THE LIGHTER SIDE: humor in art, part 2 (Art Student Owl meme!!!!)

Glad people don’t REALLY look like this!!

Whenever I troll the net, I often make time to find something humorous. I LOVE a great laugh! And I want YOU to laugh! Especially if you are having a tough day or week, hope this does the trick… Art and laughter do go hand in hand with a particular meme I am SO glad I found out about some months ago called…Art Student Owl. He’s a meme (a viral image that spreads and is, like, everywhere). He may be a she (you pick). He’s an owl. He represents art students and people whom were art students (I can actually relate to ALOT of these memes as I was an art student, of course, & experienced alot of these things & feelings and STILL do). He looks haggard (this can happen to the art student). He’s an owl, I repeat. He has a cigarette in his mouth. Ha! He’s an owl!

Paint (especially oil), my friends, is not cheap.
This is relevant.
No fine art should be relegated to the same space usually reserved for a rooster standing on a half moon green hill with a fence on it and a checkered background.
Art being easy… This is so not true. Art takes passion, patience, endurance to stay with it and creative progression. That is why not everyone is gifted to be an artist (And no, certain crafts & Instagram do NOT count!!).
I know, right?…
I’m a victim.
Willing victim.
And more no.
Ha, ha! Hey, wait…I wear fedoras……..

Alot of these meme sites feature a generator, by which you can create your own caption for uploaded or existing images. The following are memes I wrote the phrases for!

Artists suffer from BFS: bored fast syndrome.
Imagine with me………..
If you want to get punched, or at least heavily glared at, call an artist’s work ‘cute’.

These next two were also phrased by me. Even though they aren’t Art Student Owl, they are still art relevant!

Ha! Smug web jargon!
Enough said.

I really do hope you all enjoyed this and there is definitely more where these came from, so I will be doing another meme post!

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