LIFE’S A BEACH!: capturing beaches & other coastal sites with photography!

Hello, my precious blog readers! Guess what? It’s FRIDAY! In view of the work-week this is never a bad thing. Unless you have to work the weekend, then… .. … ……sorry. Make the best of it!

I am out of town in a coastal town, right now. One of those tropical-like or straight tropical places that are by the water and there are islands here and there. One of those places where during the day (preferably during the Spring and Summer) all you wanna do is be outside because the atmosphere and beach-y vibe is permeating, so being stuck inside is TORTURE!

I have to get business cards printed for an event tomorrow (donating my art to a branch of my university’s alumni groups), but am also supposed to be visiting Hilton Head (the rich folk gathering grounds), today. Ever since I moved to the southern region from New England, I have fallen for the coastal areas, here. So looking forward to this visit, though I have been to HH once or twice before.

Hilton Head. Not my photograph!

But the point of this post is photography and capturing beaches, ocean, towns and other aspects of beach-iness. I am going to take my camera with me to photograph the living daylights out of whereever I visit this weekend (FL is in the works, too), then I will post them here. In the meantime, here are some sites to help pique your interest or build on your present interest in sunny, delightful photography! Some are fine art sites, some commercial, but all are inspirational:

California beaches:

Beaches in various locations:

Florida beaches:

Hawaiian wildlife, scenery, etc.:

Caribbean fine photography (I’ve been able to see some of the places personally):

Meditteranean photos, stock prints:–b26373-c23946/mediterranean-photography-prints.htm


On the way to St. Thomas aboard a Princess ship. 2009.
My photo of Jacksonville Gumbo Festival as seen from the gorgeous blue Main Street Bridge. 2011.


UPDATE (4/2/2013): Since this post (June 2011), I have taken a HUGE load of photographs; many of them beach/tropical/island scenes near and quite far! I will be beginning posting them later this month of April 2013.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    Hello! I saw that you included my images of Beaches of Northern California. I just wanted to update you with the correct link to my site.
    I am glad you find my photographs so inspiring.



    1. Okay & you’re welcome! I will definitely include the new link! And yes, I really love those pics. They make me want to always be near a beach or live somewhere tropical. Thank you for sharing them! : )


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