled a list of really rad (yes, “rad” is behind the times, but these sites aren’t, so quit smirking at my retro lingo) sites all to do with art and the art-sy! The classic, the trendy, the grimy, the for visuals-sake, the for resources-sake. There will be more lists!: – for Adobe product heads – for art resources & info heads – for cool art heads, lookin to show their art heads, need a job heads – for photography equipment & news heads – for free Adobe download heads (everyone is a free stuff head) – for all things Photoshop freakatrons (addicted-this is me…this goes beyond being a “head”) – for dream-catcher heads ( Progressive car insurance has a corporate art collection, send them the required stuff, if they like it you may be IN!) – for inspired by ballet/dance heads – for into uber/cool/hip art, fashion & music heads – for need a job heads (in this case graphic design/art/web) – for want recognition and cash not bad either heads – for cool art & art technique heads

That was fun. Now I demand you go have fun, too. Or I’ll have your head!!

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  1. Thanks for the links, there are also a lot of really awesome resources (links, infographics, even works in progress) over at that have REALLY helped me out. 🙂


    1. Hey, thanks for that and I am really glad the post and the links prove useful! Thank you, too, for the site suggestion. I looked at it and will check it out more, soon! I bookmarked it and will feature the link in part 2 of my art resources page… : )


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