MUSIC-PHILE: I Love to Listen

Art and music go hand-in-hand (or brain-in-brain??? since art & music are a logical/creative thing…oh well), since music is an art in of itself. I have shared tracks here before (via good ole, addictive Youtube) in earlier posts. Music does have a place here on my blog, seeing as how much of the time when I am working on art, I am accompanied by a slew of tracks spilling from my laptop or some other music source. It helps to genereate creative juices!!

Today, I come to you with one of the most charming songs I have ever heard! And it’s from a video game! . But that should not be surprising to you if you have been playing any video games, these days. Game soundtracks (whether existing tracks used for the game or especially created for the game) are improving just as well as game technology and effects are improving: more sophisticated! More fun! More awesome! I discovered this song reading a post about the best video game songs of 2011 at (great gamer site). “Infotaine Me” by Ochre…”Infotaine Me” is a little jewel of a song and it makes me want to play the game: “Little Big Planet 2”. It looks very entertaining and the remaining soundtrack must be cool, too. The artist of this track goes by the name Ochre, but his real name is Christopher Leary, a very talented British electronic musician. I downloaded this gorgeous song to my cell & listened to it 1,000 times already! Well, not really, but I could!

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