Sept. 8, 2012. This is obviously me cheesing in front of one of my artworks. The work is a 30″x40″ mixed media titled “Eternity”, 2003. This was the final in an 8 piece thesis I created during my senior year in college. It nearly made me flip out (the pressure of graduating, you know, but it was well worth it. It upped my skill level for one thing…)!

As Introductions go, this will be short and sweet and, in my case, a bit off-kilter. (I have gone more in depth in my 1st blog post titled “Introduction”.)

I’m in my 30s and I am a visual artist by formal study at a university (BA in Studio Art, cum laude; 2003, Claflin University) and also am an artist by nature (that it is a gift from God). I’m ever so grateful! It is a blessing to be able to participate in an institution/practice that is many, many years ooooooooooooold. I LOVE IT! Thank God. My main media are: graphite, charcoals, oil paint, digital photography and graphic design. I am also studied in screenprinting, sculpture and ceramics. (Edit as of Sept. 2016: I am currently FINALLY applying for scholarships so that I can get my Master’s degree in graphic design). If I did not involve myself in arts, I would be super-depressed. I would not kill anybody, though, as I do not like blood all over me. Especially someone else’s.

This blog is about ART! My art. What I go through in it and with it. It is about others’ art and my admiration or, dare I say, disdain for it. Disdain as in I do not like ALL art, so there may be a few posts about the bad side of it! I am realistic! I will include here writings, images & even video if I am so inclined. I will be…don’t worry. These posts will be serious for some of the time (because art is based on a high level of seriousness), but most of the time, there will still be humor woven in for an entertaining read (because art also has been known to have a hilarious side and I do not want my blog to seem like reading a DRY lecture…ugh). This blog will also feature posts that are related TO art with an underlying subject. Such as humorous posts or posts about makin that cash!

I am from Connecticut and live in Dixie, now. I have caramel skin & I am sarcastic (maybe you caught that). I added that for an extra mental visual of me. Even though now you probably think you just came across a dating site. I believe my site is much less creep-tastic than some of the characters on a dating site. Ha!

From caloniedoesart, I hope that you will gather a sense of enjoyment and even a newfound or enhanced appreciation of art and art-related concerns. Art is a gorgeous, meaningful, purposeful, useful gift from God. It also makes for tons of weird and eclectic conversations. HAVE FUN HERE and come back. Invite others, too!  Thank you!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. mytiturk says:

    Thanks for the follow! Love your style and understand how it must have hurt to see those abstract pieces go. Congrats on the recognition.


    1. You’re welcome! I like to come across interesting blogs : )
      Thank you for the compliment and also for the sympathy. I do miss them, but I will up the ante & maybe do better pieces! Thank you, again! I am just glad I am in their directory listings. If you haven’t tried listing in any directory, yet, try it. List with a few of them! : )


  2. Nice blog and artwork. It takes a lot of tallent and work to be able to draw like you do. 🙂


    1. Thank you very much, fellow artist! Really appreciated! : )


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