ART ART & AWAY!!: the best places for artists to work…now move!

Feeling like the town or city you reside in just doesn’t UNDERSTAND you and your artistic endeavors? I knoooow…that feeling SUCKS. Feeling as if there aren’t many project/job opportunities for your field of study? I knoooow…that is BORING. Overwhelmed with the feeling that where you live isn’t interesting enough, nor inpirational enough? I knoooow…that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!! Well, MOVE! Which is exactly what I am working on, myself. The following information are suggestions, so you don’t hafta move, but maybe what you read may be appealing to you. And as a responsiblity, always make sure you are ready to move to a new place & prepared. Make sure it’s what is best for you and your goals.

Disclaimer: Don’t move because I posted this info because if you wind up in Macau and are not satisfied with the results…BLAME YOURSELF!! Just sayin.

United States:

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Art establishments per 100,000 people: 36.449

Percentage of population age 25-34: 11.85%

Arts & Culture Index: 70

Diversity Index: 71.6

Cost of Living Index: 107.7

Carson City, Nevada

Art establishments per 100,000 people: 24.701

Percentage of population age 25-34: 12.1%

Arts & Culture Index: 5*

Diversity Index: 46.5

Cost of Living Index: 109.8

Nassau-Suffolk County, New York

Art establishments per 100,000 people: 8.943

Percentage of population age 25-34: 11.52%

Arts & Culture Index: 93

Diversity Index: 50.8

Cost of Living Index: 150.7

Nashville, Tennessee

Art establishments per 100,000 people: 11.443

Percentage of population age 25-34: 14.74%

Arts & Culture Index: 77

Diversity Index: 37

Cost of Living Index: 84.2

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World (near and far):


It might be part of the People’s Republic of China, but you’re basically in a whole other world when you step off the ferry from Hong Kong. Casino is king here, and visitors think nothing of blanketing an entire hotel room in stingray, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a strong art community brewing under the surface of mother-of-pearl inlaid tiles and solid gold furnishings. Tiny, but growing, San Lazaro is a hilltop community bursting with creativity: from the once-military-now-hip boutique hotel to Creative Macau, a project that aims to foster new talent from film to graphic design to visual art. And Lines Lab, who believes in people as much as the art they make, is attracting new creators to the city every day with their Design and Fashion lab.


Step back from the bikini: Brazil’s most creative neighborhood is far from the beaches of Rio, in loud and brash São Paulo, South America’s answer for New York City. And you can expect one thing from this loud, raw urban metropolis — a lot of really colorful, politically-charged street art. Large neon pieces of work show up everywhere from dilapidated buildings to enormous billboards, and in the ultimate nod to creativity, esteemed museum MuBE, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, hosted actual gallery space for some of São Paulo’s most well-known graffiti artists to promote their work. Unlike certain places, this is a city that fosters young talent.

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